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Dominion Tries To Scare Us

By Greg L | 24 January 2007 | Prince William County | 7 Comments

I got a piece of mail from Dominion Energy today asking that I contact my state legislators “in support of the need” for a power line, threatening rolling blackouts by 2011 if this line isn’t constructed. They are asking Virginia residents to contact their legislators in the General Assembly and ask them to oppose several bills, which they do not identify, which would stop “this much needed transmission line.” What a crock.

If Virginians need to learn about this power line, they’d be well served to visit the webpage of the Piedmont Environmental Council on the subject. And by the way, calling your legislators in support of the restrictions on Dominion’s attempt to make a fortune sending power to the New York metropolitan area through Virginia might be a good idea. The Prince William Board of County Supervisors unanimously opposes this transmission line, as does our congressional delegation and our county legislative delegation to the General Assembly. Thank them all for protecting our interests and fighting Dominion Energy.

UPDATE: The Manassas Journal-Messenger has coverage on the recent town hall meeting on the issue here.

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  1. AWCheney said on 24 Jan 2007 at 11:54 pm:
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    We got the same letter Greg. You know, what I don’t understand is, we’re with NOVEC and, although our electric sometimes seems a bit high, we have no complaints because their service is the best in the region. In years past, during weather emergencies when 10’s of thousands of Dominion, VEPCO, and PEPCO customers were without electricity for days, and sometimes weeks, at a time, our electricity was never out for a full 24 hours under the worst of conditions. In the last few years it’s been more like a few hours, if at all. That’s worth a few extra dollars! How does Dominion get off threatening us with rolling blackouts??

  2. Greg L said on 25 Jan 2007 at 12:11 am:
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    NOVEC doesn’t generate it’s own power, but buys it from a cooperative that generates some of it’s needs, as well as buying power from Dominion Energy.

    If you’re interested, NOVEC talks about it at http://www.novec.com/page.cfm?id=48

  3. AWCheney said on 25 Jan 2007 at 12:25 am:
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    Well, I assumed that they didn’t generate their own power, but as a very efficient Cooperative, I assume NOVEC would find alternatives. I’ll check out the link, but Dominion Power, with its INefficiency of operation, should not have to enter into the equation, particularly by extortion.

  4. Loudoun Insider said on 25 Jan 2007 at 7:42 am:
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    They also did a full page ad in this past weekend’s Washington Post.

    Greg, I’m surprised you suggested people look at the PEC website. Didn’t you know that they are just a bunch of liberals intent on taking away all of your property rights? Obviously you don’t get the information you do from your Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission that we do here in Loudoun. These people are for clean air, clean water, and preserving our countryside for God’s sake!

    I’m being facetious of course.

  5. a nonny mouse said on 25 Jan 2007 at 11:12 am:
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    If you’re with NOVEC, expect your electric to get even higher as ODEC generates more of their power with peaker plants that burn natural gas in the future. NOVEC is contractually bound to purchase power from ODEC, but the NOVEC board of directors has tried to get this changed (I believe by going before the REA) with no luck.

    If this area does indeed start having rolling blackouts by 2011, it will go nicely with the rest of the third-world ambiance that will exist in Manassas and surrounding areas by then.

  6. NPT Loudon said on 25 Jan 2007 at 8:22 pm:
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    I couldn’t agree more. In fact, I’m involved with Virginians for Sensible Energy Policies — active on this issue. Our page is here. And we’re on YouTube as well.

    Please sign up for updates to keep up on it, and if you have any suggestions, send us an email or add a comment. Thanks!

  7. Robert Molleur said on 26 Jan 2007 at 4:12 pm:
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    The Price William Conservation Alliance Does Scare Us

    The Prince William Conservation Alliance (PWCA), in effect, has become an un-elected, quasi-governmental organization unaccountable to the voters that practically runs this County http://farm1.static.flickr.com/167/369856472_0c1cf93b74_o.jpg

    In a clear conflict of interest, its paid Executive Director (Kim Hosen), also sits on the Prince William County Planning Commission, another paid position.

    PWCA’s Big Daddies are the Piedmont Environmental Council and The Nature Conservancy

    Like Robert Duval, they too are entitled to their land use opinions, however, those opinions also are no more important than the opinions and rights of the rest of ‘we the people.’

    All responsible citizens strive to conserve our natural resources – its called ‘Market-Based Environmentalism”

    But we do not intend to surrender our private property, civil rights, freedom and sovereignty to Marxist environmental extremists in the process.

    Besides the elimination of private ownership of real property - it is the ultimate goal of all Marxists to control our lives.

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