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When Death Comes Calling

By Greg L | 22 April 2007 | Crime | 1 Comment

A Virginia Tech student shares his take on what happened last week:

My name is Ken Miller. I am an undergraduate student at Virginia Tech, a veteran of the U.S. Navy of ten years, and am licensed to carry a concealed handgun.

Today, thirty-two of my fellow hokies were murdered by a single gunman, and the number is likely to continue to grow as all the information comes in. These are thirty-two innocent lives that could be saved if there had been one law-abiding citizen among them who was allowed to carry his handgun on school property. I’ve lived in the dorms at Virginia Tech - New Residence Hall. I’ve got friends who live in Ambler-Johnson. I have taken classes in Norris Hall, as recently as last semester.

I have been given the right by birth, the clearance by the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the duty as a citizen of these United States to carry a gun in defense of my life and the lives of others. I have been robbed of this right by the Board of Visitors of Virginia Tech. Maybe there would have been someone who could stop this, if we were allowed to carry, maybe there wouldn’t. But we know that, in an environment of disarmament, when death came calling, there was nobody to send him away.

Somehow I doubt this view will be presented in much of the mainstream media.

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