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Delegate Frederick Responds to WashPo

By Greg L | 30 November 2006 | Virginia Politics, Virginia House | 3 Comments

Delegate Frederick, who I mentioned in “Kaine Sets Sights On PWC Delegates” was gracious enough to respond in the comments on that post. I think his responses deserve more prominent visibility, which help to explain why Ben over at Not Larry Sabato has been reporting so favorably on Delegate Frederick. He writes:

While I generally make it a habit to avoid blogs, someone recommended I check out this post. I’m glad I did — “Greg L” says it well, and while I have no interest in changing jobs with the Governor, I appreciate the points on Kaine’s lack of leadership.

Because I’m not that confident in the Washington Post printing a letter to the editor I sent them in response to their very poorly done story you cited above, perhaps you might be interested in reading it:

To the Editor:

Your November 28 article (Kaine Starts Fresh Push For Transit Funding) displayed a seemingly intentional ignorance of the facts, telling only a fraction of the story, and worse, navigating to avoid relevant details directly related to specific points in the article.

Let me explain.

Your story says that Delegate Lingamfelter and I “helped defeat the major transportation proposals”, which isn’t correct, particularly since later in the article you cite MY legislation as the Governor’s “major slow-growth success this year”.

Lingamfelter and I helped defeat major transportation *tax increases*, an important distinction you didn’t make. There are many other transportation proposals that both Lingamfelter and I not only supported, but actively spoke out in favor of — far more of them we supported (like proposals to increase transportation spending in our region by billions with existing revenue) than those we opposed. We voted against tax increases, not transportation proposals.

What is particularly troubling in your article is the presumption it leaves that on all transportation related legislation, I was a major barrier to success. Yet, the fact remains that the most significant land-use (growth/development) reform passed and enacted into law in 2006 — strongly supported by and a major item in Kaine’s transportation package — was my HB 1513, a fact unmentioned in your article; a law that has already successfully halted the construction of 33,800 new homes in Northern Virginia; and a law the Post has written extensively about, identifying me as the sponsor of the legislation.

The Governor wants to have it both ways: he wants to take credit for my land-use bill which he signed into law and his administration is now actively using to help control growth in Northern Virginia, yet he also wants to say that I’m the major problem in getting his transportation proposals through the legislature. Which way is it? How can I be such a problem, yet be the sponsor of the legislation you characterized as his “major slow-growth success this year”?

Governor Kaine sounds like he is just looking for someone to place the blame on his own failure to provide any real leadership by working with the legislature to pass a comprehensive transportation plan for Northern Virginia.

The fact is, Governor Kaine said when he was running for his job that “we can’t tax and pave our way out of our transportation problem”, yet once he was safely elected, immediately reversed his campaign promise by proposing to do the opposite — to tax and pave Northern Virginia — by overtaxing our hardworking families to build beautiful 4 lane roads in other parts of Virginia that don’t need them.

My “no” votes on the Governor’s tax-hike schemes were votes against the same 74-year-old failed approach to transportation that got us into the transportation mess we now have in Northern Virginia. It’s time to get into the 21st Century with transportation, and that’s the approach I’ve voted “yes” on time and time again.

A fair and balanced approach would have included these details.

We’re happy to have to visit, and hope there will be more opportunities for you to be happy to do so. I still think trading Governor Kaine for Delegate Frederick would be a good thing, although the good folks in Woodbridge would be getting the worse end of the deal.

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  1. Mason Conservative said on 30 Nov 2006 at 9:31 pm:
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    Its too bad Frederick doesn’t read blogs. We need our elected officials to reach out to us and communicate their messages. One of the reasons left-wing blogs have done so well is that Democrat electeds have reached out too them. Frederick hopefully will reconsider his thinking and realize that this medium could help him and the party a lot. He’s probably still mad about the Too Conservatve’s blast after Tom Davis’s kick off eight or so months ago.

  2. Greg L said on 30 Nov 2006 at 9:52 pm:
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    Perhaps when we bloggers on the R side demonstrate our value more conclusively, senior party personnel and elected officials will find better reason to visit more frequently and reach out to us.

    From what I gather, sites like Bacon’s Rebellion are the model of what the Republican leadership wants to see. We have the task of demonstrating the value of a broader spectrum of intents and styles. Slowly this is starting to happen, but I’m taking the position that it’s incumbent on us to prove ourselves more than it’s incumbent on elected officials to pay attention just because we happen to be here.

  3. Mason Conservative said on 30 Nov 2006 at 10:34 pm:
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    Absolutley. I think Frederick sees blogs, and with some justification, as rumor mills and places people get to attack him and others without any recourse or editing. So I don’t blame him. And it is our responsibility, like you said, that we can have some disgresion. I also think that Republicans and Democrats look for different things in blogs. Still, I worry that Frederick’s views on blogs might be too previlent among out GOPers, and its imperative that he does reach outh becasue we WANT to help him, and the best way to help him is to be in contanct with his people and campaign.

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