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Look who came to visit…

By Greg L | 27 July 2006 | Blogs | 2 Comments

Since I moved Black Velvet Bruce Lee to my own servers on July 5th I’ve been able to get a lot more information about who is visiting. Some of that information is just fascinating. Although I will not release information about individuals visiting or posting, some of the aggregate information is rather surprising. For example, here’s a listing of some of the top domains which visit BVBL:

reqs %bytes organisation
5085 19.95% verizon.net
5022 6.59% 3essentials.com
3336 11.96% comcast.net
2470 1.60% [redacted].org
1435 3.15% googlebot.com
1262 3.04% mediageneral.net
997 4.79% cox.net
893 2.51% rr.com
829 2.69% level3.net

Notice that mediageneral.net, the domain for the parent company of the Manassas Journal-Messenger and the Potomac News is number six above? And when you consider that 3essentials is a blog aggregator, and googlebot is the webcrawler for Google which identifies them as systems rather than visitors, that means that Media General is the fourth biggest domain of visitors to Black Velvet Bruce Lee. I wonder when I start getting credit for their reporting.

In terms of individual hosts visiting (some IP information has been redacted), Media General is similarly prevalent:

no. reqs 7-day reqs first time last time host
1 5022 2291 8/Jul/06 18:33 26/Jul/06 22:43 web12.3essentials.com
2 2470 911 10/Jul/06 08:05 26/Jul/06 17:13 fett-ext.[redacted].org
3 1934 723 6/Jul/06 18:42 27/Jul/06 00:12 pool-[redacted].washdc.dsl-w.verizon.net
4 1262 716 6/Jul/06 11:53 26/Jul/06 17:50 ric1.mediageneral.net
5 795 306 6/Jul/06 11:01 26/Jul/06 13:25 cpe-024-[redacted].nc.res.rr.com

Media General employees are number 3 in this listing. Hmmm. Kinda makes you wonder about stories like this.

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  1. Anonymous said on 27 Jul 2006 at 11:35 am:
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    Just curious… why did you redact the .org if you outed Media General?

  2. Greg L said on 27 Jul 2006 at 4:00 pm:
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    The .org item was irrelevant to the discussion, and could have potentially been personally identifying because it appeared to be the workplace of one or more readers. Since domains like verizon and comcast are in no way personally identifying, I left those in.

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