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By Greg L | 30 September 2006 | Manassas City, 50th HOD District | 6 Comments

The Washington Times reports on Jackson Miller’s initiative to have the Manassas Ciity Police participate in ICE training this morning in an excellent article where we learn a bit more about the discussion going on between members of the city council and employees of the city. While we’ve learned that several members of the council are generally supportive of this program, Chief Skinner is apparently it’s chief detractor.

In the article Police Chief John Skinner is quoted regarding his concerns for participating in the program, and while some of these concerns seem to be valid issues that will need to be resolved in order for program implementation to be successful, some others are almost silly. The chief’s fears regarding “a backlash among the city’s Hispanic community” sounds like the city police are almost afraid of confronting lawlessness which is about the most counterproductive attitude a law enforcement executive could ever possibly have. The city had a backlash before, and relented in the face of it, supported by Mexicanos Sin Fronteras and a small collection of illegal immigrant activists which included Democratic nominee for the 50th District Jeanette Rishell. Retreat so far hasn’t proven to be a successful strategy. Meanwhile the city council has done little to resolve the ongoing and serious problems resulting from illegal immigration, and the citizens continue to suffer.

At this point the city should be more concerned about a backlash from the electorate.

I hear that in Mecklenburg County, NC, where this program is in place, the local Hispanic community has been pleased with how the program has removed the criminal element from their midst. Nothing has improved relations between the Hispanic community there and the community in general more than the significant reduction in crime and lawlessness which has resulted from this program. It has clearly demonstrated how valuable the Hispanic community can be once they are not plagued by illegals and criminals.

Jackson Miller has been proposing this program for six months, and finally we’re at a point where it seems such a program can be implemented. The citizens overwhelmingly support this program as an effective means of combating illegal immigration on a local level. Of course there will have to careful consideration about just how the city will participate in the program, but the debate should focus on how to implement it, not whether it should be implemented at all.

“This program is a no-brainer,” [Jackson Miller] said. “It’s just that extra step that can be used for an officer to find out if that person is legal and … start the deportation process.”


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  1. Anonymous said on 30 Sep 2006 at 1:51 pm:
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    If this is going to work in Manassas, then PWC and Manassas Park must participate too. Otherwise, the effectiveness of this training will be limited.

  2. Greg L said on 30 Sep 2006 at 7:54 pm:
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    Stay tuned. Your wish may very well come true.

  3. Citizenofmanassas said on 30 Sep 2006 at 10:42 pm:
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    I think Chief Skinner needs to find a new job. He is going to catch hell for those comments. I suppose he wants Manassas to put out the welcome mat for illegals. Ya, that will really be a positive for the City.

  4. Citizen Tom said on 1 Oct 2006 at 1:29 pm:
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    I agree PWC and Manassas Park need to participate. The whole country needs to participate.

    Jackson Miller says illegal immigration is his number one problem. If you go into parts of the Manassas, you can understand why.

    Think about how the character of the area has changed in recent years. As the new immigrants move in, the original inhabitants move out. The new immigrants, uneducated and often unable to speak decent English, simply cannot afford to live in Manassas without overcrowding. The new immigrants also cannot pay the taxes required to sustain the current level of city services. If something is not done, parts of Manassas will soon become slums — as will many other parts of this nation.

  5. Maureen Wood said on 1 Oct 2006 at 5:46 pm:
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    I have always admired Chief Skinner. I feel he is wrong on this issue. Enforcement is usually done when someone is pulled over or arrested for another crime. It wouldn’t be hard for someone that is here legally to prove that they are. I don’t see where that much extra work would be involved. I also think that the citizen’s of Manassas would happily pay to have this measure implimented, if we had to.

    I feel there will be more of a backlash from American citizens living in Manassas than from the Hispanic population. Most Hispanic’s want crime to go down also and if they are here legally will have no problem with measure.

    I hope that everyone who feels strongly that this enforcement is needed, shows up at the next city council meeting and let’s the council know that they need to adopt this measure. Now not later. The citizens of Pr. Wm. and M.P. need to pressure their government to follow.

  6. anonymous said on 2 Oct 2006 at 8:59 am:
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    Sometimes I think their idea of confronting lawlessness is sitting on the side of a road with a radar gun.

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