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Is Jeff Dion Short-Staffed?

By Greg L | 18 December 2006 | PWCDC, PWCRC | 2 Comments

The recent Republican convention for Occoquan Supervisor which nominated Mike May had 368 delegates. When the Democrats had their caucus for BOCS Chairman and nominated Sharon Pandak, only 257 Democrats attended from the entire county.

Do the Democrats just have a problem getting folks to participate in their nominating activities, or are there just not many active Democrats out there to begin with? Maybe that’s the real reason why Jeff Dion cancelled his phonebanking this evening rather than the “technical difficulties” he cited. It’s kinda difficult to run a campaign without volunteers, and it doesn’t seem like the Democrats have a lot of them in Occoquan when they need to bring Brian Pace of Equality Prince William and Mr. Bouchillon from Centreville in to staff events.

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  2. Manes Pierre said on 7 Jan 2007 at 7:52 am:
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    Although delegate attendance is indicative of support for one’s candidate. It behooves all of us as voters to show restraint on partisan politics.

    Prince William County is at a crossroad. The county is growing with a diverse group of citizen with a variety of tastes. It is about time that we look constructively at the issues being at stake. For example, instead of spreading the gospel of fear on the issue of development, we should do what our homework by challenging the two candidates on their goals on that issue with specific action plan.

    Every progressive county government in the nation has had to deal with that issue and the most successful ones are the ones that approach that issue responsibly. “Smart Growth” is a viable solution for our growing county. Which ones of the two candidates will be willing to explore that possibility for our voters. Buzz words without an action plan is irresponsible campaigning.

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