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Colgan Will Run For Re-Election

By Greg L | 30 March 2007 | 29th VA Senate | 1 Comment

Virginia Senator Chuck Colgan provided Ben Tribbet with an advance copy of today’s announcement in which the Senator declares that he will indeed run for re-election this year. This ends weeks of speculation, confirming the collective opinion of respondents in the BVBL poll on the subject, and showing that they had a better read on how this would turn out than I did. In that poll, 59% of respondents believed that Colgan would run again, while another 15% believed that he would run for re-election and lose to Bob Fitzsimmonds. In retrospect, I obviously should have paid more attention to my readers.

Colgan’s motivation here appears to go back to the Steve Chapman campaign. Chapman’s protest that was held in front of Harry Parrish’s office enraged Harry’s friends, including Chuck Colgan, and Colgan seems to hold undying enmity for anyone involved with or connected to that stunt. He simply will not countenance anyone who had been connected with the Steve Chapman campaign taking over his seat, and along with DPVA pressure aimed at having Democrats win the Senate this year it’s been enough to convince Chuck to run for re-election. If later on, control of the Senate will not be altered by a retirement in a year or two, Colgan may decide to step down.

Gary Friedman’s chances of becoming a Senator have just diminished to effectively zero, Bob Fitzsimmonds still has the substantial fight on his hands that he expected, and it’s “game on!” in the 29th District.

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  1. Sam Smith said on 30 Mar 2007 at 10:15 pm:
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    Colgan will never retire. Sadly, he believes he is the only person who can be a senator from the 29th district, so of course he will keep on running, after the obligatory charade every four years where he pretends to consider retirement.

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