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Peering Into The PWCDC Fog

By Greg L | 29 November 2006 | PWCDC | 1 Comment

Jim Riley has gotten wind of the whispers regarding who may be the Democratic nominee for the upcoming Occoquan Supervisor race, and identifies political neophyte Jeff Dion as a declared candidate. I’ve heard the same thing. The filing deadline for the Democrats is at 6PM on Wednesday the 29th, after which an announcement will certainly be made about who has filed and whether a caucus will be necessary.

Why a candidate for public office is running such a stealth campaign is a mystery, but not at all unprecedented. For many of us, trying to figure out who on the other side of the aisle is running for office is always tough up until the point a nominee is selected. With such significant hurdles for potential candidates it’s also not much of a surprise that there’s likely going to be a single candidate for the Democratic nomination, given the short timeframe and the significant candidate filing fee.

This all bodes well for whoever the Republican nominee will likely be, as the Republican candidates have been visible, active, and organizing. Stealth campaigns might be a novel tactic, but not one prone to success. While I earlier rated this race as a tough one for Republicans, given how this appears to be developing it’s looking more and more like a likely Republican victory.

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1 Comment

  1. John Gray said on 29 Nov 2006 at 9:28 am:
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    Greg: Actually, I have known about Jeff Dion for a while and have researched him. As I “live, work and play” in the Occoquan district and have been very active here for fifteen of my nineteen years here, I have an awful lot of contacts. Bottom line is I did my homework prior to and after the Nov 7th election and neither Earnie Porta nor Sharon Pandak are candidates (anyone who said otherwise was just speculating) nor any of the other suspects usually listed. Jeff Dion is their guy. He’s not running a stealth campaign. He is a totally unknown individual with no discernible history or positions on anything relating to Occoquan and/or PWC and therefore, he is the “stealth” in the campaign.

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