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Enthusiasm for Webb?

By RHarrison | 31 August 2006 | US Senate, US Congress | 1 Comment

Act Blue is a Democratic Website that allows anyone from across the country to give money to any Democratic candidate.  It is a nice site and a good service.  The Republicans should set up something similar, if they haven’t already.

The site gives us a sense of how excited Democrats are for some of their candidates.  Ned Lamont up in Connecticut, for example, has raised about $328,000 from the site so far.  This isn’t much compared to his total fundraising, but it is among the highest amounts of all the Democratic candidates, indicating enthusiasm from the grassroots for his candidacy.

So where does Mr. Webb stand in the minds of the country’s Democrats?  To date, he has raised $173,000, about half of what Lamont has raised.

To put this in more perspective, Judy Feder has raised $301,000 to date. 

Let’s face it, Feder has almost no chance of beating Wolf, who isn’t one of the Democrat’s top targets anyway.  We are told that Webb has a great chance of beating Allen, someone the Democrats would love to bump off.  But why aren’t those same Democrats giving him any money?

Could it be that grassroots Democrats are hesitant to spend money on a man who was a Republican until just a few months ago?  Who endorsed Allen last time he ran?  And who has performed poorly in every aspect of his campaign so far? 

It is great that Democrats say they will vote for Webb, but in August races aren’t about votes, they are about organization building and money.  To date, Webb has shown little ability to do either.  When combined with the fact that Webb still has not articulated a compelling reason to vote for him, his prospects still seem bleak.

November is a long way away.  Allen has the tools necessary to carry his campaign that far.  There is no indication yet that Webb does.

(Postscript: Why the heck are so many people giving to Feder?)

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1 Comment

  1. NOVADude said on 31 Aug 2006 at 1:21 pm:
    Flag comment

    PS. reply…

    A lifetime in university education administration, staffer for the Pepper Commission that wanted an additional 69 billion tax burden to implement their findings, lead dog on the Hillary Clinton effort to create a new health care system…you remember,the effort that crashed and burned on both sides of the aisle…

    These credentials give her instant credibility with the lefties across america. Besides, those who don’t live in Virginia probably are buying into her silly claims that Frank Wolf is ready for the taking….which is proof positive that those desperate to hear something-like how the democrats will take congress this year-will believe most anything.

    Oh, yeah…remember that as of the last finance reports over 80% of her fundraising is from outside of Virginia

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