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We Should Wait No Longer

By Greg L | 16 September 2006 | Zapatistas, Manassas City, Prince William County | 1 Comment

In January, a group of illegal immigrant activists descended on the Manassas City Hall and protested a proposed overcrowding ordinance. Under that pressure, and pressure from the ACLU the Manassas City Council relented and rescinded the ordinance. And now, concerned about the impact of the ACLU bringing litigation and the scrutiny of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, localities are in a holding pattern hoping some opportunity arrives to again tackle this problem and provide relief for citizens who suffer from neighbors who overcrowd houses.

The opportunity to act is now for our localities. The issue of illegal immigration is polling number one in Prince William County and it’s localities and there is clear citizen support for measures to address this problem. Democratic candidates are scrambling to address the issue and cannot continue appeasing amnesty activists on this issue lest they utterly destroy their chances to be elected. Perhaps most fortuitously, the amnesty apologists have clearly overplayed their hands and left some damaging evidence about their real intentions.

Premiere among the amnesty activists is our very own Woodbridge Workers Committee, a project of Mexicanos Sin Fronteras. Their friends would like you to regard them as an innocuous organization which tries to simply help out these unfortunate immigrants. Recently a commentor took this piece from the WWC/MSF website to demonstrate how nonthreatening these folks are:

In Woodbridge, Virginia (Prince William County), workers are not waiting for public officials to act. They have formed the Woodbridge Workers Committee. They police job pick-up sites to minimize litter, congestion and loitering. They are even raising money to open their own hiring hall.

Sounds nice. But then you look deeper at what this organization is proud to acknowledge, and you find stuff like this:

MSF representative addresses EZLN

This is a photo of a Mexicanos Sin Fronteras representative by the name of Arnolda Boras addressing the EZLN Zapatista Army in Mexico last September and offering support for what they call the “other campaign”. At that time, he pledged the use of MSF’s office space and financial resources to the EZLN as well as inviting them to come to visit MSF’s offices in Washington and Virginia. The EZLN is a “Zapatisa” revolutionary army which has been engaged in an on-again, off-again armed revolt against the Mexican government in Chipas province. The inspiration for these folks is Emiliano Zapata, the mexican anarchist and notorious murderer of innocent women and children. Unsurprisingly, the banner for Mexicanos Sin Fronteras prominently displays a portrait of Zapata and the MSF website is littered with almost religious devotions to this terrorist.

MSF protest in DC, 2006 This is a picture of Mexicanos Sin Fronteras participating in the protests in the District of Columbia this past summer. That picture on the left of the banner is of course Emiliano Zapata. An innocuous organization? They revere a long-dead terrorist, support armed revolutionaries in Mexico, demand immediate amnesty for all undocumented workers, and have no intention of becoming American citizens.

If the Manassas City Council. the Manassas Park City Council, and the Prince William County Board of County Supervisors introduced fair, reasonable and effective overcrowding ordinances now, certainly these folks from the Woodbridge Workers Committee/Mexicanos Sin Fronteras would protest. Now that we understand what Mexicanos Sin Fronteras really is, those protests would change nothing. This is an organization worthy of principled opposition and if the general public was fully informed about what WWC/MSF really stands for, the voters would applaud standing up to such protests.

The current overcrowding ordinances clearly do not work, the voters are demanding change, and the opposition can easily be defeated by simply publicizing the statements they publish on their own websites. We should act now.

Manassas City Hall protest

We are no longer cowed by protests such as this.

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  1. Maureen Wood said on 17 Sep 2006 at 12:50 pm:
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    By all accounts these groups want to hurt America. It would be nice if all Americans would wake up and see their real agenda. It’s quite scary.

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