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Mike Messier’s Mess

By Greg L | 29 March 2007 | Prince William County | 13 Comments

Mike Messier, candidate for Sheriff of Prince William County, likes to tell voters that he’s a life-long Republican. With evidence that Democrat Lee Stoffregen is supporting his Republican primary campaign and rumors of him sending out letters on Mike Messier’s behalf, I thought it might be interesting to see what this “life-long Republican” has been up to.  Something tells me that Messier is something other than what he presents himself to be.

Mike likes to participate in General Elections, although sometimes he’ll miss one or two, such as he did in 2005. He doesn’t seem to be too interested in primaries, such as the one in which he is a candidate. He participated in the 2005 Republican primary, but none before that. I don’t have data on the 2006 election cycle, but can’t imagine he would have skipped it while enaging in a campaign. It does seem a little funny that he will be asking voters to come out and support him in a primary that he typically wouldn’t participate in himself.

As far as supporting Republican campaigns, he’s been pretty much AWOL there, also. Until he started running for Sheriff it doesn’t seem that he’s ever contributed to a Republican campaign on either the state or federal level.  We do know that he was active in a few campaigns, however.  The only problem is that all his campaign activity seems to have been on behalf of Democrats.

In addition to being Lee Stoffregen’s Chief Deputy, Messier was the campaign manager for Lee Stoffregen’s Democratic campaign the first time Stoffregen ran for office.  During the 2003 elections, Mike Messier was out collecting petition signatures for Lee Stoffregen as well as actively campaigning against Gainesville Supervisor John Stirrup, and other Republicans.  When Messier started his campaign for Sheriff in 2004, one third of his campaign account was provided by Lee Stoffregen.  So if Messier thinks this is how a “life-long Republican” delivers on his pledge to support Republican candidates and demonstrate his belief in Republican values, the Prince William County Republican Committee may beg to differ.  I certainly do.

My take is that Messier intended to run as the Republican opponent against Stoffregen, and regardless of who won the same set of folks would end up running the Sheriff’s office, with Stoffregen and Messier switching between the Sheriff and Chief Deputy roles as necessary.  Messier’s relatively recent allegiance to the Republican party may have been nothing more than a necessary element in an attempt to corrupt the democratic process by controlling who would show up on the ballot.  Glen Hill destroyed any such plan before it could be fully realized by defeating Stoffregen, Stoffregen was later indicted on charges of corruption, and his political career is now appears to be in ruins.  Were it not for Glen Hill, the Sheriff’s race probably would have been a choice between a crook and his sock puppet.

Has Messier realized the errors of his ways and now committed himself to Republican ideals, or is this the same old Lee Stoffregen crony?  Unless he intends to be forthcoming about his past as a Democrat activist, I’m deeply suspicious of his motives and intentions.

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  1. Henry said on 29 Mar 2007 at 12:50 pm:
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    You are right on the money.

    Mike continues to spout the retoric and ignore the facts.
    “I’ll cut your taxes!”, “I am pro-life!”, “Lauddy, lauddy, lauddy”( The liar’s version of yaddy, yaddy, yaddy,). How transparent can one guy be?

    He is a snake in the grass, or rather a trojan horse in the race - I think the party should run him out of town.

  2. Batson D. Belfrey said on 29 Mar 2007 at 1:00 pm:
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    Messier may have convinced himself that he is indeed a life-long Republican, but his dellusion has not spread to the local units. From all accounts he made a jack-ass out of himself when he spoke to the PWCGOP, and he fell flat when he spoke to the Manassas GOP. Since Manassas Park has no party to speak off, Messier has run out of credible party organizations to speak to. I am sure he will work the various Republican Women’s clubs, but these are made up of members of the various committees. To sum it up, Messier has no party support. I asked a member of the local Manassas GOP what he thought Messier’s chances were, after hearing the candidate speak, and he said “Zero. Like a little-league pitcher facing off against the American League Batting MVP.” When I asked what he thought Messier’s main negative is, he said “Stoffregen’s stink is something that will never wash off. If he want’s to be Sheriff, he needs to move to a different jurisdiction and run there, because no one will ever take him seriously here. I can see why he’s running, but I can’t understand why he’s trying to run as a Republican.”

  3. NoVA Scout said on 29 Mar 2007 at 9:31 pm:
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    This smells a lot like Stoffregen’s efforts to drag down Connaughton in 2003. Stoffregen instigated an internal Republican party challenge and got so invested in unseating Connaughton (who prevailed with over 80% of the Republican vote in the primary and around 70% in the general) that he failed to notice that Connaughton had found a terrific Republican candidate in Glenn Hill who ousted Stoffregen. This looks like the last belch from the Stoffregen era. Messier is obviously counting on the fact that some really substance-less candidates have occasionally beguiled the local party with empty slogans on taxes and social issues. I doubt that even the local PW GOP committee is THIS gullible. Sheriff Hill is a success story for the GOP in Prince William and Virginia.

  4. Greg supporter said on 3 Apr 2007 at 7:12 am:
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    Greg, you are right. Messier continues to state that he is pro-life, a member of All Saints Church in Manassas, a Republican, and a man who wants to protect the deputies when elected. He wants to help the Republican party with donations when elected but these ideals will not get him anywhere. So what if he worked the polls for Kilgore, Bolling, McDonnell, Allen, Stewart, and May. This is not what we want in a Sheriff. Glendell Hill has become the first African-American to win a county wide seat and we need to keep him there. Glendell has a democrat as his chief deputy which shows that he doesn’t want party affliations to cloud the issues of law enforcement and that his pro-choice stance as a Republican shows that he is in touch with all supporters. Messier needs to stick with Fairfax Sheriff’s Office and teach Sunday school to his church children and leave law enforcement to Glendell. The golf carts Glendell bought are very important and the police have enough people. Messier cannot put 30 more officers on the street!!!!!!!!

  5. Greg L said on 3 Apr 2007 at 8:14 am:
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    If Messier was supporting all of these candidates, then why the heck have I NEVER seen this guy at a campaign meeting, at a Republican committee meeting prior to him running for office, nor seen him at a convention? If he was working the polls, well, good for him. It would have been nice to see him doing something before election day, to actually get people to the polls.

    I’m thrilled that Messier is pro-life. His impact on the abortion issue would not be changed at all if he was, by some freak accident, elected sheriff, however. If he was actually trying to make progress on that issue, he should be running for Congress, or House of Delegates. That issue is irrelevant to a run for sheriff, especially since Glen Hill is pro-life and the difference between these two on that non-issue in this race is vanishingly small.

    But since Messier can’t coherently speak about anything actually having to do with the sheriff’s office, I guess I can understand why abortion is such an issue with him. I just wonder how he thinks that the pro-life agenda can be advanced by him being sheriff. Is he under the impression that the Sheriff’s Department is aborting babies?

  6. Eyrx said on 11 Apr 2007 at 9:04 am:
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    I’ve never heard suck bunk. You all believe Messier to be some kind of lackey, or “sock puppet”. But in fact it was not his job to baby sit Stoffregen. Or the other people in the Stoffregen’s camp who’s mistakes are now being pointed out. Now you bloggers are saying, well why not lets blaim it on Messier as well. I remember reading here that Messier should have know what Stoffregen was doing and had blown taken action. WTF, do you know everything your boss is doing in his office at work? No, but you think Messier should have know. Get out of here that’s just the most outrageous thing I’ve ever heard. Trust me if Messier knew any wrong was being done behind Stoffregen’s closed doors he is the type of man that would have done something. Believe me or not on that point but he is a good and upstanding man.
    The other issue I keep hearing out of all your bloggers is the weapon Stoffregen took and the badges unaccounted for. Tell me how that has anything to do with Messier? He didn’t give the gun to Stoffregen, nor did he put it in the back of Stoffregen’s car truck as a fair well gift. So why are you holding Messier responsible? Do you even know who in the Sheriff’s Office was responsible for the security of those weapons? Though not. But I can tell you it wasn’t Messier. You need to hold the right people accountable for wrongs that where done under Stoffregen. The wrongs you keep posting on this site, none of them were Messier. God forbid you learn anything about Law Enforcement and how different responsibilities are given to different officers. (i.e Captain, Lieutenant, Sargent) Oh and the badges, do any of you even know what badges where missing? No you have no clue. Did anyone ever tell you that they were “Auxiliary” Deputy badges. Again it wasn’t Messier who was in charge of the Auxiliary Deputy program. But you want him to be blamed here too. And anyone who looked at one of those badges would have seen in big clear print “Auxiliary”. It’s not like Messier gave them these badges and said hey so see what havoc you can make with these. Don’t sit here on the net and post this crap if you don’t know all the facts.
    Plus, if any of you want these “important” questions answered. Why don’t you call Messier or his people and ask him for an interview? That’s what I though, again go internet, say all you want why you hide behind a computer. If I had more time I would go on and on. But, you know what this is just to much for me. It’s like talking to a 22 year old, 2nd year grad student who now has a few classes under his belt and think they know everything.
    Oh god I can’t leave with out putting this in here too. Who ever posted that the golf carts are a good thing is as lazy as the deputy’s using them instead of walking around the courthouse to do perimeter checks. Ok I’ll wait for your spam to start and then post with more real facts about what you all think you already know. God bless and best wishes.

  7. Greg L said on 11 Apr 2007 at 9:15 am:
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    Bunk? What have I posted here that is inaccurate? Did Messier not campaign against Republicans such as Gainesville Supervisor John Stirrup? Did he actually vote in a Republican primary prior to 2005 when he decided he would run? Was he not Democrat Lee Stoffregen’s campaign manager?

    And Is he not under investigation for attempting to bribe the Prince William County Republican Committee for their support?

    C’mon, set me straight here. You seem to have all the answers.

  8. Eyrx said on 11 Apr 2007 at 7:01 pm:
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    Love to, but you know what I’m not Mike, I don’t work for him or his campaign. Those questions are good ones for him. So ask him…
    Tell me something, Just cause I’m a republican does that mean I have to vote only for other republicans?? What sense does that make? For his voting record I have no clue, I wouldn’t even know where to find that fact. But if you do and you have that link send it my way I’ll look at it.

    Oh and for helping with Stoffregen’s campaign. Lets see at the time he was Stoffregen’s number 2, which means if Stoffregen won the election there was a good chance he’d keep his job. So yes why wouldn’t he help with the campaign. Hell anyone one would have. In fact a lot of Deputy’s help with the campaign of the Sheriff in office. It’s almost an unwritten rule. If Stoffregen lost he’d be fired. (Great thing working at the whim of the Sheriff) You have no idea the workings that go on in a political office like the Sheriffs. That’s another reason Mike wants to get rid of working at the whim of the Sheriff. I know I’ve read on this site a few people who like that idea. But answer me this, why do Police Officers not work at the whim of their Captain? Same field of work, both sworn Law Enforcement.

    I’m sorry I haven’t been following the investigation with the Republican committee you mentioned. But knowing Mike like I do I’d put his word against anyones. Until you’ve known that man for as long as a lot of us in this county have you’d know he’d never ever bribe anyone for anything. I swear to you, you’ll never meet a more honest man in your life. Again if you can send me a link or point me in the right direction I’d love to look into it. Find out what Mike really said.

    I hope that answers your questions to your reply of my post. Again I could sit here and talk about this election for ever and I hate politics. I guess if I get around to it and get fired up again I’ll post another long drawn out post. As always God bless and best wishes.

  9. Greg L said on 11 Apr 2007 at 9:52 pm:
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    I hate to disappoint you, but I heard that bribery attempt with my own ears, along with about 100 other, and filed the complaint with the Commonwealth Attorney’s office. See http://www.bvbl.net/?p=775 . The attempt is actually recorded in the official PWCRC minutes.

    I have grave doubts about this upstanding guy, as you describe him. He tells us he’s a “lifelong Republican” but he managed a Democrat’s campaign, and actively campaigned against my Republican Supervisor who actually IS a lifelong Republican. He doesn’t participate in a primary as a voter until he gets the idea to run for office. His extensive ties with the corrupt Stoffregen, and effective management of the Sheriff’s office while Stoffregen was running for office make it doubtful that he was uninvolved and ignorant about the abuses that happened there.

    Then there’s this rather bizarre campaign he’s running. His attacks on Glen Hill are inane and disturbing - not about Glen Hill, but Mike Messier.

    There is something terribly wrong with this candidate.

  10. Eyrx said on 12 Apr 2007 at 7:01 pm:
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    Ok so I asked for a link to the complaint or maybe a copy of the complaint or a recording of what Mike said. Heck even a newspaper clipping. All you did was provide me with a link to your own web site where you posted, “…told the committee that if elected, he would donate $10,000 to the county Republican committee.” Maybe I’m reading this wrong or I took the commit differently then you. But it sounds like Mike said, I like your organization and if I was in office and had the ability I’d like to make sure you guys had funding to keep doing what you do. The way you make it sound is Mike said. “Hey psst, over here. If you get 1000 of your friends to vote for me I’ll give you $10,000.” That’s not what he said. The way you quoting it is how you wanted to hear it. If he really is going to get thrown under the bus or run out of town for this comment, well get me some good evidence. Go talk to the Commonwealth handling the investigation and get his quote. And what is being done to investigate Mike. That would be good for me and your other readers. But what you’re doing is posting your option on what you heard. And yes it’s a free country and you can do that. But, understand just cause you heard it how you wanted to doesn’t mean that’s what was said. Your leading your readers and not providing them with an accurate account of what was really said.

    Oh and this life long Republican rant you keep throwing around. Again just cause the man helped his boss run a Democratic campaign doesn’t mean he’s not a Republican. It just means he wanted to ensure his own job security. Like I said a Deputy’s job is only as good as his ties to the Sheriff. (again working at the whim of the Sheriff) Then you say cause he didn’t vote for John Stirrup that makes him not a Republican. I though I explained this yesterday. Just because someone doesn’t care for one Republican candidate doesn’t mean he’s not a Republican himself. Then you keep saying well why haven’t I seen Mike at the Republican conventions, and committees. He only now shows up when he wants to be elected. Isn’t this how it’s done? I would like to be your Sheriff in the upcoming election, so I’m here to say hi and I will be running?? Well lets turn this around then. How many of those events did Glendell show up to prior to his running in ‘03? And how many has Glendell been to since he’s been in office? How many times did Glendell vote for a Republican prior to his running for Sheriff. See how fun this is. Just throwing around weak accusations. And then saying “see, he’s not a Republican” I just don’t understand your logic on this topic. I’m sorry.

    If you wouldn’t mind I’d like a little bit of a clarification on this..”Then there’s this rather bizarre campaign he’s running. His attacks on Glen Hill are inane and disturbing - not about Glen Hill, but Mike Messier.”

    Of what I’ve heard when Mike speaks is he’s been a Deputy for over 25 years. He started off as a lowly bailiff and has risen the ranks through hard work. He knows how a Sheriff Office is to run, from the ground up. I.e. when Mike says I’ll be a working Sheriff he means he’ll wand people through the metal detectors, transport prisoners from the ADC to the Courthouse, he’ll work primary in the court rooms. This is what a working Sheriff does (or should do). Not wander around the back of a court room like Glendell has been seen doing on many occasions. All though I know you and your readers believe a Deputy is only good for standing in a courtroom, or courthouse. I really hate to break it to you but you have no clue what a Deputy is really capable of. If you want, pick up a code of Virginia and see what law enforcement powers they really have.

    Ok ok, I know this is so so long I’m done. I’m sorry I went off on a tangent again. As always best wishes, and God bless.

  11. Greg L said on 12 Apr 2007 at 8:14 pm:
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    Ya know, it might just be worth it to scan the complaint and start a new thread on this.

  12. Eyrx said on 12 Apr 2007 at 9:33 pm:
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    Lol, yea this is getting long.

  13. super trooper said on 25 Apr 2007 at 11:43 pm:
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    any deputy that served in the stoofreggggen years knows that messier is a stoog
    at best he is lazy and went through the ranks through evil deeds not hard work

    he remains a joke that shouldnt be taken seriously he makes us all laugh

    lets all be curruption loving rednecks i think his kids need a job

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