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Jeanette Rishell Mails Out A Whopper

By Greg L | 29 October 2006 | Jeanette Rishell | 4 Comments

In her first mail piece that doesn’t look and feel like it came from “Cheap Campaigns R Us”, Jeanette Rishell has mailed out a defensive piece complaining that Jackson Miller has been pointing out Jeanette Rishell’s obvious intent to raise taxes.  Although the quality of the piece is excellent, the content is simply laughable.

Jeanette Rishell has been talking about creating “Bus Rapid Transit” on key commuter routes, raising education spending, and creating a new division of the court system. She wants to increase transportation spending, build new mass transit, mandate Pre-K education, and increase spending on social services.  For every imaginable problem, Jeanette Rishell has a solution that involves increased spending.  What that spending will amount to is anyone’s guess, as Jeanette Rishell has refused to provide even a ballpark estimate.

Instead of using the budget surplus generated from the last tax hike in Virginia (which she incidentlally claims doesn’t exist) to help with transportation, she wants to create a “dedicated source of funding” for transportation in order to increase spending by some undisclosed amount.  What will provide that “dedicated source” to support this spending remains a mystery somewhat, as the only thing she will say about it is that “all options are on the table”.

Well, it turns out that not quite all options are on the table.  Jeanette Rishell says that she won’t raise taxes on the “middle class”, or reduce funding for education, transportation or apparently anything else.  But vehicle titling fees, gas taxes, income taxes on disfavored demographics, BPOL taxes, real estate transfer taxes and the sales tax all seem to be fair game.  Especially taxes on business, which don’t typically receive a whole lot of love from the “social justice” activist crowd, who seem to think that taxes on businesses don’t end up getting paid by consumers in one way or another.

Jeanette Rishell is complaining that Jackson Miller is giving voter a clearer picture of her plans — a picture she is terribly reluctant to divulge to voters on her own.  Had she given us some idea of how much her proposals would cost, and where she would find the money to pay for them, she might have a case here.  But voters aren’t getting the full story on her proposals, leaving it to Jackson Miller to fill in the details she is unwilling, or unable to provide.  If she wants to complain, she should recognize that the gaping holes in her plans are the reason someone else has top step in and fill in the details.  She could have avoided this.

In the meantime, I have to believe that this “dedicated source of funding” Jeanette Rishell speaks of is nothing other than your and my wallet, because no matter what scheme she might have the creativity to dream up, our personal wealth is the ultimate source for all revenue that supports state spending.  Having just seen a tax raise which resulted in a surplus largely squandered on everything other than transportation this year, I’m not too eager to tolerate another round of tax raises.

In the Army, we called this situation BOHICA, which I’ll decline defining for my non-veteran readers.  You can google it on your own.

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  1. Bwana said on 30 Oct 2006 at 10:04 am:
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    and that is another hidden benefit of BVBL…the opportunity to increase your vocabulary!

  2. Batson D. Belfrey said on 30 Oct 2006 at 11:21 am:
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    and I learned another term from Rishell…Budget Surplus actually means “carry-over funds”. Since Virginia operates on a 2 year budget, and by law, the budget must be balanced, where is there any constituional refrence to revenues received (through taxation, ie. taxes), that are more than what were projected, and thus, budgeted for, are automatically declared carry-over funds?

    Rishell’s verbal gymnastics would impress Bill Clinton. I guess it depneds on what your definition of “is” is. Yes. Rishell has not said she will raise “taxes”. She has used terms like “carry-over funds”, “dedicated revenue streams” etc. Rishell is a liar. In his closing remarks at the AME debate, Miller read off Rishell’s answers to several tax related survey questions from a survey that RISHELL filled out:

    Question: “Would you support raising Sales Taxes?”

    Rishell: YES.

    Question: “Would you support raising fuel taxes?”

    Rishell: YES

    Question: “Do you support repeal of the Estate Tax?”

    Rishell: YES

    Rishell claimed that these were answers to Hypothetical questions, and she shouldn’t be taken at her word when answering. I don’t want to give her the oppotunity to answer real-world questions, as our delegate. SHE WILL VOTE TO RAISE OUR TAXES!!!!!!

  3. S. R. said on 30 Oct 2006 at 1:30 pm:
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    As I had said in an earlier post, I cant belive Rishell has put out a piece claiming she has never suggested raising taxes, ans WONT raise taxes.

    The WAPO gave her an endorsement because she has recomended just that……. TAX INCREASES FOR TRANSPORTATION.

  4. compasionateconservative said on 1 Nov 2006 at 11:49 am:
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    My favorite thing about Ms. Rishell’s tax plans is that she won’t raise taxes on the “middle class”. I guess the poor are fair game.

    This lady seems very nice, but she does’t have a clue how government really works.

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