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Pandak Goes On Record Opposing 287(g) Program

By Greg L | 26 October 2006 | Prince William County | 8 Comments

Craig Vitter reports tonight on the recent debate between Sharon Pandak and Corey Stewart. He tells us that Sharon Pandak opposes participation by Prince William County in the ICE Section 287(g) program that would equip county law enforcement with the tools needed in order to process for deportation illegal aliens arrested for committing crimes. Vice Chairman Maureen Caddigan has talked about her support for this program, as have Supervisors Nohe and Stirrup, and her opponent Corey Stewart.

So Sharon Pandak doesn’t want to deport illegal aliens that commit crimes, saying that it would impose too much of a burden on law enforcement. Here’s a clue, Sharon: those law enforcement officers already have a significant burden to bear that is partially caused by illegal aliens. Giving law enforcement the ability to remove these criminal aliens from our midst is absolutely necessary, and long overdue.

While Manassas City is working to develop a what may become a regional approach to addressing the impacts of illegal immigration on our communities, Sharon Pandak is hiding from the problem and offering the citizens nothing but more of the same. Sharon Pandak whines about how ineffective the Federal Government has been, but refuses to commit to any course of action which may actually address this problem.

It’s time to stop making excuses and do something. If your community is challenged by the effects of illegal immigration, your choice on November 7th is utterly clear.

UPDATE: The Manassas Journal-Messenger has more coverage here. This quote from Sharon Pandak is another stunning example of the head-in-the-sand “do nothing” approach:

Pandak said it is a problem best left to the federal government and cautioned against getting local police officers involved in illegal immigration.

“Think twice about the fact that they will be taking someone — who maybe ran a stop sign — to have them incarcerated, and therefor they cannot respond to a burglary,” Pandak said of the police officers who might be kept busy arresting illegal immigrants.

Here’s Corey Stewart’s take on the issue:

He would train police officers so they would be able to deal with illegal immigrants when they found them, make sure county staff verifies that people have proper documentation before they receive county benefits and give zoning officials more power to enforce zoning ordinances.

Prince William voters have felt for a long time that their concerns about overcrowding, strained schools, and public safety and being ignored, and Sharon Pandak is promising to ignore those problems in the future.  Corey Stewart is right on this issue, and is actually listening to the voters.  Transportation and overdevelopment are problems that neither of these candidates are likely going to be able to significantly impact during the course of a term as Chairman of the BOCS, but illegal immigration definitely is.  Only one of these candidates apparently wants to do something about it — Corey Stewart.

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  1. Citizenofmanassas said on 26 Oct 2006 at 11:54 pm:
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    I simply do not understand those people that do not want to reduce crime in this area. Are these people brain damaged or, simply could care less about the impact of illegal immigration. What other type of criminal activity do they support?

    I hate to use a line from GWB, but on this issue, people are either for law and order, or they support criminals.

    I suppose it will take an incident to occur in Manassas like what happened in Houston and Denver for the criminal supporters(Folks who are against the ICE program) to change their minds.

    And, that is a shame.

  2. compasionateconservative said on 27 Oct 2006 at 5:12 pm:
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    Either Stewart or Pandak will have to address the ICE issue as chairman. But this issue is not the slam dunk it seems to be, just ask Jackson Miller. His biggest opponent is the extremely well respected Chief Skinner of the Manassas City Police.
    Departments are budgetarily strained already and this will add additional burden. It is a program that sounds good, but may need more study. Everyone wants the program at the jail, but the big question appears to be whether or not it makes sense to train the street cop.

  3. Citizenofmanassas said on 27 Oct 2006 at 5:23 pm:
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    Why budget strain? Both the County and City have more money to play with then they have ever had. How much money is being spent to educate illegals? How many social programs are being used by illegals? Get the illegals out, and the budget goes down.

    Skinner is a joke. He job is to combat crime. He is not doing it on this issue. He needs to be fired.

  4. anonymous said on 27 Oct 2006 at 5:39 pm:
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    Good point. I’d rather my tax dollars be used to kick illegals out than to provide freebies for them.

    It’s an investment that will pay dividends.

  5. Heartbleed said on 29 Oct 2006 at 10:41 pm:
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    Dumbellls all!! Obviously you dont see the cmplexities ………but then again you never do!! Lots of money to plat around with…i dont think so….tight budgets as usual. I see huge problems ahead when our police open the county up to lawsuits when they dont follow all procedures with undocumented workers. And worse, so far ICE ignores us when we get an undocumented…they already have too much on their hands………finally, we dont have the prison space in the county.. So you all can continue to make grandiose statements but you really need to look at all of the facts!! Heartbleed

  6. anonymous said on 30 Oct 2006 at 12:03 am:
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    Well, then, I guess the solution is to be a “sanctuary city” like Denver and Los Angeles.

  7. anonymous said on 30 Oct 2006 at 12:11 am:
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    By the way, check out what’s happening in Hazleton, PA:


  8. anonymous said on 30 Oct 2006 at 10:29 am:
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    Another thought: Many people talk about how it’s impossible to get 20 million peope (illegal aliens) to leave.

    What’s the problem? Mexico managed to do it–and they weren’t illegal aliens there.

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