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By Greg L | 27 June 2006 | US Senate | 2 Comments

Vincent over at Too Conservative has a post up about the 2008 races that are starting to take shape in Virginia. While I agree with most of his analysis, there is one republican candidate in 2008 that should step down — Senator John Warner.

Senator Warner has had a long and distinguished career, serving Virginians in the United States Senate for five terms as well as in the United States Navy and Marine Corps. I honor him for his dedicated service.

As a conservative, I have been astonished at some of the ways Senator Warner has chosen to represent me. Joining with Hillary Clinton and Chuck Shumer to sponsor a reinstatement of the Clinton “Ugly Gun” ban (known in liberal circles as the “assault weapons ban”) was an absolute outrage. His continued support for “gun control” legislation ensures that I will be very interested in replacing him with a senator that will more closely reflect my views, and the views of a majority of Virginians who cherish the freedoms guaranteed by the Second Amendment. His participation in the “Gang of 14″ and his weak defense of the unborn just make it that much easier to find motivation in the electorate for a primary challenge.

But a primary fight would be unbecoming for a Senator of this stature. Senator Warner has served well in general, and deserves an opportunity to retire with honor and applause in respect for the great job he has done in the Senate Armed Services committee and elsewhere. It would be far better to allow Senator Warner to retire and have Republicans come to consensus on a successor.

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  1. Anonymous said on 27 Jun 2006 at 10:52 am:
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    He voted for the Senate Shamnesty Bill.

  2. A Citizen of Manassas said on 27 Jun 2006 at 1:44 pm:
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    Exactly, lets not forget that not only did he vote for the final version, he voted to allow illegals who obtained social security cards illegally to retain those benefits paid to that social security number.

    Of course he ducks and dinks all over the place on the issue. Next year, when he comes a calling for support, I will tell him to ask the illegals for it.

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