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Television Makes You Dumber

By Greg L | 31 January 2007 | Illegal Aliens, 50th HOD District | 2 Comments

I had a chance to see the WUSA Channel 9 coverage of Jackson Miller’s bill HB 2937 on state funding of non-state entities that provide services to illegal aliens, and it reminded me of the reason why I don’t watch local television news. If you watched that excuse for journalism, you would think that the bill makes it illegal for a charity to provide services to illegals. That is actually not the case, and the reporters responsible for this journalistic malfeasance should be ashamed.

Delegate Miller’s bill actually makes it unlawful for the state to provide money to charitable organizations that provide any services to illegal aliens. Charitable organizations can do whatever they want under this bill, but if they’re using taxpayer dollars, they can’t use them to support illegal aliens. Notwithstanding the Constitution of Virginia, which makes it unlawful for the state to provide funding to any non-state entities, some members of the general assembly seem to relish the idea of appropriating money to their favorite local organization. Senator Chuck Colgan (D-29) is a noted abuser, who proposed over $7 million for non-state entities in 2006. But if you’re senior enough, maybe you start getting the impression that the law is what other people have to follow.

So if the General Assembly is going to violate the Constitution anyways by funding non-state entities, they darned well should not be funding non-state entities that aim to encourage those they serve to break the law. That’s what this bill is about, and you’ll never know that if you depend on folks like those at WUSA Channel 9 to tell you what’s going on.

UPDATE: Apparently the bill only prevents charitable organizations from providing services to illegals using the money they got from state or local government.  See the comments for a good clarification.

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  1. Not Jack Herrity said on 1 Feb 2007 at 4:27 pm:
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    Nice try, Greg, but you did not get it entirely correct either. This bill only bans organizations from using state and local funds to benefit illegal aliens. It does not ban those organizations from receiving state and local grants if they provide benefits to illegal aliens using private money. So basically, they can still provide as many services as they want to illegal aliens, but they cannot provide those services with government money. It does not go as far as you claim.


  2. Greg L said on 1 Feb 2007 at 4:34 pm:
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    I didn’t catch that — thanks.

    Now the whiners have even less to cling to on this. Why in the world would they be determined to preserve some ability to provide services for illegals using the pool of money they are unconstitutionally provided with by the state, or by local government? Why don’t they just come out and say that they just want taxpayer funded day laborer centers?

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