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Warner Rambles, Fuhrman Strikes

By Greg L | 28 November 2006 | US Senate | 5 Comments

Senator Warner’s mumblilngs about possibly seeking another term have not gone unnoticed by Jerry Fuhrman, who gives some excellent commentary (“You Want More Of The Same?”) about just how bad an idea this is over at From On High. Jerry is right on the money here.

What I find particularly galling about Senator Warner’s behavior is his penchant to run into the arms of Chuck Schumer and Dianne Feinstein every time there’s an opportunity to consider another abomination which would unconstitutionally restrict Second Amendment rights. If you want more gun control, regardless of how the scheme has miserably failed everywhere it’s been imposed, by all means support another term for Senator John Warner. If you want higher taxes, abortion on demand, or expensive social engineering experiements, suppport John Warner. I am relatively confident that Senator-Elect James Webb, who at least in his campaign promises has indicated a willingness to support Virginian values to some degree, will produce a voting record superior to what we’ve seen from Senator Warner.

I know it’s going to be a tough fight to keep this seat in Republican hands, but it’s certainly possible that with a strong campaign by a good candidate — and we have strong candidates available — with hard work it can be done. It’s time to lay the groundwork for something better to happen for Virginia than being subjected to another term by this phenominal disappointment.

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  1. anonymous said on 28 Nov 2006 at 4:05 pm:
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    Don’t forget also that Warner voted for that amnesty bill…

  2. Mason Conservative said on 28 Nov 2006 at 5:28 pm:
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    I know it won’t really happen, but I personally think the BEST candidate for the Senate would be Bob McDonnell. But then again, I’m probably his biggest fan.

  3. charles said on 28 Nov 2006 at 10:51 pm:
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    Why don’t we just stop running candidates, and let the democrats have all the elected seats? It would save us all a lot of time blogging and knocking on doors and then we could just complain about the democrats and wouldn’t have to keep eating our own.

  4. anonymous said on 29 Nov 2006 at 10:53 am:
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    I guess the alternative is to vote for anything that can fog a mirror and has an R next to it’s name.

  5. charles said on 29 Nov 2006 at 8:38 pm:
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    Why do they have to be alive? The voters aren’t.

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