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Democrats Raise Money At Event Named After Genocidal Racist

By Greg L | 7 April 2016 | PWCDC, Prince William County | 6 Comments

Reward for whipping escaped slave

While Prince William County Democrats feel it is beyond abhorrent to have a school named after a Virginia Governor who at one time was part of the “massive resistance movement” it doesn’t seem to trouble them at all to raise money for the local party apparatus using the name of a slaveholder who was responsible for atrocities against minorities.  Kinda makes you wonder what the real agenda at work here is, doesn’t it?


Sick Temper’s New Tyranny

By Greg L | 7 April 2016 | Schools, Prince William County | 4 Comments

During last night’s PWC School Board meeting the local Democratic Party crossed the Rubicon, and nothing will ever be the same.  I highly encourage everyone to watch the footage from that meeting if they haven’t had the opportunity so they can get a sense of the absolute ugliness that will dominate local politics until the next round of local elections in 2019.  The relatively genteel nature of state and local politics in Virginia that for so long shielded us from what we’ve seen at the national level has been utterly swept away.

Revenge is the new order of the day and it’s going to fill us up like a turkey.


We Are Lost

By Greg L | 20 March 2016 | National Politics, Prince William County | 6 Comments

My social media feed today gave me this utterly awful demonstration of the lightning fast decay our collective moral conscience has suffered in just these last few months.  As a conservative who reveres the ideals our nation was founded upon I have always believed that the enduring principles of our forefathers would be understood well enough to be cherished and preserved, protecting us from the darker forces of our sinful natures.  This new barrage of frightening ignorance and stupidity which has recently taken hold of a disturbingly wide swath of this country makes me seriously wonder however whether these ideals actually remain.

We are at a critical crossroads, my friends, and the better angels of our nature are rapidly vanishing.


Let’s Trade A Good Legacy For A Fraudulent One

By Greg L | 6 March 2016 | Schools, Prince William County | 21 Comments

Remember that “Dr. Hampton” who was so worthy of honor that we’d scrub the name of former governor Mills Godwin off the side of one of our public buildings in order to honor him?  All because Godwin, who had been supported by the NAACP and upset segregationists so badly that the KKK burned a cross on his front lawn, and wasn’t acceptable to liberal Democrats on the School Board?

Well, turns out “Dr. Hampton,” the guy who claims it’s “his turn” to have a school named after him, is a fraud.


More Virginia History Down The Memory Hole

By Greg L | 3 March 2016 | Schools, Prince William County | 5 Comments

Last night the PWC School Board “resolved” the unusual battle over naming a new elementary school, acceding to a compromise motion from Board member Justin Wilk to erase the name of Governor Mills Godwin from Godwin Middle School and replace it with that of George Hampton, a recent large donor to Democratic Party candidates who funded them to the amount of $2,900 last year.  While for some the opportunity to name a new elementary school after fallen firefighter Kyle Wilson (the other part of this deal) is a cause for relief, the price we will pay in re-writing our history with false narratives in order to advance a liberal political agenda is horrifically unwise.


Trump For President?

By Greg L | 28 February 2016 | RPV, National Politics, Virginia Politics | 10 Comments

This week Virginia Republicans vote for their nominee for President of the United States.  That contest has effectively narrowed to a choice between Donald Trump, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, and the choice the Commonwealth makes couldn’t be any more important to the future of our country.

Conventional wisdom holds that Donald Trump is probably going to win that contest with a sizable plurality, and that would be an immense tragedy demonstrating a shocking failure of the electorate as a whole to make an informed choice.  Trump is little more than an ego-obsessed television reality star lacking any moral compass other than to personally aggrandize himself.  If you despise the cult of personality that surrounds President Obama, signing on with this Mussolini-retweeting cult leader is an act of sheer idiocy.

Trump has done nothing whatsoever in his life to suggest he cares at all about limited government, the Constitution, or conservative thought other than to rebrand himself as a conservative.  Al this is happening as he telegraphs quite openly that he would be fine with government-run healthcare and a federal government that assiduously runs down any who criticize Trump himself, and a more muscular federal government that works better than our currently muscular federal government because it’s run by the same geniuses that advised Trump himself into four bankruptcies and some of his utterly bizarre business failures.  To the extent he claims to disavow his extensive and consistent statements of liberal philosophy of the past there is no explanation at all as to why his heart and mind have changed, and indeed, the evidence suggests it hasn’t, only that Trump has correctly discerned what the masses want to hear and as usual is adept at giving precisely that to them whether he believes what he’s saying or not.

I’ve asked Virginia’s Trump campaign leadership directly about this supposed conversion, and the most informative answer I’ve gotten from them is “Donald Trump doesn’t talk to people like me.”  Really.  I cannot describe just how absolutely astonished I am at not only the complete absence of any effort at all to address such a substantial and obvious question, but that senior campaign operatives think that such a response is anything other than vastly alarming.  Can anyone draw any conclusion about the honesty of Donald Trump’s supposed conversion to conservative philosophy other than it being patently fraudulent salesmanship as a result?

The only redeeming quality of the Trump campaign is that it has brought to the forefront a discussion of the uncomfortable topic of immigration.  As someone whose credentials on this subject are rather extensive, and having been heavily involved at the ground level on this topic for many years, I can assure you that the only aspects of Trump’s position on this topic that aren’t nonsense are the statements on his website, written by many out there I do know and respect, but which have nothing whatsoever to do with what Trump himself actually believes.  What actually comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth and what his actions belie are entirely at odds with these positions, and demonstrates a lack of understanding on the issue that is beyond shocking for someone aspiring to be President.  If you’re placing your hope in this throwback to the dark authoritarianism of the 1940’s to save our country, the evidence to support such a hope is virtually nonexistent and extensively counter-intuitive

Polling suggests that Donald Trump is in reality a dream opponent for Hillary Clinton among the Republican contenders, as Trump’s “negatives” are off-the-charts awful even before the Democratic Party attack machine has gone to work.  Sixty percent unfavorable is unprecedented for a major candidate, which mathematically precludes him from being competitive in a general election.  Republicans voting for Trump are absolutely setting us on a path for the Democratic Party nominee to extend Obama’s legacy for at least another four years, and that actually might be the more favorable outcome.  If Trump should actually defeat arithmetic and win in a general election matchup, the only assurance we’d have is that our national spokesman would make less sense during press conferences than Hank Johnson.  This isn’t eloquence, it’s not scholarship, it’s not rooted in philosophical, or even rational thought.  It’s nothing more than a strange, empty sales pitch by someone who admittedly will do whatever it takes to advance himself regardless of the cost.  What that cost might be to us is ultimately anyone’s guess, but in the short term it’s most likely another Clinton administration.

If you want something better for our country than what we’ve been suffering for the past seven years, I plead with you to critically evaluate the candidates based on their histories, their records, and the quality of their level of understanding about what this job actually entails.  Be deeply skeptical of every one of them, subject them to your harshest tests of character, ability and temperament.  Emotion should have nothing to do with your reasoning, unless you endorse the collective decision-making that lead us to eight years of this Obama trainwreck.  Let the evidence lead you to a defensible, rational conclusion.  Your country deserves at least that from you.

On Tuesday in Virginia, for God’s sake pick someone other than Donald Trump.  As for me, I’m pulling the lever for Ted Cruz.

UPDATE: Matt Walsh sums the issue up nicely:

I said last week that the scariest thing about Trump is that he’s running as a tyrant, unabashedly so, and his fans want him BECAUSE of it. His fans are explicitly asking for Trump to rule as an emperor. They don’t desire freedom or liberty anymore, and they don’t give a damn about the Constitution. What they want is a political Strongman who will “restore America’s greatness” through brute and oppressive force.

We are watching our nation march headlong into tyranny and despotism, and the cattle following along are quite aware of, and enthusiastic about, where the cattle train is going. While Trump will not repudiate white supremacy, his fans have indeed repudiated freedom and independence, and are desperately asking their Great Master to subjugate them for the good of the country.


Peacor Is Out

By Greg L | 1 December 2015 | Prince William County | 4 Comments

Not too coincidentally, we’re told, County Executive Melissa Peacor will be resigning effective January 31st.  I suppose we know now the results of the audit regarding staff’s undermining of the County Board’s Rule of Law policy regarding illegal aliens.

If you ever wondered whether your voice makes a difference, well, now you know.  It does.

Peacor Secretly Overturns County Policy On Illegal Aliens

By Greg L | 21 November 2015 | Illegal Aliens, Prince William County | 7 Comments

A barely-noticed article on the WJLA website about Prince William County being a “sanctuary jurisdiction” for illegal aliens has ended up uncovering an outrageous abuse of authority by Prince William County CXO Melissa Peacor and Police Chief Stephan Hudson.  The 2007 “Rule of Law Resolution” that defined county policy on the issue, a policy publicly debated extensively for months and unanimously passed by the Board of County Supervisors was secretly overturned by these county staffers, who then lied about it when questioned.  Your taxpayer dollars are being lavished on these local government executives, and the Board of County Supervisors has a choice on whether that will continue.


Did Prince William County Secretly Become A Sanctuary Jurisdiction?

By Greg L | 20 November 2015 | Illegal Aliens, Crime, Prince William County | 4 Comments


WJLA is reporting that Prince William County does not cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement and will not comply with criminal or civil immigration detainers.  After months of public debate and citizen input, such a change, if true, would represent a dramatic shift in policy done behind closed doors and with no public input whatsoever.

During this investigation, we learned every D.C. Metro jurisdiction cooperates with criminal warrants issued by ICE - Immigration and Customs Enforcement. But, Washington, D.C., Charles County, Montgomery County, Alexandria and Prince William County do not cooperative with civil or deportation warrants. So, if someone with a civil warrant is discovered by local authorities, ICE will not be contacted and that person, let go, which makes these sanctuaries.

I’m working to confirm that this is actually the case.  Stay tuned. 

UPDATE 11/20:  County officials deny that Prince William County has become a sanctuary jurisdiction and believe that the unnamed reporter got this wrong, intending instead to mention Prince George’s County, Maryland.  Given how great a job our “mainstream media” has been doing with the truth lately, this is entirely plausible.

UPDATE 11/21: We have gotten word that in fact, it IS TRUE that Prince William County quietly became a sanctuary jurisdiction.  Following a budget meeting on Saturday the BOCS went into closed session with County Executive Melissa Peacor and Chief Steve Hudson to find out how in the world a county policy extensively debated over the course of months and unanimously approved by the Board of County Supervisors could be secretly reversed by county staff.  If this is not sufficient cause to fire Melissa Peacor, one would wonder what heights of insubordination Peacor must rise to in order to be fired.

Communist Chosen As Parade Grand Marshal

By Greg L | 10 November 2015 | Manassas City | 8 Comments

When you think of the wonderful City of Manassas and all it has to offer, and then think of a person to personify all that, would the name Ed Asner pop into your mind?  Probably not.  Since I expect that many readers might not know why anyone would honor Ed Asner as a demonstration of the greatness of Manassas, here’s a short run-down:


PWC Voters Guide: County Legislative Races

By Greg L | 1 November 2015 | PWCDC, PWCRC, Prince William County | 1 Comment

Here’s where things get interesting - in the races that decide what your property taxes should be and how they’re used.  Prince William County has some major challenges ahead and we really need some changes if we’re ever going to be able to address them.  Here’s how you might be able to make those changes happen…


PWC Voters Guide: State Legislative Races

By Greg L | 1 November 2015 | Virginia House, Virginia Senate, Prince William County | 3 Comments

These are the races that are bombarding you with radio and TV ads, stuffing your mailboxes with fliers, and generally doing more to confuse you about the facts with their campaigns than enlightening you on anything.  Don’t worry, I’ll sort out this mess for you without subjecting you to sheer partisanship and even if you disagree with my policy outlook, you’ll probably find some useful information to consider.


PWC Voters Guide: Constitutional Offices

By Greg L | 1 November 2015 | Prince William County | 1 Comment

For the second installment in this series, let’s take a look at the often-underappreciated elections happening in Prince William, ones that have a far larger impact on our lives than some of the legislative races that we like to talk about more often.  Those that hold the Sheriff, Clerk of the Court and Commonwealth’s Attorney offices can either make your lives a nightmare or seem utterly irrelevant based on who they are and what they do.  If you’re not certain about this, peruse some of the stories about more rural counties in Virginia where “good old boy” networks use the powers of such offices to prey on the people.


PWC Voters Guide: School Board

By Greg L | 31 October 2015 | Schools, Prince William County | 9 Comments

With so many races on the ballot it might be a little hard to keep track of the candidates for School Board in Prince William County, but given how the Board is in charge of a budget greater than what the Board of County Supervisors spend, it’s arguably among the more import votes you can cast on November 3rd.  If you’re looking for something beyond sheer blind partisanship when considering which candidates you’re going to vote for, read on.


The Wave Election of 2015

By Greg L | 30 October 2015 | Virginia Politics | 2 Comments

Are you ready for a wave election of historic proportions?  Tuesday is going to be an opportunity to not only thwart some of the liberal agenda that’s been crammed down our throats over the past year, but to remarkably reshape the balance of power at the state and local levels for the next several years.  These are the fruits largely not of anything that Republicans have done, but is entirely a reaction to Democrat policy overreaches.


Government’s Very Scary Halloween

By Greg L | 30 October 2015 | National Politics | No Comments

Did you notice how expensive candy has gotten this Halloween? You can thank government for that.

Earnie Porta’s Personal War On Women

By Greg L | 28 October 2015 | Prince William County | 7 Comments

So much for the Democrat narrative that Republicans are the one’s waging a “war on women”…


Winchester Law Enforcement Politician Breaks The Law

By Greg L | 28 October 2015 | Virginia Politics, Crime | No Comments

There’s a pretty wild turn lately in the Winchester Commonwealth’s Attorney’s race, a locality that I don’t often pay much attention to but these outlying localities in Virginia has been where a huge amount of drama has been happening lately. Conservative stalwart, Constitutional champion, and US Supreme Court litigator attorney Bill Olson is calling for a special prosecutor to investigate what appears to be misconduct under the interim Commonwealth’s Attorney Marc Abrams. It appears that Abrams, vying for the promotion against criminal law attorney and Republican Committee Chairman Beau Correll, may have been using government resources to benefit his candidacy.

Yeah, as in the taxpayers are paying for part of this knucklehead’s campaign.


Martha Boneta Doc Released On YouTube

By Greg L | 4 October 2015 | Local Economy, Virginia Politics | 2 Comments

When I heard that Martha Boneta’s story had been made into a documentary film, I was intrigued, and when that film won an audience award at the Anthem Film Festival, I got pretty excited about seeing it.  The only difficulty was waiting for a showing that was relatively convenient to travel to and for most of us in Northern Virginia, that hasn’t happened yet.  Well, our wait is over, and seeing the film is now more convenient than I expected.  It’s been released on YouTube.


Boehner Out, Tea Party Goes On The Air

By Greg L | 25 September 2015 | National Politics, Manassas City, Prince William County | 4 Comments

In honor of Speaker John Boehner announcing he will retire from Congress, it seems to be a good time to remind people about the motivations of some of those who helped encourage Boehner to make this decision.

MTP PSA: “You Are Not Alone” from NOVA Digital Films.

One down, a few left to go.

Verizon and Comcast customers will start seeing this spot soon in Prince William and Fauquier Counties in one of the first cable buys by an independent Tea Party Group in the nation. The Tea Party isn’t going away, it’s getting stronger.