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2007 Voter’s Guide

Here is the long-awaited BVBL voter’s guide on races in and around Prince William County.

Prince William County School Board (contested races)


Gil Trenum and Desi Arnaiz are seeking the Brentsville District School Board slot. Both candidates applied for the Republican endorsement, which Gil Trenum won. Part of the agreement with the party was that if a candidate did not receive the endorsement, they would withdraw rather than run against a Republican-endorsed candidate. Desi Arnaiz broke that pledge, and has continued his campaign.

This would have already been an endorsement for Gil Trenum. He’s sharp, with solid ideas on how to control spending in the School System, and currently has children in the county public schools. This pick only gets easier when his opponent has a trust issue.

Pick: Gil Trenum


Julie Lucas, Manes Pierre and Belkacem Hacene-Djaballah are running for Neabsco District School Board. Julie is the incumbent Republican, is well respected by the current board members and teachers, and has been a voice for fiscal restraint on the School Board. Regardless of the qualifications, or lack thereof of her opponents, she’s consistently demonstrated that she deserves re-election.

She’s running against two complete nutjobs, which makes this pick even easier. Manes Pierre is a psychotic and abusive former ESOL teacher who was fired by the School Board. Belkacem (aka “The Alphabet”) is a supporter of the Woodbridge Workers Committee and Mexicans Without Borders and regularly comes out to support the illegal alien lobby. His rationale for running is that he wasn’t hired as a teacher. I daresay that had he been, we’d have two fired teachers running for this position.

Pick: Julie Lucas

Prince William County Constitutional Officers


Current Sheriff Glen Hill (R) is running against Democrat-endorsed independent Louis Dominguez. Hill cleaned up the terrific mess left by Lee Stoffregen, focused the office on it’s core duties, and has won a lot of respect in the law enforcement community. No one has made a convincing case that there needs to be change here.

Louis Dominguez has come up with a bunch of ideas, some fairly reasonable, and some downright silly, for improving the Department. Among the silly ideas is relocating the Judicial Center from Manassas, and duplicating duties with the Prince William County Police Department in a way disturbingly reminiscent of the Stoffregen era.

Pick: Glen Hill

Clerk Of The Court

Michele McQuigg (R), Lucy Beauchamp (I) and Bill Ryland (D) are running for this beauty-contest which is the best paying job in politics with nearly zero responsibilities. About the only thing worth saying about this inconsequential race is that it would be a shame to reward Lucy Beauchamp for the carnage she’s left at the School Board with this cushy job.

Pick: Anyone but Beauchamp

Commonwealth’s Attorney

The thoroughly corrupt Paul Ebert is running unopposed for this position again, having been successful in inflicting long-term revenge against previous former opponents. Fear not, dear voter, as you actually do have a choice here.

Pick: Vote Ham Sandwich as a write-in candidate for this position.

Prince William County Supervisors (contested races)


Incumbent Corey Stewart (R) faces a rematch against Sharon Pandak (D). Corey Stewart is leading the fight to control the number of illegal aliens in the county, while Pandak is late to the game and has come up with what might sound nice but is nothing more than meaningless rhetoric on this issue which she’s since reversed, saying that she would have voted against the rule of law resolution that even Hilda Barg voted for three times. Stewart has held the line on spending, has fought hard to control development, and done a good job of getting consensus on the board.

Pick: Corey Stewart


Chris Royse (R), Frank Principi (D), Steve Keen (I) and Lius Ramirez (I) are in a four-way race to replace Hilda Barg. With Chris Royse’s consistent and strong stands on the illegal alien problem, revitalization of the Route One corridor, and addressing crime problems in Woodbridge there’s little need to look farther. Principi is Hilda Barg’s anointed successor, and while Barg was famous for excellent constituent service, her policies (such as support for a day laborer center in Woodbridge) are a big reason why there’s so many problems in Woodbridge today.

Pick: Chris Royse


Mike May (R), faces off against his primary opponent John Gray (I) who is now running as an independent. Had the PWCRC allowed this to be a fair contest, May would likely have won anyways and not given Gray the incentive to again switch party affiliations and run this time as an independent. As clearly wronged as John Gray has been, Mike May has proven himself to be a strong and able Supervisor who has been solid on the illegal alien issue, fiscal discipline and controlling development and proven himself as one of the more competent and capable Supervisors on the board. It also is pretty clear to me that holding Mike May responsible for some of the shenanigans seen in previous primary contests would be pinning blame where it doesn’t belong.

John Gray is a good and decent man who just hasn’t made a convincing case that he’s a superior pick here. I feel for him, but Mike May has just surpassed all expectations, and quietly shown that he’s one of those elected officials who should be on a long and steady upward political trajectory over the course of what I hope will be a long career in public office.

Pick: Mike May


John Stirrup (R) is being challenged by Corey Riley (D), someone who is part of the illegal alien lobby and is director of a health clinic that largely serves the illegal alien population in Prince William County and Manassas. John Stirrup is the author of the rule of law resolution, was the lead opponent of the Brentswood development, and the leader who has helped deliver several local transportation improvements ahead of schedule. This shouldn’t at all be close.

Pick: John Stirrup

House of Delegates

13th District

Delegate Bob Marshall (R) and Bruce Roemmelt (D) face off again, this time after Marshall was the point man for the Marriage Amendment, and Bruce Roemmelt one of the leading local opponents. Delegate Marshall is perhaps the delegate most well-versed in Virginia Constitutional law, supports efforts to reduce the number of illegal aliens in Virginia, and is a tenacious fighter on conservative social issues. Roemmelt is pretty much a hard-left “social justice” type with extensive ties to the homosexual lobby.

Pick: Bob Marshall

31st District

Delegate Scott Lingamfelter (R) is being challenged by wacky leftist William Day (D) who is somewhat famous for remarking that the U.S. Border Patrol is a waste of money and that the solution to illegal aliens is to increase foreign aid to Mexico. Meanwhile, Lingamfelter is a strong conservative who backs stronger measures to control illegal immigration, keep taxes low, and conserve our natural resources in a way that will keep our economy strong.

Pick: Scott Lingamfelter

50th District

Delegate Jackson Miller (R) is again challenged by Jeanette Rishell (D) who has engaged in a deplorable smear campaign against Miller, somehow banking on voters forgetting about her strong support of the illegal alien lobby and taking her claim that Miller’s success in getting a number of bills on the illegal alien issue through the House of Delegates somehow constitutes “doing nothing.” Miller has one of the strongest records on the illegal alien issue of anyone running for the House of Delegates, and Rishell is a desperate liar.

Pick: Jackson Miller

51st District

Faisal Gill (R) and Paul Nichols (D) are competing for the seat being vacated by Michele McQuigg. Both have faltered on occasion on the illegal alien issue, with Nichols buying into unworkable or ineffective policy stands authored by DPVA, and Faisal proposing an unlawful scheme to fine employers who hire illegal aliens. Nichols has sent out some questionable mailers while Gill’s past as a spokesman for some muslim organizations with disturbing ties to terrorists and somewhat unusual campaign finance reports doesn’t make him an ideal candidate either. It has to come down to who you can trust.

Pick: Paul Nichols

52nd District

Delegate Jeff Frederick (R) faces Chris Brown (D), pitting a really sharp incumbent against a fairly hopeless challenger who has been outclassed in every debate. Jeff Frederick has been a leader in the General Assembly on the illegal alien issue, pushing for statewide 287(g) every year, and has been a consistent voice for controlled spending and lower taxes. Brown just can’t make any cogent argument why Frederick should be replaced.

Pick: Jeff Frederick


28th District

Al Pollard (D) and Richard Stuart (R) are squaring off to fill the seat being vacated by the notorious John Chichester. Pollard has previously been supportive of the illegal alien lobby, and this year has proposed a bizarre and unworkable scheme for employers to verify employees when a system exists at the federal level that works pretty well. Richard Stuart has been supportive of strong proposals to control illegal immigration, and has fiscal positions that are at least as good as what Pollard is putting out.

Pick: Richard Stuart

29th District

Senator Chuck Colgan (D) is being challenged by Bob Fitzsimmonds (R). Colgan turned 81 this year and depressingly seems to be on the same end-game trajectory as his dear friend Harry Parrish, who never had a chance for his well-deserved victory lap after stepping down. Colgan has a somewhat inconsistent record on the illegal alien issue, and has advocated for tax hikes, but he’s not at all hard-left. Fitzsimmonds is definitely a strong social conservative who has come to supporting strong positions on the illegal alien problem and is definitely more of a fiscal conservative.

Pick: Bob Fitzsimmonds

37th District

Senator Ken Cuccinelli (R) is defending his seat from a challenge by opponent Janet Oleszek (D). Cuccinelli has been one of the best Senators on the illegal alien issue in the state, and is one of a scarce few voices of reason on the Senate Courts of Justice Committee that regularly kills bills dealing with illegal immigration. Oleszek is an embarrassing nutcase who can’t clearly enunciate a policy position and is clearly in over her head.

Pick: Ken Cuccinelli

39th District

Senator Jay O’Brien (R) is facing a strong challenge from Greg Barker (D) in a district that spans Prince William and Fairfax Counties. Jay O’Brien is championing several important initiatives to control illegal immigration and has been a pretty reliable voice for fiscal discipline. Greg Barker is not at all dedicated to reducing the number of illegal aliens in our communities and supports several policy initiatives being promoted by the homosexual lobby.

Pick: Jay O’Brien

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