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Miller Weighs In on Rishell Plan

By Greg L | 31 August 2006 | 50th HOD District | 4 Comments

The Manassas Journal-Messenger posted an article this morning abour Jeanette “Moonfruit” Rishell’s bizarre plan to deal with overcrowding that we commented on yesterday. Jackson Miller had this to say about the idea:

“Now that she’s running for political office, all of a sudden she wants to do something with this issue,” he said.

Miller, a Manassas City Council member, said the city already enacted one effective way to battle overcrowding.

In December 2005, the council passed an ordinance redefining the term “family.” The ordinance effectively limited who could live in a house together and was an attempt by the city to squash overcrowding.

Rishell helped get rid of the ordinance by leading protests against it, Miller said.

Miller said if it were possible he would like to see the city be able to use the ordinance that was passed, and he would like to see the state back Manassas in this regard.

“I would also like to give localities more tools, with regard to state law, to allow us to make tougher ordinances on overcrowding,” he said.

This could include things like tougher fire code regulations, he said, but it should be something localities determine.

Miller said he supports the idea of raising fines for people who run illegal boarding houses, but that is where he and Rishell part ideological ways.

There is no reason to have a separate court for code violations, he said. Code violations can be handled in General District Court as long as people are willing to enforce those laws, he said.

As for requiring overcrowding complaints to be in writing, Miller said that would discourage due diligence from citizens. They should be able to make complaints anonymously, he said.

And while he said that finding solutions to illegal immigration would help with overcrowding, the two issues are not the same.

“Overcrowding can be an immigrant, it can be someone whose family has been in the United States for 200 years,” he said.

Miller brings up an excellent point in that these two candidates faced off in January of this year on this precise issue. At the time, Jackson Miller was a member of the Manassas City Council and working to enact an ordinance which would reduce overcrowding and improve the quality of life for Manassas residents. Jeanette Rishell was the organizer of protests who demanded a “do nothing” approach to the issue, and recruited radical Illegal Immigrant groups such as Mexicanos Sin Fronteras to protest tougher enforcement on the issue. Miller has a record of fighting overcrowding, while Rishell only has a record of trying to prevent action to control it.

And now Rishell wants to put an end to overcrowding complaints submitted anonymously, and this is somehow supposed to improve the situation rather than exacerbate it. Jeanette Rishell demostrates daily the appropriateness of the nickname we use for her here. What a moonfruit!

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  1. Dave said on 31 Aug 2006 at 12:43 pm:
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    You go girl! Way to go Jeanette. I had no idea she protested the overcrowding ordinance. The more I know about her, the more I agree with her.

  2. RHarrison said on 31 Aug 2006 at 12:56 pm:
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    You and three other people in the 50th District Dave

  3. Had to Say said on 31 Aug 2006 at 4:53 pm:
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    I’m glad to finally see something in the paper about this situation, and Rishell’s words do not match her actions.

  4. Anonymous said on 6 Sep 2006 at 11:00 am:
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    Yes, what a dangerous group.

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