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Rishell on gay “marrriage”

By Greg L | 27 July 2006 | 50th HOD District | 2 Comments

Here’s Jeanette “Moonfruit” Rishell, in her own words:

We have often heard, “Why do THEY want special rights?” The real answer here is the agenda of an individual unwilling to create a level playing field for everyone. They will use their influence and cast their vote to marginalize those who are different from themselves; whether the issue is minority enrollment in our colleges and universities, or marriage equality for a loving and committed couple who both happen to be of the same sex.

–Jeanette Rishell, May 29, 2005

Seems like a pretty clear position to me. I wonder if this is what she’ll be saying at the rally against the marriage amendment on August 5th.

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  1. R.T. Molleur said on 27 Jul 2006 at 5:58 pm:
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    Does Hilda Barg support Ms. Rishell in addition to Maureen Caddigan for BOS Chair?

    Do you every wonder why Democrats only support “moderate” Republicans (Caddigan) and never “moderate” Democrats” (Sen. Joe Lierberman of CT and the late Mr. Casey of PA [pro-life and prevented from speaking at the Donk National Convention]. Why is that Mr. Greg?

    Could it be that Democrats only support Republics that pretty much mimic Democrats?

    Anyhow, the slurp fest over Ms. Caddigan over at Fools Conservative is precious. I surmise that Vince will be flying home soon on the latest red eye just to grab a patch of carpet from under Sean’s BOS Chair before he resigns.



  2. Craig said on 27 Jul 2006 at 7:22 pm:
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    R.T., that is quite a picture.

    To answer your question about who Barg supports, it is my understanding that she is not supporting Rishell, or at least has not said so publicly or donated to the campaign.

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