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By Greg L | 31 May 2006 | 50th HOD District | No Comments

The Republican Convention to select a nominee for the 50th District of the House of Delegates will be on June 17, 2006 at Osbourn High School in Manassas. In order to participate as a delegate, you need to complete a delegate form and have it filed by 5PM on June 8th (in Manassas) or by noon on June 7th if you are a resident of Prince William County. If you are a Republican in Manassas Park, no provision has been made for your participation in the convention to nominate a candidate. When all of the delegate forms are filed, credentials committees in Manassas and Prince William County will each review these forms and confirm that each delegate meets the delegate requirements in the Call and the bylaws of the Republican Party of Virginia.

Those rules require that delegates be legal and qualified voters in the 50th district, have not participated in Democratic primary since March 1, 2004, and “be in accord with the principles of the Republican Party”, which can easily be interpreted as not having supported candidates for office other than Republicans. Credentials committee members can be expected to check the voter status, elections participation and financial contributions of delegates as part of their duties. My expectation is that every effort will be made to fairly evaluate all filings, but that a diligent effort will be made to prevent those who are not Republicans from obtaining credentials.

The bottom line is that this year there are new rules that will permit the Republican Party to defend it’s nominating process from malicious participation by those who are not Republicans. Democrats shouldn’t even bother trying to pollute this convention. They won’t obtain credentials.

And conversely, these rules punish Republicans who would do the same to Democrats, so let them figure out who will lose to Allen this November on their own. It won’t matter who they pick.

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