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Voters Guide 2006

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50th District House of Delegates

Jackson Miller faces off against Jeanette Rishell to replace the late Harry Parrish. Jackson Miller has experience as an elected official as a Manassas City Councilman, and has served the community as a Prince William County police officer. He has proven himself as a dedicated conservative who will seek consensus in order to maintain fiscal discipline and the safety of our communities. Jeanette Rishell is a far-left “social justice” activist with ties to “Unity In The Community” and the Unitarian “Social Justice Commitee”, who has never held elective office and has been trying really hard to distance herself from her prior support of gay “marrriage” and illegal aliens.

The choice could not be more clear: vote JACKSON MILLER for Delegate

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Prince William County Supervisor

Supervisor Corey Stewart is running against former county attorney Sharon Pandak for the chairmanship of the Board of County Supervisors. Stewart is strongly for limiting new residential development in the county, while Pandak seems to want to take a more nuanced approach that isn’t readily definable. What has been clearly defined is each candidate’s stance on controlling illegal immigration: Corey Stewart is solidly for taking action, such as participating in the Section 287(g) program, while Sharon Pandak does not want this valuable program.

One issue which hasn’t received enough attention is eminent domain reform: Corey Stewart wants to prevent the expansion of “public use” and allow eminent domain seizures to benefit commercial development, for example, while Sharon Pandak wants to leave this option on the table. The two important issues more clearly define the differences between these candidates, and on them Corey Stewart is reasoned and willing to protect Prince Willliam County residents, whereas Sharon Pandak has adopted the radical liberal position of doing nothing to reign in illegal immigration and rampant abuses of government authority.

Vote COREY STEWART for Chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors

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10th Congressional District

Congressman Frank Wolf is being challenged by Judy Feder. Congressman Wolf has a solid record of supporting local transportation projects and combatting gang violence, as well as providing legendary constituent servce. Judy Feder is a academic socialist who wants to pursue her failed HillaryCare health proposals, raise taxes and surrender to islamic terrorists. Her quote of “I pray, tax me now” should be all you need to make a solid decision here.

I have a personal dog in this fight, given that her campaign operatives decided to attack my family, and in particular my little girl who was 18 months old at the time. To date, Judy Feder has failed to explain what happened or apologize for this outrage.

Vote FRANK WOLF for Congress

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11th Congressional District

Congressman Tom Davis is being challenged, somewhat, by Andy Hurst. Tom Davis has broad support in his district and a tremendous legislative record and Andy Hurst is a political nobody who doesn’t stand a chance. A no-brainer.

Vote TOM DAVIS for Congress

United States Senate

Senator and former Virginia Governor George Allen is running against Jim Webb in what has become one of the more mud-strewn campaigns in Virginia history. What has been given insufficient attention is George Allen’s exemplary record as Governor and Senator, where he has voted consistently in the interests of Virginians. Jim Webb, who has never held elective office, is keen to spout marxist economic pablums instead of defining any reasonable policies that will help ensure prosperity and national security.

Ignore the mud, and vote GEORGE ALLEN for Senator

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Ballot Initiative #1: Marriage Amendment

This proposal will take current statutory law regarding gay “marriage” and “marriage-lite” civil unions and domestic partnerships and make it part of the Virginia Constitution. Given recent events in New Jersey, it’s pretty clear that defending marriage as being between one man and one woman is absolutely necessary.

Vote YES on Ballot Initiative #1

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Ballot Initiative #2: Incorporation of Churches

Recent court decisions have made obsolete a provision in the Virginia Constitution that prohibited the legal incorporation of churches. This initiative will allow churches to issue shares of stock and take other legal actions which are reserved for corporations which are rarely, if ever important to religous institutions. This simply brings the Virginia Constitution in line with federal law, and removes a now unenforcable constitutional provision.

Vote YES on Ballot Initiative #2

Ballot Initiative #3: Exempt Property

This would allow the General Assembly to delegate the power to provide property tax relief to local jurisdictions in order to support redevelopment, conservation or rehabilitation. Decisions like this are best made at the local level where the circumstances are better understood and the citizens have more of an oportunity to weigh in on these local issues. This initiative supports greater participation by the citizens and keeps local decisionmaking local.

Vote YES on Ballot Initiative #3

PWC Bond Issue #1: Road Improvement Bonds

This $300 million bond issue includes improvement projects for a lot of important transportation corridors, such as Route 1. Generally I would be supportive of this, but I have significant reservations about this package as a whole. The criteria used to determine what would be included in this package is not clear, and I am unsure whether these projects were selected based primarily on the impact they would have on congestion and the cost effectiveness of these projects as opposed to alternatives. The costs per foot on these projects vary from a bit over $2,000 per foot to almost five times that amount, raising questions about whether these projects will give us the best bang for the buck.

However the need for local transportation improvements is readily apparent, and perhaps this package is the best consensus that could be created. That makes this a difficult choice for me, so I cannot reccomend a yes or no on this.

PWC Bond Issue #2: Library Improvement Bonds

This $42.5 million bond will help create new library resources in the county. I like libraries, but I hardly think it’s such a critical issue right now. Until we get this transportation mess sorted out, I want bond issues to address our most critical needs, and libraries, while worthwhile are not one of these.

Vote NO on Bond Issue #2

PWC Bond Issue #3: Park Improvements

This $27 million bond issue will build and upgrade new recreation facilities in the county. Again, this is not a core problem to address while we’re facing a transportation crisis in the county.

Vote NO on Bond Issue #3

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