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Rishell’s Greatest Hits: Immigration

By Greg L | 31 July 2006 | 50th HOD District | 3 Comments

Here’s an interesting collection of conflicting statements regarding illegal immigration by Jeanette Rishell. First off is from her current website, where she advocates action by state and local government to combat the problem:

“The Federal government has lost control over immigration and is incapable of enacting meaningful immigration reform. It is now up to us at the State and Local level to implement solutions. As Delegate, I will work to pass legislation that punishes businesses who hire those who have not entered our country legally. I will work with my House colleagues to hold the Federal government accountable and pressure them to address the root causes of our current crisis. The Federal government’s trade policies have directly caused our current immigration crisis; and those policies have resulted in depressed wages, limited workers’ rights, and have left communities like ours, alone and ill-equipped, to deal with the consequences. As your Delegate, I will do everything I can to protect our workers and our jobs.”

–Jeanette Rishell for Delegate website

Next, a prior statement made to a reporter where she says this is a federal problem, and state and local governments should wait until the feds get their act together:

Rishell said illegal immigration is the “responsibility of the federal government” and “the state government should hold the federal government accountable” for any shortcomings. Plus, she said the federal government should “secure our borders” before anything else concerning illegal immigration.

Jeanette Rishell in the Gainesville Times, July 2006

And lastly, something from before she was running for office, where it’s clear that she’s not so much worried about illegal immigration, but about how hard it is for these poor illegal aliens to skirt the law and avoid prosecution:

Social Justice Committee is making available a pamphlet that addresses immigrant worker issues. Immigrants face greater challenges than do longtime residents of our community. They are newly arrived and vulnerable to exploitation because of the language barrier, because they are on the lower rung of the economic ladder and because for many there is a fear that they will be sent back if their undocumented status is reported.

This pamphlet touches on their struggles and their contributions to our society. It also advocates for a positive and sympathetic approach towards these newcomers. Please stop by the Social Justice table after service and pick up a copy of this pamphlet.

–Jeanette Rishell, BRUU newsletter, October 2005

Will the real Jeanette Rishell please stand up?

Please excuse me if I come to the conclusion that Jeanette Rishell is flailing around for some sort of publicly acceptable position on illegal immigration that might distract voters from her real position as an advocate of amnesty for all illegal aliens.

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  1. Earl said on 31 Jul 2006 at 7:35 pm:
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    This is great stuff! I guess Rishell has decided to run from her true liberal self. What does that say about one’s belief system, that they have to hide it, tone it down, or risk being rejected by the main-stream? Problem is, this is a google world. We know what she’s said in the past. We know what she has stood for. We know what she has advocated for. No do-overs for Jeanette this time!

    Jeanette, to quote Red Rider, “Lunatic fringe, we know your out there…You hold your meetings, but you won’t get too far…You gott blame someone, for your own confusion….Well, before you go under
    Can you feel the resistance
    Can you feel the…thunder

  2. Had to Say said on 1 Aug 2006 at 12:01 am:
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    Don’t forget about her comment’s to the Manassas city council.

  3. dave said on 23 Aug 2006 at 10:08 am:
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    Mudslinging in Manassas:

    She has never said nor done anything that would cause a reasonable person to conclude that she favors amnesty for all illegal immigrants.

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