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The Feder-Bouchillon Connection

By Greg L | 30 August 2006 | US Congress | 3 Comments

UPDATE: Since the time of this posting Mr. Bouchillon has done a tremendous job of turning things around and his website has dramatically improved. I now visit and comment on his website fairly frequently, and am very pleased to have this unpleasantness behind us. Mr. Bouchillon is rare testament to the power of personal redemption, and a success story of the Virginia blogosphere.

Mr. Bouchillon, now infamous for his Stalinist tactics against his political opponents, has been trying to distance himself from the Judy Feder for Congress campaign to which he is so singularly devoted. It won’t work.

Regarding photographs on Judy Feder’s campaign website, Mr. Bouchillon apparently feels entitled to say “I don’t believe I gave you permission to use that image“. Previously, he was the official spokesman for the Judy Feder campaign regarding fair use of her campaign materials. Now, he has virtually nothing to do with the campaign. I think he was closer to the truth before he felt pressured by being called to account for his actions, and here’s why:

You see, not only is Mr. Bouchillon the official photographer of the Judy Feder for Congress campaign, but he appears to be the one behind Judy Feder’s flickr site which is part of her official webpage. Mr. Bouchillon’s flickr site is here. And this is Judy Feder’s. Mr. Bouchillon’s photographs on his own site document his attendance at the vast majority of the public events for Judy Feder for Congress, ranging in venues from Warrenton to Leesburg to Fairfax, virtually the entire 10th Congressional District. Most of these events are also are held during what for most of us are working hours, but Mr. Bouchillon appears quite able to devote as much time as necessary in order to document just about each and every event. And his participation in the campaign is supposed to be casual? I don’t buy it.

Mr. Bouchillon documents his attendance at 11 Judy Feder campaign events between April 23rd and July 13th. Those same photographs appear on the Judy Feder website, and it’s clear either through overlapping items or his own acknowledgement that event attendance undocumented on his own flickr site is documented on Judy Feder’s flickr site, bringing his attendance to a nearly perfect record. The consistent composition, quality, and style between Mr. Bouchillon’s attributed photographs and every photograph appearing on the Judy Feder flickr site, as well as the consistent naming conventions used for the file names for the photographs leads to the inescapable conclusion that Mr. Bouchillon is virtually the ONLY official photographer for the Judy Feder campaign. The evidence also strongly suggests that Mr. Bouchillon is in fact the manager of both his own and Judy Feder’s flickr site, which is part of her official campaign website. A casual volunteer? Not if he’s personally managing part of Judy Feder’s campaign website.

After Mr. Bouchillon removed his posting asking his readers to harass my family using the addresses, phone numbers and email addresses he so helpfully provided, he got a call from the Judy Feder for Congress campaign, which he freely disclosed. Within hours, the mysterious website at FTR continues the attack. Not only did the Feder campaign apparently feel they could control Mr. Bouchillon when his actions resulted in a potential public relations nightmare, but the campaign may have provided Mr. Bouchillon guidance on how these attacks could be continued elsewhere an not be linked to himself or the Judy Feder for Congress campaign. I’ll bet the Judy Feder campaign didn’t have to look very hard to find Mr. Bouchillon’s phone number.

So when I say that Mr. Bouchillon is a political operative for the Judy Feder for Congress campaign, you can see why I believe that. Given the evidence, it’s the only conclusion that makes any sense at all.

UPDATE: Kenton Ngo helpfully points out in the comments that the latest campaign finance disclosure does not reveal Mr. Bouchillon’s name. Thanks for helping to ensure an accurate record, Mr. Ngo. This post has been corrected based on your information.

UPDATE 2: Just in case you thought Mr. Bouchillon might think his role is minor, here he is on the subject in March 2006:

I see it as my duty to keep bloggers feet to the fire and remind them that to a large number of people, they represent the campaign more than the actual campaign, and that you take on that responsibility by endorsing a candidate, which is partially why I might not endorse anyone.

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  1. Kenton Ngo said on 30 Aug 2006 at 5:47 pm:
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    Oh, no, a photography line item!


    Malchow Schlackman Hoppey & Cooper Inc.
    1101 14th Street NW Third Floor
    Washington, DC 20005

    Not Greg Bouchillon. Nice try, Greg.

  2. Anonymous said on 30 Aug 2006 at 9:14 pm:
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    While I do not agree with the attacks levied by this individual, I think it is important to make sure the facts are accurate. I use Flickr myself and I know that data is stored in images, such as the date the photo was taken and the camera used.

    The date of the majority of the Flickr photo sets, and thus the pictures, is either weekends or holidays. There are two dates that are weekdays. The photos on those particular days show that they were taken with a different camera (a point and click digital camera as most campaigns use) and not the professional camera that are on the other photos. In fact, one of the sets is obviously not from this person, who does lack the ability to take professional photos, but these are even worse.

    I do agree that this person took the majority of the photos on that site, but the dates do not fit one minor point of your argument.

    As for the names of the photos, it is possible that the campaign did not choose to rename the photos after they received them from this person, but it is very possible that this person is uploading the photos directly to Flickr. Flickr does not allow anyone to see the IP address they were uploaded from.

  3. FEC Girl said on 31 Aug 2006 at 12:06 am:
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    It should be noted that Feder’s FEC report shows that the fees to Malchow Schlackman Hoppey & Cooper Inc. were for logo design, a photo shoot, and similar and all fees were paid way back in the Spring. Chances are these fees were for photos for her pamphlets, signs, and other printed material. Most campaigns use staffers to take a few photographs daily on the campaign trail — only using the pros for commercials, etc. In a campaign of this size, it would be wasteful to spend money on hiring a photographer to take maybe a handful of shots at each event.

    So, my personal opinion is that all or many of the photos could very well be from Mr. Bouchillon. I believe the earlier photographer fees to Malchow, et al do not represent hiring a traveling campaign photographer. And lastly, it should be noted, that the last FEC report covered financial activity until June 30. Many of the photos come from after that time. There is no way to track if Mr. Bouchillon was paid any time after June 30. The next report — that would show if he was paid $200 or more dollars — is not due until Oct. 15. If he is paid less than $200, that information would not have to be itemized and would not appear on the FEC report.

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