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MP Gets All Touchy-Feely On Crime

By Greg L | 30 July 2006 | Manassas Park, Crime | 1 Comment

The Manassas Journal-Messenger reports that another local jurisduction has joined the kum-bay-yah approach to crime prevention with the “National Night Out”, which seems to happen during daylight. This time it’s Manassas Park, which has at least decided to have their event from 4-8PM, instead of the noontime event being held in Prince William County.

Manassas Park wants to tell criminals that its residents won’t be intimidated by crime with a National Night Out celebration Tuesday.

With more moonbounces, a dunk tank, games, and important informational handouts, I’m sure the criminal element will be severely intimidated and give Costello Park a wide berth. And in an effort to out-do their neighboring jurisdictions, there’s even a possibility that a medical evacuation helicopter will show up, most likely also at taxpayer expense.

If we want to engage citizens in the battle against criminals, I think there are more effective ways to do it than having such laughably naive and costly programs run once a year. Having police officers interact more closely with citizens during the course of their duties and actually getting out of their patrol cars from time to time to walk around comes to mind. Feel-good, do-nothing “celebrations” like this won’t help stop gang activity in Manassas Park or reduce crime from other causes.

Celebrate, indeed. Your taxpayer dollars are being wasted.

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1 Comment

  1. Anonon said on 31 Jul 2006 at 9:08 am:
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    You might say that it is a waste of taxpayer money (I would say that the Rack and Roll suit is a bigger waste), but I wouldn’t and I pay taxes here. I said it before - the level of apathy that exists here is insane and anything that can be done to bring people out of their homes and talking to their local officials and each other is on the most basic level a positive and worth a couple of bucks. I will be taking my young sons out to the event, as I wish to foster a respect for law enforcement and other first responders in them. This is opportunity for families to engage with their community.

    I would rather see my tax money spent on the National Night Out than mounting a legal defense against some crappy bar in a shopping center that is a total eyesore. But what do I know? I just live here.

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