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Mike Messier Should Withdraw

By Greg L | 27 February 2007 | Prince William County | 32 Comments

Mike Messier, the Republican candidate challenging incumbent Prince William County Sheriff Glendel Hill, is known around town for being a pretty nice guy. He’s been treated courteously by Republicans up until recently, even though he was the chief deputy to the thoroughly discredited former Democratic Sheriff Lee Stoffregen. But last night at the county Republican committee meeting his candidacy plowed straight into the ground with a resounding thud when this law enforcement professional tried to bribe the committee with the promise of a ten thousand dollar contribution to the PWCRC if he is elected. Committee members were absolutely stunned, and his outrageous remark was the topic of much of the side conversations during the rest of the meeting. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new candidate, but this time it’s for “worst candidate ever.”

Of course this newsworthy incident merited a post, and the commentary which started as amusing has turned absolutely nasty. Perhaps it’s not too surprising as Messier has been on the attack for some time, making charges of mismanagement and departmental ineffectiveness under Glendell Hill’s leadership — something which rankled a more than a few committee members and was partly responsible for the standing ovations and frequent applause given to Glendell Hill when he spoke last night. To see Messier’s defenders (how do you defend that bribery attempt, exactly?) show up on a thread and take the ugliness to a whole new level demonstrates such desperation and a lack of fitness that it’s clearly time for Mike Messier to end his pointless challenge and withdraw from this race.

Here’s one example, of several:

Zak | IP: [redacted, although I’m awfully tempted]

What a bunch of dumb asses! Dig a little deeper into Hill’s“record” and you’re apt to discover this is the most dishonest thug in PWC. He has always been out for himself and I don’t expect he will change, not in this life time. You’re talking to the wrong people if you expect to get the low down on this guy.

Now I don’t attribute this to Mike Messier. It’s pretty clear from the cronology of this thread though that Messier’s campaign saw this commentary and tried to rally the troops to defend him, so whatever riled up folks to spew this sort of trash I will absolutely attribute to the Mike Messier campaign. This has got to stop, and stop now. It should stop particularly since all it will do is help Mike Messier’s already substantial negatives, for his close association with someone regarded as a corrupt embarrassment, absolutely skyrocket. Glendell Hill is widely regarded as one of the most honorable men in public service in the county, and to unfairly malign his honor like this is enraging, outrageous, and thoroughly despicable.

Give it up, Mike. Your close professional association with Stoffregen is a heaping pile of political baggage that will be impossible to discard. Your bizarre bribery attempt last night is an entirely disqualifying disability for elected office. As bad as that is, to start seeing personal attacks get thrown at Glendell Hill, someone viewed by many as the savior who delivered us from the disaster of a Sheriff that was Stoffregen, will only ensure that your election will set new records in regard to thoroughly embarrassing electoral performances. Given the way this campaign has been run so far, if you obtain more than ten percent of the vote, it will be an absolute miracle. Anna Nicole’s decaying corpse would garner more votes than you will ever see in an election this year.

It’s time to end this embarrassment. Withdraw. Now.

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  1. Anonymous said on 27 Feb 2007 at 10:39 pm:
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    If Mike withdraws there will be no Republicans in the sheriff’s race. Yes, Glendell Hill has an (R) after his name but that does not make him a Republican. Look at his service record and you will know he is not a true Republican.

    Matter of fact, it is a record you would rather forget than repeat.

  2. NoVA Scout said on 27 Feb 2007 at 11:05 pm:
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    Sheriff Hill is a dignified and competent public servant. I don’t know him well, have met him a few times, but he has always struck me as a welcome change to the Boss Hawgism that pervaded the Stroffregen years. It was a great moment when Stoffregen went down to defeat. I can’t imagine why, having finally elected an admirable and respectable Republican to the position, anyone in the Party would give a moment’s thought to primarying him. Hill has focussed on the legitimate constitutional role of the Sheriff, has abandoned Stoffregen’s imperial designs and crony network, and has established a healthy working relationship with the County police (Stoffregen always seemed to want to have a parallel, competing police force).

  3. Greg L said on 27 Feb 2007 at 11:10 pm:
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    It’s pretty telling that we continue to hear whining from the Mike Messier campaign about Glendell Hill’s “record” but nothing in the way of substantive criticisms. Instead you laughably maintain that Democrat Lee Stoffregen had a great “Republican” record, which hardly squares with his legendary abuse of office.

    Go ahead and piss me off some more. Please.

  4. Anonymous said on 27 Feb 2007 at 11:18 pm:
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    We cannot escape the Democrats record of public safety in the sheriff’s office. Glendell has failed us time and time again in this area. His record looks like sh** next to theirs.

  5. Greg L said on 28 Feb 2007 at 12:00 am:
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    Again, with the unsubstantiated smears. Mike Messier is now on the poll for “Worst Candidate Ever”.

    Keep it up. I can think of SO much more.

  6. Anonymous said on 28 Feb 2007 at 12:48 am:
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    I will show the records one more time since you keep asking to see them.

    Sheriff Wilson C. Garrison, Jr. (D) (1984 – 1995) Modernized the sheriff’s office, started a fugitive squad, started the child I.D. program, computerized the sheriff’s office, started escorting funerals, started a rank structure, updated equipment, gave free gun locks for gun safety, never had a budget close to 7 million dollars.

    Sheriff E. Lee Stoffregen, III (D) (1996 – 2003) Achieved Virginia Law Enforcement Accreditation, started child mentoring, established senior citizen programs, tried to make the streets safe by running radar to slow down speeders and aggressive drivers, had deputies respond to major crimes to get a quicker response to these crimes, never had a budget close to 7 million dollars.

    Sheriff Glendell Hill (R) (2004 – 2007) Reduced his workload by cutting services to the people, collected some cell phones, collected some money for the Red Cross to buy a trailer, bought tasers to shock unruly people in the courtroom, bought a golf cart so deputies could ride around the court complex, has a budget well over 7 million dollars and wants a 9 million dollar budget.

    We know by the increase in crime, and the record Glendell established, he is not in office to serve and protect, or to make Prince William County a safe and better place to live. The question that needs to be answered is, “Why does Glendell want to hold this office”? Is it so he can aimlessly roam around the halls of the courthouse and collect over $460 thousand dollars just for holding this office for four years?

  7. anon said on 28 Feb 2007 at 1:03 am:
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    The increase in crime? Is that idiot at 12:48 seriously holding the sheriff - whose responsibilities cover the courthouse and the jail - responsible for an increase in crime?

    Dear god, I hope the general citizens of PWC aren’t as dumb as Mr. 12:48.

  8. Greg L said on 28 Feb 2007 at 1:12 am:
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    This is complete crap. Stoffregen was an abysmal sherrif who was run out on a rail by the voters almost four years ago. Using this discredited democrat as an example of the kind of office a Republican would run is beyond brain-dead.

    Hill stopped the practice of rewarding contributors with law enforcement credentials they did not deserve, does not embezzle funds, is not trying to build a parallel law enforcement with the PWC PD, and actually has a good relationship with the PWCDC and the PWC BOCS. He is focused on the core responsibilities of the department, and isn’t trying to build an empire.

    Your allegations that Hill is responsible for an increase in crime is outrageous. He does serve our citizens and is doing an excellent job of protecting our courts, the citizens, and performing the other core duties of his office.

    Glendell Hill is one of the most honorable men I know, who is being challenged by folks who have such high ethical standards that they will even stoop to bribery in order to be elected. Messier wants to extend civil service protection to political appointees, which is utter folly. As Messier’s annointed shill, you aren’t backing up any of your allegations with substantive discussion and making such inane arguments that you hold up Stoffregen’s thoroughly discredited abomination of a regime as an example of what Messier intends to do.

    Unless anyone has ever been successful running for office on the legacy of Richard Nixon that I’m not aware of, you knuckleheads are making Steve Chapman look like an absolute political genius. What’s next here, is Slobodan Milosevec going to show up on Messier’s list of endorsees?

    HE STOOD UP AND OFFERED TO BUY VOTES IN FRONT OF OVER 100 PEOPLE LAST NIGHT, FER CHRISSAKES. What a complete frackin’ moron. And I’m going to listen to this knucklehead’s campaign tell me that the man who saved us from Stoffregen “is not in office to serve and protect”??? Have you entirely lost your mind?

    Tell me you’re not working for Glen Hill and this is all some sort of bad joke, please.

  9. Batson D. Belfrey said on 28 Feb 2007 at 7:06 am:
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    “We cannot escape the Democrats record of public safety in the sheriff’s office. Glendell has failed us time and time again in this area. His record looks like sh** next to theirs.”

    Do you mean Glen Hill’s record looks bad, compared to Stoffregen’s SELLING badges to anyone who would donate $5000 or more to his campaign war chest? Go ahead and deny it, but these are the same cronies busted trying to use their expired credentials to gain access to an NCAA tournament game, get out of a DUI stop in NJ, and get out of a reckless driving stop on the 267 toll road.

    Or maybe you mean that Hill’s record looks bad compared to Stoffregen’s little slush-fund that he was charged with embezzling from? Go ahead and deny it, but the plea agreement required that he pay the money back, so it obviously wasn’t his to use.

    Or maybe you mean that Hill’s record looks bad compared to Stoffregen’s STEALING an M-16A2 rifle that belonged to the Sheriff’s department. Go ahead and deny it, but his plea agreement included returning the Rifle, which means it wasn’t the “gift” he claimed it to be. Also, because it was and M-16A2 rifle, it wasn’t even legal for Stoffregen to own it, period. Therefore, he violated Federal Firearms laws, a little detail that seemed to slip by everyone, the Judge, the Special prosecutor, and the press.

    No you may counter and say that Messier didn’t do these things, his boss, Stoffregen did, and you’d be right. However, Messier was Stoffregen’s #1 deputy. If he didn’t know what his boss was doing, then he is at the very least too damn stupid to be our Sheriff. If he did know, then as a LOE he had a duty to arrest Stoffregen. If he knew about it, and didn’t arrest him, then he is nothing more than a corrupt henchman of a corrupt Sheriff Stoffregen.

    So which is it? Is Messier to damned stupid to be Sheriff, or is he a corrupt henchman of the former corrupt Sheriff?

  10. NoVA Scout said on 28 Feb 2007 at 8:06 am:
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    Sheriff Hill seems to have a very disciplined view of the function of a well-run sheriff’s office. I’d be happy for a few more office holders who understand what their legal limits are. Whoever it was who commented that public safety functions under Hill were inferior to Stoffregen’s record ignores the fact that Stoffregen was madly trying to build the Sheriff’s Dept. into an alternative police force (using both tax dollars and shaking down donors to do it). That was wasteful, bad policy, disregarded the constitutional duties of the sheriff’s office, and probably undermined the police functions of the County police. As far as I could make out, Stoffregen’s efforts were largely driven by his own ego. The Sheriff is there to serve writs, and to maintain security at the courts and county detention facilities. That’s his job. If anon 1118 thinks that public safety has suffered in recent years, he ought to go talk with the County Police, not the Sheriff.

  11. GIMME A BREAK said on 28 Feb 2007 at 10:38 am:
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    As a quiet, conservative Republican, I’ve been following your
    diatribes re “Rack and Roll” and developed a great empathy for
    the owner, for I understand that elected officials along with the
    law enforcement agencies can form conspiritorial acts of inhumanity against innocent citizens for the purpose of ridding
    our communities of whatever or whomever is deemed distasteful, for whatever reason. Obviously, this has been the
    case with Dave. The underlying secret to the scheme is for the
    one being conspired against to “get something on” the ones who
    are doing the scheming. This shouldn’t be too difficult for Dave
    to accomplish since this town is filled with crooked politicians.
    Which brings me to my point: Glen Hill has so much dirt on so
    many people, they don’t dare speak out against him in fear of
    retribution. I don’t make it a practice of participating in these
    childish back and forth commentaries; however, you’ve hit a
    low note with your attacks on Messier. The remarks about Mr
    Hill’s “honor”, etc. are proof that you aren’t doing your digging
    in the right places. No, Hill is not trying to build an empire…
    he already has it.

  12. Greg L said on 28 Feb 2007 at 11:00 am:
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    I’m intrigued by the notion that Glen Hill is “building an empire” — an allegation that hasn’t been substantiated with a single thread of evidence by folks who seem in denial about Lee Stoffregen’s well documented efforts to expand the Sherrif’s department and create a personal feifdom. Where the hell is the evidence? So far I’ve seen nothing but empty smears. So if you got something, pony it up. I’d be happy to look at anything you have, and you can shoot it to me by email if you’d like.

    Is Glen Hill selling deputy badges? Has he appropriated fully automatic weapons for his own personal use in violation of the National Firearms Act of 1934? Is he embezzling money from a secret slush fund? All of these things happened with Stoffregen during the time that Mike Messier was his chief deputy. And I don’t recall hearing Glen Hill offer to provide five figure contributions to the PWCRC in return for votes.

    Despite his laughably inept campaign, I think Mike Messier is a good and decent man, and I’m not calling him a “dishonest thug”. If there’s low notes here, they’re being played by those attacking Glen Hill.

    Give ME a break, here.

  13. Anonymous said on 28 Feb 2007 at 11:01 am:
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    Has Glen Hill been holding brain washing classes? Everytime someone says Messier that = Stoffregen. You need to get a brain of your own and judge people for who they are, and what they stand for, not who they worked for and what the other person may or may not have done.

  14. Batson D. Belfrey said on 28 Feb 2007 at 11:14 am:
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    Messier = Stoffregen.

    In mathmatics that is called a “proof”. Since were talking math, I would have to say Messier is

  15. Greg L said on 28 Feb 2007 at 11:17 am:
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    Hell, you’re the one holding Stoffregen’s tenure up as an example of the kind of adminstraton we should have under Messier, and you did it in the sixth comment in this thread, as well as once on the previous one. Pick a stand, any stand, and stick with it for God’s sake.

    As part of Messier’s campaign, he wants to undo some of the very things that Glen Hill did to clean up the incredible mess that Stoffregen left. Messier’s campaign in every way appears to be a surrogate Stoffregen campaign, and many of the complaints you’ve levelled against Hill (the “increase in crime”, for example) seem to relate to Hill not trying to expand the Sherrif’s department as Stoffregen was legendary for. It’s YOU that has convinced me that Messier is Stoffregen’s stooge. Glen Hill hasn’t said a word to me on this subject, and he’s never spoken to me about Messier, ever.

    Don’t complain to me that I read your arguments and learn something from them.

  16. Turn PW Blue said on 28 Feb 2007 at 3:50 pm:
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    It looks to me like Messier has completely misjudged the way to win an election. The office of Sheriff, while elected in a partisan race, tends to be more an issue of personal character than party affiliation. There are “law and order” sheriffs in Virginia with a “D” next to their name, for instance. While offering a “bonus” to the PWCRC may or may not be illegal, it certainly says a lot about the character of the man making the offer. Add to this his own attempts to tie himself to Stoffregen (who did not graciously retire), and you really must question this man’s judgement and, thus, ability to fulfill the duties and office of Sheriff.

    I see little on Messier’s Web site that convinces me to vote for him. Does he really believe that membership in All Saints’ Catholic Church and a pro-life stance will get him elected Sheriff? Those bona fides may help a candidate like Bob Marshall, but they’re not what people are looking for in a Sheriff.

    When you look at the Messier Web site and his self-comparison to Hill there is little substance. Item one is to reduce the budget by $3 million but there are no specifics on what he would cut. What does he identify as wasteful spending? Item two is the pro-life/pro-choice difference. Who cares? The Sherriff has little say on this issue and is called upon to uphold the laws of the state which currently permit abortion whether he personally agrees with the practice or not. Item three is establishing civil service protection for deputies. In other words, deputies will become the same bureaucrats we find in other parts of government. I kind of like the idea of a deputy serving at the discretion of the Sheriff. I keep my job at the discretion of my boss, why shouldn’t a Sheriff’s Deputy? Item four is reinstaing two programs that are not mandated duties of the Sheriff’s office and really don’t relate to the core missions of the office. And, of course, these are new programs. Where would the funding for these programs come from if Messier is going to cut the Sheriff Office’s budget by a third? The final item is really laughable. Messier will be a working Sherriff to rebut Hill’s penchant for walking around the courthouse to see what is going on. Since a primary mission of the Sheriff’s office is securing the court house, it would seem to me that walking around the court house to see what’s going on is being a “working Sheriff.” Is Messier referring to the practice under Stoffregen of setting up speed traps that caused accidents and tied up traffic? Or maybe he was referring to buying a boat so the Sheriff could assist in patrolling the waterways of PWC?

  17. ZAK said on 28 Feb 2007 at 7:26 pm:
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    Could be that Hill is walking around the court house in search
    of more white females to boink.

  18. TheOldTown Observer said on 28 Feb 2007 at 7:32 pm:
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    That is a disgusting comment. You should be ashamed of yourself. I am familiar with both “candidates” for Sherrif and I wouldn’t stoop so low to make a comment about either one like the one you just made. Your mother never taught you any manners.

  19. ZAK said on 1 Mar 2007 at 10:31 am:
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    Disgusting people deserve disgusting comments. No shame
    here, dude.

  20. WSGFN said on 1 Mar 2007 at 11:03 am:
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    Quote from his website…”In the past 3 years, the PWCSO budget has risen from 6 million dollars to 9 million dollars. The growth of PWC has not grown as fast. The growth of PWC has risen by 25% and yet the PWC government budget has grown by 125%.”

    Where as he may be speaking about PWC budget in the last sentence…I didn’t know that the Sheriff had that much control over the entire county budget! If he was speaking to the PWCSO budget, he doesn’t know math.

    If I’m not mistaken, the Sheriff’s budget comes from 3 jurisdictions, as in MC & MPC pay for usage of the Courthouse/jail etc. exactly to what extent I do not know but they do pay for services.

    What does he mean by “civil service protection”? If the deputy is not doing his job he can’t be fired? That sounds like a good program to me…where do I sign up for that job!


  21. TheOldTownObserver said on 1 Mar 2007 at 5:39 pm:
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    Dear Mr. Zak,
    Your profoundly disgusting remark may cause you no shame, but refering to me as a “DUDE” reflects again on your mother’s lack of giving you training in common manners and civility. With proponents, like you, touting Mike Messier’s qualities, in my opinion, Mike stands little chance of being elected “dog catcher”, let alone Sheriff. You seem to forget that PWC has had an influx of highly educated citizens of late, who will certainly find your remarks profoundly disgusting!

  22. Batson D. Belfrey said on 1 Mar 2007 at 6:21 pm:
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    Don’t be too surprised at Zak’s comments. Anyone who would blindly follow a Corrupt Sheriff’s Chief Deputy, can’t have too many brains to begin with, not to mention a tremendous lack of judgement. Plus, I think I saw Zak in front of me today. He was the one who had the “Racists For Messier” bumper sticker on his Yugo.

  23. ZAK said on 1 Mar 2007 at 7:22 pm:
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    Come on now, boys. Are you going to pick up your marbles
    and run home to mommie? Calling a candidate “stupid” and
    “dumb” doesn’t exactly come from the pages of Emily Post,
    now does it? By the way, Batson, I don’t have any bumper
    stickers but if I did, you probably wouldn’t be able to read them.

  24. TheOldTown Observer said on 1 Mar 2007 at 8:53 pm:
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    My Dearest Mr. Zak,
    What makes you call Batson and myself “boys”? Does that make you feel somehow “superior” to us “boys”, who would like actually to engage in a “civil” discussion concerning the Republican Sheriff Primary? Are you somehow… more “manly” because you suggest we run home to “mommie”? Well…Sir… Again …I suggest that you do your candidate no service by calling us “boys” or by suggesting that Sheriff Hiil only holds office to have sex (boink) with white women. Your suggestions are…again…. profoundly disgusting and will be viewed by any intelligent reader of this blog as pure HORSEPUCKY!! Batson.. this human(and I use the term loosely), seems to me, to like to call names. I’d bet he wouldn’t go to a black neighborhood in D.C. and yell,”Hey, any of you “boys” want to “boink” white women? Why? Because, in my humble opinion, he would be “scared” to get his butt kicked. Mr. Zak a word of advice…don’t let your alligator mouth get your rabbit @$$ in trouble.

  25. AWCheney said on 1 Mar 2007 at 9:46 pm:
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    Don’t forget Batson and Old Town…there is no “carding” on the blogs. I believe that Zak’s age (or lack thereof) and immaturity is showing. If he is representative of Messier’s support, I believe that Glen has little to worry about.

  26. TheOldTown Observer said on 2 Mar 2007 at 6:29 pm:
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    My Dearest Mr. Zak,
    I must say that I am truely sorry for speculating that your mother must have let you down somewhere. In fact, both of your parents could have been ill-bred, which would have left either one at a disadvantage,when it came time to rear you properly. This may more likely may be the cause for your loutish behavior and disgustingly rude comments. I would suggest, therefore, you read three books by John Bridges:

    1. “How to be a Gentleman” (A contemporary guide to common courtesy.)

    2. “AS a Gentleman Would Say” (Responses to life’s important and some times awkward situations.)

    3. “A Gentleman Gets Dressed Up” (What to wear. When to wear it. How to wear it.)

    You might skip the Sections on “What to Wear When a Gentleman gets an Invitation to the White House”, “An Audience with the Pope”,” A Gentleman Gets Dressed for a Job Interview” and ” A Gentleman Gets Dressed for a White Tie Fundraiser”. These Sections, you would probably find of little use. But, the contents of the rest of these books will certainly put you well on your way to becoming a good citizen. Good Luck.

    Best regards,

    The Old Town Observer

  27. Riley, Not O'Reilly said on 2 Mar 2007 at 10:48 pm:
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    I wonder if Messier would recruit such quality people as Stoffregen did (see below), what with his criticism of Hill getting rid of the old spoils system….

    Former school board member charged with posing as officer

    The Potomac News
    Wednesday, March 17, 2004

    A former auxiliary deputy with the Prince William County Sheriff’s Office was charged with impersonating a police officer in Richmond last week, when he tried using his badge to get into a basketball game, Richmond police said Wednesday.

    John Harper Jr., 67, of 17968 Swans Creek Lane, just east of Dumfries, tried to get into the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference Basketball Tournament on March 10 at the Richmond Coliseum, according to Christie Collins, a spokeswoman for the Richmond police.

    Harper displayed a badge and said he was doing surveillance, Collins said. He is a former school board member from the Neabsco district who resigned in October of 1999 for health reasons. He also served as administrator of the Dale City Recreation Center.

    He told a ticket-taker he was working for the FBI and was involved in an undercover operation inside the building, according to Larry Wilson, the coliseum’s general manager.

    “Our ticket-taker found that odd,” Wilson said. The facility’s staff usually knows when law enforcement officers are conducting operations inside, according to Wilson.

    The ticket-taker asked Harper to wait, and then contacted a supervisor. The supervisor, in turn, called Richmond police.

    Harper said in a Wednesday telephone interview that the whole incident was a misunderstanding. He was wearing a hat that says: “FBI Washington Field Office Citizens Academy,” and flashed his badge at the door, he said.

    “They asked if I was FBI and I said no. I’m a citizen academy liaison to the FBI,” Harper said, admitting that he tried to use his badge to get into a game.

    When officials looked at Harper’s badge, they asked who the sheriff in Prince William County is. Harper said Glendell Hill, but his identification card — which expired Dec. 31, 2003 — said E. Lee Stoffregen III was sheriff.

    Officers asked Harper a few questions and let him go into the arena, aware of where he was sitting, Wilson said.

    In the meantime, police talked to Hill and learned Harper was not who he had claimed to be, according to Wilson.

    “We let him in and we ended up looking for him later in the evening,” Wilson said.

    None of the reserve and auxiliary deputies appointed during Stoffregen’s administration were reappointed by Hill. The all-volunteer deputies performed various functions in the office, including court security, community relations and data entry in computer systems.

    Stoffregen sent a letter to the volunteers after he lost the November election to Hill, ordering them to return their equipment before Dec. 31. Hill took office on Jan. 1.

    “They all received letters telling them that if they had equipment, it would be expired at the end of my term,” Stoffregen said. He said some people did not comply.

    Harper said he was planning on turning his badge in to Hill on April 1, to give the new sheriff “time to get settled in.” He said he should have done it on Jan. 1.

    “He’s always been a good supporter and a good friend and I’m sorry to hear of the circumstances he’s in,” said Stoffregen, who has known Harper since before he was elected to the school board.

    Harper, who denied trying to get into the game for free, said officials at the coliseum’s entrance “asked for identification because I was trying to get in to the game with the badge.

    “I guess I could have bought a ticket, but I didn’t,” he said. He called the Potomac News and Manassas Journal Messenger back later to say he had purchased a tournament ticket book, but it hadn’t gotten to him in time.

  28. Anonymous said on 3 Mar 2007 at 6:16 am:
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    Zak — keep up the good work. You are doing a good job of rounding up votes for Glen Hill I’m guessing here… but….this may be the only constructive thing you’ve ever done in your life….except for a high score in something on Play Station in your parent’s basement.

  29. TheOldTownObserver said on 3 Mar 2007 at 2:45 pm:
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    Ladies, Gentlemen and All Those of Good Will:

    Now that we have run off some of the “name callers” (at least suggested some reading for the churlish louts in blog land). Let’s see if we can have a civil discourse on Messier V. Hill?

    My facts are purely anecdotal and I claim no inside knowledge of either candidate.
    It is my misfortune to be somewhat over the age of 39 and an inveterate smoker of cigs…. Consequently, I have attended my share of funerals and wakes in PWC. Sometime during my visits to the funeral homes, I always wind up outside for a smoke. I can’t be sue of exactly when the Sheriff’s Dept. and the PWC Police began escorting the funeral processions, but I was going to these sad events way before the escort service was provided. But, as a result of these funeral escorts and my bad habits, I would sometimes find myself outside with our men and women in blue(police) and our men and women in brown (sheriffs). I would sometimes engage the escorts in conversation and I was suprised to hear that (during STOFFREGEN’S reign) some of the sheriffs were something called “special deputies”. Upon further inquiry, these “special deputies” told me something about how they got their”special status”. Most were regular folks who heard they could do some community service by being “special deputies”, a few others seemed to be “COP GROUPIES”, so I can’t vouch for whoever was doing the screening of the potential “special deputies”. But all of the “special deputies” told me that they had to attend a certain number of hours of training as imposed by the State and they had to qualify every year with their sidearms in accordance with some sort of State regulations. They told me they would then be called upon from time-to-time to provide funeral escorts and sometimes to transport prisoners and mental patients from jail to jail or to various hospitals. Seemed to me at the time to be a nice way to perform some community service. But then all this stuff came out about selling badges,etc….Ugh! All I can say is the folks I personally met, for the most part, had community welfare in mind. I’m sure Sheriff Hill had his reasons for discontinuing the program. All you have to do is read two posts up and see that some of the “special deputies” turned out apparently to be somewhat lacking in good judgment.

    Batson…your revelation about the rifle STOFFREGEN kept being an alledged M-16A2 is astounding. Special Prosecutor or no, I find it improbable that the dreaded BATF didn’t jump on that one like a duck on a June Bug. If that’s true STOFFREGEN should be “BUBBA’S” girlfriend in Ft. Leavenworth right ..NOW!

    Fast forward to Sherrif Hill’s reign, unfortunately my friends keep on a dying and I keep on going to funerals. Again..I find myself outside grabbin’ a smoke with the escorts. This time I asked some of them about the big shake-up at the Sherrif’s Dept.. And how they liked things under Sherrif Hill. Every response I got was positive. The deputies reported to me that morale was high because Sherrif Hill treated them all like professionals and didn’t micromanage the Dept. like STOFFREGEN was wont to do. The ones I spoke to didn’t like the way STOF. had to have his fingers in everything. They reported Hill let the deputies be deputies, the sergents be sergents and… so forth. Thus, from my personal prospective, “IF IT AIN’T BROKE”….What the hell is there to fix?

  30. TheOldTownObserver said on 3 Mar 2007 at 3:14 pm:
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    One Correction, if STOFFREGEN alledgely took home an alledged M-16A2 (a machinegun) without first getting the proper ownership paperwork from BATF, then I would be truly astounded that he hasn’t been charged, and is not in some Federal Pen somewhere. If found guilty, he probably wouldn’t be BUBBA’S girlfriend because they usually hold former law enforcement officers in some sort of protective custody and he would not get the “true penitentiary experience.”

  31. ZAK said on 4 Mar 2007 at 8:35 pm:
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    Your attack on my deceased parents hit well below a snake’s
    belly. My Afro-American parents commanded that we speak
    the truth and that we always defend those under attack by
    bullies who have nothing better to do with their time, ERGO,
    my defense of Mr Messier. I personally know little about this
    man other than the opinions shared by friends (who have no
    reason to lie). On the other hand, I do know Mr Hill. This Black
    Republican will indeed cast my vote for Messier! Amazing that
    no comment has been offered on the former deputy Baughan
    who was sentenced on Friday, and please note: This was the
    hire of Glen Hill, not Stoffregen.
    It’s been quite a cathartic experience, responding to the inane
    expressions of Xenphobes, who, in the grand scheme of things,
    matters little, or not at all.
    Thank you, Old Town Observer, for your recommended reading
    list meant to enhance my “Gentlemanly” ways, now let me
    suggest a read for you which is guarenteed to enhance your
    status as a human being. You may have heard of “The Holy
    Quite the contrary, you have not “run” me off. By choice, I
    depart on my own, because I do, after all, have a life.

  32. REAL DEAL said on 12 Mar 2007 at 10:46 am:
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    Please as a insider, the rifle “given” or whatever to Stoffregen was a street level semi automatic, he got it, asked for it, again, whatever, during the sniper situation. IT WAS NOT A FULLY AUTOMATIC WEAPON, promise, it wasn’t. I make not further comments, I have no interest in this, but it was not auto, thus ass this BATF stuff is bogus. OK, hopefully, this is settled, you can confirm this by looking at the charge documents on the District Court website and then going to the gun manufacturers web site, it was a semi auto gun.

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