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Post Endorses Rishell For Raising Taxes

By RHarrison | 27 October 2006 | Jeanette Rishell, Manassas City, 50th HOD District | 2 Comments

The Washington Post endorsed Jeanette Rishell today for 50th House Delegate. The only surprising thing about the endorsement is learning that the Post is aware of the 50th House District.

The endorsement itself is not impressive. Here it is, in its entirety:

“Finally, Prince William voters face a special election for state delegate in the 50th District to replace the late Harry J. Parrish. Jeanette Rishell, the Democratic candidate, is the one to choose. Among other strengths, she strongly supports a dedicated source of funding for transportation projects in Virginia; her Republican opponent, Jackson H. Miller, does not.”

That’s right. The Post is endorsing Rishell because she promises to raise your taxes. Somehow, I don’t think this will hurt Jackson Miller all that much. Miller has repeatedly pointed out that the state is running a $2 billion surplus. He would prefer to use this extra money to fund transportation improvements, rather than taking more money away from Virginia taxpayers.

By the way, someone should point out to the Post that Manassas is not in Prince William County. This is a common mistake made by people who don’t know much about Virginia, but it does detract from the effectiveness of the endorsement.

The Washington Post and Jeanette Rishell think raising taxes is a great idea, even though the state currently has more money than it can figure out how to spend. Jackson Miller does not. I congratulate Jackson Miller for failing to win this particular endorsement.

UPDATE: As expected, our favorite Fauquier County liberal weighs in with the opinion that because Jeanette Rishell is eager to raise taxes, she is the ‘worthier” candidate.  Yawn.

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  1. Greg Bouchillon said on 27 Oct 2006 at 5:20 pm:
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    Ok, I’ll bite. Where is Manassas?

  2. RHarrison said on 27 Oct 2006 at 9:54 pm:
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    Manassas is an independent jurisdiction in the state of Virginia. Its residents are not “Prince William Voters.” They do not live in Prince William County. They live in the city of Manassas. The same is true for Manassas Park. I know this is confusing for some people who are not familiar with this area, but I would think a member of Rishell’s campaign staff would know that.

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