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I am a (check all that apply):

self-loathing white liberal grievance-monger.
self-appointed arbiter of political correctness.
hyper-sensitive professional victim.
paid neo-marxist political operative.
spouse of a current or former illegal alien.

I object to this comment because (check all that apply):

it is an honest description by a normal person that the policies I support are harmful to our community.
I have been told by the propaganda directorate that I have to whine about this, and I am following orders as any good anarchist-communist should.
it gives meaning to my life when I whine about what other people do, thus giving me a sense of self-worth.
I enjoy making other people react to my complaints.
I believe that only people with graduate degrees should be allowed to speak about public policy and this comment was written by someone with inadequate educational credentials.
it represents a political viewpoint that fails to acknowledge the wisdom of Noam Chomsky.

I request that you take the following action:

declare this thread a hate-free zone.
block my access to this site so my tender sensibilities will no longer be at risk.
sing "kum bay yah" three times and bow before a random object in your household.
tell me that the voices in my head are real.
accept responsiblility for the actions of anyone who upsets me.
agree to monitor all comments in real-time, twenty four hours a day, in order to ensure I am never offended again.