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By Greg L | 29 June 2006 | Virginia House | 8 Comments

A Washington Compost article, which was also reported on over at Too Conservative talked about a transportation plan being floated by several Republicans in the House of Delegates and named Albo (Fairfax), May (Loudon), Rust (Fairfax), Callahan (Fairfax), McQuigg (Prince William) and Lingamfelter (Prince William) as key players in this plan. I was surprised at the notion that Lingamfelter would be involved with this.

It turns out that the story was inaccurate. Delegate Lingamfelter is not involved with this plan and does not support it. Once again, there’s some more evidence that if you depend on this rag for information about local politics, you risk becoming dumber by reading it.

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  1. Anonymous said on 29 Jun 2006 at 11:45 am:
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    BVBL, it wasn’t the Post’s fault. Lingamfelter was committed to support the transportation bill but he bailed out at the last minute.


    Not Mychele McQuigg

  2. Robert said on 29 Jun 2006 at 5:35 pm:
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    I do not believe that Prince William deserves it’s Republicans in the mold of the late New York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller - socially liberal and fiscally conservative.

    Nelson Rockefeller was a liberal. He only joined the Republican Party because he preferred wingtips to sandals.

    Referring to Chairman Sean Connaughton’s (R-At Large) replacement, Supervisor Martin Nohe (R-Coles) suggests “….we need to make sure that it’s somebody who’s in the mold of Sean.” (Potomac News, 1/28/06).

    Both Nohe and Connaughton are moderate Rockefeller Republicans, other moderate Republican supervisors, albeit less vocal at this stage about their political ambitions, are strategizing whether their questionable conservatism is the answer for Prince William.

    In any case, these “Rockefeller Republicans” have not realized that political dynamics have changed. The blue-blood political ideology was forged in the era of the New Deal when the nation was highly unionized, government was seen as the solution, and Democrats could actually be trusted with the defense of this country. All that has changed, and the “Rockefeller Republican” ideology, which successfully held the party together through the FDR years, must now be retired. Since all politics is local – it must start here first.

    To all the moderate Republicans seeking to replace Sean Connaughton - don’t pull your back muscles as you scrabble to deliver free ink to the local newspapers so they can continue to tout Connaughton’s tax rate cut, resulting in still higher tax bills, as tax relief while boosting government largesse and intrusion by increased spending.

    To all the moderate Republicans that want to use government largesse and intrusion to force collectivism and central planning over individual rights and freedoms - it’s time to regulate you own dry drainage ditches as pristine river tributaries worthy of county surveillance and sanction.

    To all the moderate Republicans that spend more time attacking real conservatives then Democrats – float your rusted hull to Sean’s “Ghost Fleet” where he can continue commanding you to through the mothballed annals of failed liberalism.

    To all the moderate Republicans that consider a fetus a glob of tooth decay with a heartbeat – take a look at this at http://static.flickr.com/63/177815147_603db1596a.jpg?v=0 and explain why this example of human sucking will not cause buck teeth in a future human being.

    Finally, to all the moderate Republicans that believe homosexuality is normal and worthy of the same rights as a married couple rearing children conceived biologically within the realm of the traditional nuclear family unit – take a look at this at http://static.flickr.com/78/177818736_ac4ce28267.jpg?v=0 and explain which “person” should better assume the role of “mom.”

    Do us all a favor and join your liberal buddies once and for all, you’re just filling up a place a good conservative could occupy. You’ll feel better, you won’t feel so much personal guilt being openly liberal, and we’ll feel better because you’ll be wearing your true colors and admitting what you are.

    And isn’t that the most important thing, that people accept themselves for ‘who they are’?

    In the end, this is why I see moderates as being mostly brainless - you can’t be socially liberal and fiscally conservative. Being socially liberal involves spending lots of taxpayer dollars to try to fix real or perceived problems with government solutions, more often than not with lousy results. You can cut the tax rate all you want, but if you continue to spend money like drunken sailors, there will eventually be dire economic and political consequences.

    “Socially liberal and fiscally conservative” - since all these “social” issues cost us so much money - how can you be fiscally conservative?

    Liberals love to spend money just like fake conservatives.

    Moderate Republican = Democrat

    Democrat = Destruction of this great Republic.

  3. AWCheney said on 29 Jun 2006 at 6:07 pm:
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    Robert, what year were you hatched? I seriously doubt that you know anything first-hand about the Rockefeller/Goldwater years. We considered Rockefeller the liberal, not moderate, and the “Goldwaterites” won when Reagan was elected. Unfortunately, the next generation (that never experienced the fight) keeps re-writing the history and making conservatives look like a bunch of wackos…because the most vocal (as represented by you and others like you) are exactly that.

  4. NoVA Scout said on 29 Jun 2006 at 10:55 pm:
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    Robert: what’s moderate about Sean Connaughton? The guy is a hard-right conservative. Just because he’s smart doesn’t mean he’s a liberal. You need to get over that prejudice.

  5. Mitch Cumstein said on 30 Jun 2006 at 5:46 am:
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    Once again, you prove how little you know about these people. Neither Sean or Marty are “Rockefeller” Republicans. They are both social conservatives by any definition of the word. Hell, Connaughton is more conservative on abortion than Bolling, but that was conveniently overlooked during the primary. And I challenge you to name a single social issue on which Marty is anything but conservative.

    I am a Rockefeller Republican. Those guys are not. I still support them, despite disagreeing with them on a number of social issues. So, next time you decide to go into one of your rants, at least do a little homework and try understand the people you’re bashing.

  6. Anonymous said on 30 Jun 2006 at 9:27 am:
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    You are full of crap. Connaughton and Nohe have never said they would vote for legislation banning all abortions. Nohe himself was a Libertatian until recently.

  7. James Young said on 30 Jun 2006 at 10:16 am:
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    Far be it for me to defend Marty Nohe, Anon 9:27, but I don’t know that he was ever a “Libertarian.” I don’t even know if he would claim to have Libertarian leanings.

    As for AWCheney’s comment, she ignores the fact that “moderate” is the code word used by Liberals who know they can’t win if they label themselves as such. I think that is the context in which Robert is using the term “moderate” in his fourth paragraph. As for “re-writing the history and making conservatives look like a bunch of wackos,” there is no doubt that the MSM do so … with aid and comfort from people who claim to be Conservative yet say things like “the most vocal (as represented by you and others like you) are exactly that.” I find it curious indeed that some who claim to be Conservatives react so viscerally against those who are willing to challenge the fundamental and flawed premises of the Left with the same vigor and rhetoric that those on the Left attack Conservatives.

    To answer NoVA Scout’s question (”what’s moderate about Sean Connaughton,” and recognizing that “moderate” is a code word, see above), on taxes and spending, perhaps the most important measure of government’s intrusiveness. Any politician who — while the population increases by 30% — increases the average household’s local tax bill by 50%-60%, and the County’s budget by more than 114%, according to the WaPo, is certainly no Conservative as to those issues.

  8. Mitch Cumstein said on 30 Jun 2006 at 11:46 am:
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    I don’t ever recall stating anything about either’s position specific to abortion legislation. My point is that, on those issues widely considered to be social issues, both are conservative. And I challenged Robert on calling them “Rockefeller Republicans” on this basis. Either he doesn’t understand the connotation of the term, or he is seriously misapplying it.

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