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Rishell’s Greatest Hits: Immigration

31 July 2006 | 50th HOD District | 3 Comments

Here’s an interesting collection of conflicting statements regarding illegal immigration by Jeanette Rishell. First off is from her current website, where she advocates action by state and local government to combat the problem:
“The Federal government has lost control over immigration and is incapable of enacting meaningful immigration reform. It is now up to us […]

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Promises, Promises

31 July 2006 | 50th HOD District | 1 Comment

We’ve learned that it was Jeanette Rishell’s campaign manager Matt Harrison who told Craig Vitter last Friday that there would be imminent news regarding Rishell’s polling numbers in the 50th District. Since that time, the only polling numbers I’ve seen have demonstrated what a loser position it is for Jeanette “Moonfruit” Rishell (aka […]

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Two 50th HOD Debates Being Scheduled

31 July 2006 | 50th HOD District | Comments Off

It looks two debates are being scheduled between nominees Jackson Miller and Jeanette Rishell, to be hosted by the Prince William Committee of 100 and the Bar Association. These will be sometime in September-October timeframe, and the details are still being worked out. This seems pretty reasonable, even though Jeanette Rishell is a […]

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MP Saga of Rack & Roll Continues

31 July 2006 | Rack & Roll Scandal | 23 Comments

According to a Manassas Journal-Messenger article the owner of Rack & Roll Billiards is upping the ante in the fight with the Manassas Park City Council and Mayor and has filed suit against them. The lawsuit looks pretty desperate to me, and I give it a very slim chance of being successful. A major weakness […]

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PWC Convention Update

31 July 2006 | Prince William County | 1 Comment

A draft Call for a convention and mass meetings is being circulated among PWCRC members for consideration at tonight’s meeting. The draft call requires that candidates provide notice by 8PM on Tuesday, August 8th and has a $250 filing fee. Delegate forms would be due by 10PM on Monday, August 14th and the convention would […]

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Marriage Amendment Leads by 18%

30 July 2006 | Virginia Politics, 50th HOD District | 5 Comments

Not Larry Sabato has a short story on a Mason-Dixon poll which shows the marriage amendment is favored by Virginians 56-38%. This seems to be consistent with what I have been hearing, although I believe the margin is even more favorable in Manassas, Manassas Park and Prince William County.
I understand that the Jeanette Rishell campaign […]

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MP Gets All Touchy-Feely On Crime

30 July 2006 | Manassas Park, Crime | 1 Comment

The Manassas Journal-Messenger reports that another local jurisduction has joined the kum-bay-yah approach to crime prevention with the “National Night Out”, which seems to happen during daylight. This time it’s Manassas Park, which has at least decided to have their event from 4-8PM, instead of the noontime event being held in Prince William County.
Manassas Park […]

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PWC Republican Convention Gearing Up

29 July 2006 | Prince William County | 4 Comments

I’m hearing that with the apparent blessing of the RPV, a county convention to select a nominee for the chairman’s slot on the BOCS is rapidly being set up and a call will be issued shortly. I’m expecting that delegate forms will be due by August 14th for an August 19th convention.
This is going to […]

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29 July 2006 | Manassas City | 2 Comments

Tony Kostelecky, chairman of the Manassas Republican Committee has agreed to do an interview via email about the political climate in Manassas and the local campaigns. If you’d like to have your questions included, post them in this thread and I’ll consider including them in the interview.
Tony is one of the more successful committee chairman […]


Rishell’s poll numbers to be released?

28 July 2006 | 50th HOD District | 3 Comments

Craig Vitter is reporting that the campaign for Jeanette “Moonfruit” Rishell will soon be releasing poll numbers that show her in a very close race with Republican nominee Jackson Miller. I seriously doubt the accuracy of anything purporting such a laughable conclusion for several reasons.
First, Jeanette Rishell is having a really hard time raising […]

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27 July 2006 | 29th VA Senate | 4 Comments

Senator Charles Colgan (D-29th) gave an interview to the Gainesville Times which was posted today, in which he outlined his vision for fiscal discipline for Virginia. In that interview, he mentioned eight different proposals to raise taxes, as well as defended his record as one of the biggest pork barrel spenders in the Virginia legislature. […]


Dems prove Kopko right

27 July 2006 | Humor & Satire, Prince William County, 50th HOD District | 4 Comments

The folks at Raising Kaine think that Judy Feder is running against Tom Davis, the Jeanette Rishell campaign can’t figure out what precincts are in the 50th District, and host their campaign website in the United Kingdom with a company called moonfruit.com. Now here comes one more piece of evidence that […]

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Rishell on gay “marrriage”

27 July 2006 | 50th HOD District | 2 Comments

Here’s Jeanette “Moonfruit” Rishell, in her own words:
We have often heard, “Why do THEY want special rights?” The real answer here is the agenda of an individual unwilling to create a level playing field for everyone. They […]

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More gang activity in MP

27 July 2006 | Manassas Park, Crime | 8 Comments

The Manassas Journal-Messenger again reports on gang graffiti showing up in Manassas Park. We talked about an incident that happened earlier this month here involving a school bus.
From the article:
Gang graffiti was spray-painted on a 1991 Ford vehicle causing $500 in damage at the intersection of Conner Drive and General Way between July 13 and […]

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27 July 2006 | Blogs, US Congress | 2 Comments

There is a national movement (which is probably too grand a term) of bloggers who are trying to reduce the amount of pork in legislation.  Their primary tool is attention.  These bloggers have been pointing out projects that Congress has agreed to fund which may not be the best use of taxpayers’ money.  The Alaska […]

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Look who came to visit…

27 July 2006 | Blogs | 2 Comments

Since I moved Black Velvet Bruce Lee to my own servers on July 5th I’ve been able to get a lot more information about who is visiting. Some of that information is just fascinating. Although I will not release information about individuals visiting or posting, some of the aggregate information is rather surprising. For example, […]

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PWC BOCS:Submit your interview questions

26 July 2006 | Prince William County | 1 Comment

Instead of requesting live blogs with candidates, at BVBL we will be soliciting questions from readers which we will forward to candidates in the form of an e-mail interview. Our first will be with declared candidates for the Chairman of the Prince William County Board of County Supervisor’s race — none whom have accepted a […]

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TC says it’s Caddigan vs. Stewart

26 July 2006 | Prince William County | Comments Off

Vincent reports that Caddigan is indeed in for the PWC Chairman’s race, but makes no mention of Supervisor Marty Nohe. Fascinating.
UPDATE: Now there’s a rumor at NLS that Robert Molleur may run for the seat as an independent. I doubt he would want to engage in this classic science experiment involving flying insects and […]

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NLS Talks about the 29th Senate District

26 July 2006 | 29th VA Senate, Manassas City | 5 Comments

Not Larry Sabato has an excellent post up regarding the 29th District. It’s definitely worth stopping by to read this one. Charles Colgan (D) currently holds the seat, and Bob Fitzsimmonds (R) has announced his candidacy.
Colgan is flush with cash, with a balance of $34,919 according to the most recent disclosure posted on VPAP, […]

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“Going away party” for crime?

26 July 2006 | Crime, Prince William County | Comments Off

The Prince William County police department is holding a “National Night Out” event in Gainesville Saturday from 10AM to 2PM in order to apparently show criminals that citizens are being vigilant against criminal activity. Now last time I checked, “night” was usually defined as a period of darkness, and it certainly isn’t experienced between […]

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