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A View Of The Truth

By Greg L | 31 August 2006 | US Senate, US Congress | No Comments

Democrats may have to rethink their strategy of running their campaigns on the internet using “netroots”, or perhaps more appropriately “nutroots” operatives. It’s clear that for many of these folks their passions quickly outrun sensibility and present the potential to severely damage the campaigns which they are attempting to support.

Or perhaps we’re just seeing the true colors of the die-hards in the Democratic party, and are being treated to a rare glimpse of the truth. Soon after this website demonstrated how the Judy Feder for Congress campaign has attacked the children of their political opponents, Jim Riley calls Lowell Feld to task for his over-the-top attempt to smear George Allen as “an outright racist” as a part of the Jim Webb for Senate campaign and calls for him to be fired.

Personally, I’m pleased to see the “nutroots” carry on like this and show voters the true colors of the core of the Democratic party. Michael Moore is hardly an exception to the rule, it’s becoming ever more clear that his type of politics is in fact the rule.

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