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Tony’s Back!

By Greg L | 21 December 2006 | Manassas City | No Comments

Apparently things have been going well enough for the Kostelecky family that Tony Kostelecky has returned to his post as Chairman of the Manassas GOP.  Back in September the Kostelecky’s had a baby (see John Louis Just Couldn’t Wait) a little earlier than they expected, and Tony had to step aside and hand over the reins to Vice-Chair Steven Thomas while he focused on family obligations.  I would interrpret Tony’s return as a good sign that things are going well for them.

While Tony was shirking his responsibilities, Steven Thomas has done a fabulous job of filling in right at the point where the campaigns were going into overdrive in Manassas.  Steven Thomas had some challenging moments (the attack on Manassas GOP HQ being a significant one) where he had to respond quickly to unexpected events and deal with the press, and he performed masterfully.  Despite the transition and it’s inopportune timing, the Manassas Committee still managed to outperform all other committees in the 10th Congressional District and won the “Best Committee” award from 10th CD Chairman Jim Rich.

The Manassas GOP is fortunate to have such great leadership.  Kudos to Steven, and welcome back Tony.

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