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Zapatistas In Our Schools

By Greg L | 26 April 2007 | Zapatistas, Prince William County | 16 Comments

There are several local organizations that promote amnesty for illegal aliens in Virginia. Readers should be familiar with Mexicanos Sin Fronteras and the Woodbridge Worker’s Committee who are active in Prince William and Manassas politics. There’s nuevasraices.com also, a spanish-language website which has sprung up and is serving the central part of the state as a resource for news and information for the “immigrant rights” community. A surprising common theme for these organizations seems to be that they depend on the public school system in some fashion.

Nancy Lyall is the “legal coordinator” for Mexicanos Sin Fronteras, and she is employed by the Prince William County Public School system as “Administrative Coordinator of Multicultural Education.”  Here’s her take on how multiculturalism should be viewed:

Virginia happens to be one of the most repressive states in the United States given its history of slavery. You can see the repression against blacks and against slaves are being used against the new immigrants. That is one of the reasons why we are trying to make the connections between the black and the brown communities. We’ve been around and been a member of mexicanos sin fronteras for 4 or 5 years now and try to meet the needs of the immigrant community.

A Board member and the education coordinator for Mexicanos Sin Fronteras is Teresita Jacinto, who is employed by Prince William County Schools and works with the Multicultural Early Childhood Team Training Program. She is also a member of the Committee of Indigenous Solidarity/DC Zapatistas. In May she was the facilitator at a discussion on “Zapatista organizing” held at the “DC Social Forum”, where she talked about Zapatista principles and how they might be applied to organizing local political efforts.  The two of the principles she spoke of were developing an anarchist leadership structure and establishing socialist collectives for managing organizational membership.

We are all under the same economic yoke; we are all workers; we need to look at each other that way (whether teachers, laborers, etc.) So, we try to break down that barrier that says we are privileged because we are white, men, educated. The education is in our families. We as a committee, as part of the workers, we have the privilege of receiving more than we actually give. My privilege is this language, that I can speak two languages, that we are able to go out with the workers. We give nothing in reality.

John Steinbach, substitute teacher at Metz Middle School in Manassas, is a volunteer and community organizer for Mexicanos Sin Fronteras who was famously captured in a photograph at a Manassas City Hall illegal alien rally raising his fist in solidarity with a number of MSF members who were displaying a Mexican Flag in the City Council building. He also participated in this Zapatista organizing event, and the transcript of the event records him as saying that “neoliberal globalization” caused by the World Bank and IMF is the root cause of poverty.  He’s on record saying that former Israeli President Ariel Sharon is a war criminal, has railed against “the power of the zionist lobby”, celebrated the “leadership” of terrorist leader Yassir Arafat, claimed that U.S. aid to Israel supports the repression of palestinians, and said that that Iran complies with the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty better than the United States does.  Despite all of this, he is charged with educating our children.

The nuevaraices group appears seems to be similarly embedded within the public school system. One of the pages on their website provides a gallery of photographs, and for some reason the internet protocol address of the individuals uploading the information is displayed along with the posting. Multiple separate IP addresses listed on that page resolve to Chesterfield County Public Schools, amounting to a significant portion of the entries, most of which seem to be attributed to a Heather Nollen (or Nolen, as she is variously identified). Such postings appear to have been made using public resources, and by public employees at times when they were supposed to be educating our children, or supporting those who do.  Is the public unwittingly subsidizing far left political movements?  That would appear to be the case.

I can understand a policy that does not make employment in the public school system contingent on one’s personal beliefs and opinions conforming to the current consensus.  Employing extremists such as these is worthy of question, however.  Had employees expressed an interest in eugenics, white supremacy, or an admiration for Adolph Hitler, they would certainly have been terminated immediately.  Employing extremists that support anarchy, anti-semitism, communism, or communist-inspired armed rebellions in Mexico apparently doesn’t meet this standard, and perhaps it shouldn’t.  Parents, whose children are entrusted to the care of, and who are educated by these individuals certainly need to know what their children are being taught and by whom, and have the opportunity to weigh in.  I can’t imagine many would be supportive of government mandated multicultural indoctrination of their children by adherents of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation.

The Prince William County School Board had to make difficult budget choices this year. While they deferred adding new resources that would benefit our children in order to economize on the budget, they retained two Zapatista radicals within departments that have mandates to design and implement “multiculturalism” programs. Notwithstanding how dubious it may be to spend taxpayer dollars on these programs in the first place, putting these two neo-communist race baiters in charge of the politically correct indoctrination our children are subjected to is pretty outrageous.  Not only would parents likely object to what their children are being indoctrinated with, but taxpayers should object to being compelled to fund it.

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  1. citizenofmanassas said on 26 Apr 2007 at 11:05 am:
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    This is not exactly on topic but worth noting. Back in 1998 or 97, when Prince William County was building the now named Leesylvania Elementary school, one of the opponents of that name, Lydia Gonzalez said the Lee family were basically only slave owners and that is why the school should not be named after the Lee family. She of course wanted the school to be named for Roberto Clemente, which is fair enough but she did not have to insult one of the most historic and influential family names in Virginia history. At the time Lydia was an appointed member of the County Human Rights Council. Former Supervisor Hill was the one that appointed her to the Council. Of course Hill defended Gonzalez by saying that was her personal opinion and not said in her official capacity of a member of the council. Lydia is also a member of the Prince William committee of 100. I believe she also was a teacher at some point in the Prince William County school system. She is most likely a member of other groups. She was also at the first public meeting of HSM. I hardly doubt she was there in support of HSM.

    She seems to have the same views as many of the people you note in your piece.

  2. The Patriot said on 26 Apr 2007 at 12:29 pm:
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    On a larger level, Hillary Clinton continues her antics by now announcing that Fabian Nunez (who has ties to Mecha) will be part of her campaign. Read the article. It seems that groups like Mecha already have people in political places that are directing the course of events! How on earth did we allow this to happen!

  3. Batson D. Belfrey said on 26 Apr 2007 at 12:40 pm:
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    Lydia Gonzalez was indeed a teacher. She loves to tell people that she is an immigrant from Puerto Rico. I am not sure how one manages to immigrate into the United States…from the United States, but somehow she manages to gloss over the fact that those born on Puerto Rico are US Citizens at birth.

    She is a frequent fixture at city council and BOCS meetings, that have anything to do with illegals. SHe spoke against the redefinition of family ordinance last year, in Manassas.

    Though American by birth, she has picked her side. She advocates for illegals, but only those of hispanic decent.

  4. Had to Say said on 26 Apr 2007 at 4:49 pm:
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    Interesting enough, someone has told me that the MCPS’s employ’s interpreters. Wonder how much they get paid? Is it the same salary as the teachers they plan on cutting?

  5. AWCheney said on 26 Apr 2007 at 6:02 pm:
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    “Virginia happens to be one of the most repressive states in the United States given its history of slavery.”

    Ms. Lyall should perhaps brush up on her history a bit (hope she never tried to teach it), but it seems to me that Virginia was the most enlightened state in the South regarding the slavery issue. Most prominent Virginians (including the Lee family) had already freed their slaves and, ultimately, Virginia did not enter the Confederacy on that issue but on the issue of State’s Rights (the right of the states to determine this issue for themselves without Federal interference).

  6. citizenofmanassas said on 26 Apr 2007 at 7:32 pm:
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    To add, Virginia voters at first rejected secession. It was only voted for after Ape Lincoln asked our beloved Commonwealth for soldiers to help out with putting down the deep South.

  7. CONVA said on 26 Apr 2007 at 7:44 pm:
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    The above is exactly why the “FENCE” should have been built in 1986 when Reagan got duped by the socilaists in congress with that amnesty crap. We better get it built NOW or our children will have to live with more of these wing nuts.

  8. NoVA Scout said on 26 Apr 2007 at 11:11 pm:
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    re citizen of manassas entry: I keep running into this idea that there were two Virginia plebiscites on secession - the first voting to stay in the Union and the second voting for secession in reaction to President Lincoln’s call for the raising of an Army of 75,000 to repress the rebellion. I think this is a fairly persistent misperception that keeps coming back like a bad penny. My recollection (and, being an older fellow, I was around then) is that a convention on secession met in Richmond in early 1861 (following South Carolina’s secession in December 1860) and was fairly divided on the subject, there being a body of strong anti-secession sentiment within the convention, particularly among delegates representing the 35 western counties, where slavery was rare and the culture and economics of the region were more closely linked to Ohio and Pennsylvania. The convention was essentially conservative on the question of secession and did vote on 4 April by a substantial margin against a motion of secession (as did similar conventions in Tennessee and North Carolina). But it was very clear that the issue was not decided for all time and the convention was kept in session as a watchdog on what the federal government would do to respond to the seven slave states that had already convened as a separate government in Montgomery. The events of the remainder of April 1861 pretty much avalanched the Richmond convention. News of Sumter’s fall arrived on the 13th and sparked huge spontaneous pro-secession demonstrations throughout the city. Lincoln’s mobilization proclamation issued on the 15th. A Virginia secession resolution passed overwhelmingly on the 17th. The only popular vote came much later, 23 May, by which time military actions had been undertaken by both sides and secession was a fait accompli. Virginians voted 129,000 to 32,000 to ratify the April secession resolution. My village voted 120-something to 70-something to stay in the Union (the exact numbers escape me).

  9. citizenofmanassas said on 27 Apr 2007 at 8:55 am:
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    There were two votes, and it does not matter if there was a watch dog or not. In fact that makes sense given the fluid situation of the times. The popular vote of course was needed to ratify what the convention did. Ape pushed Virginia into a corner and that backfired on him in a big way.

  10. Hulk Hogan said on 29 Apr 2007 at 12:51 am:
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    COM, give the President the respect he deserves and stop calling him Ape. It also shows your ignorance, but then again so do most of your posts.

  11. citizenofmanassas said on 30 Apr 2007 at 2:05 pm:
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    Why should I give him respect? If you think someone who lied should be respected, I guess you and I have different morals.

    I would put Ape on the same level as Clinton when ranking the worst Presidents we have had.

    Ignorance on what? Because I do not like law breakers? I guess that is another issue where we have different morals.

  12. Anonymous said on 4 May 2007 at 2:00 pm:
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    It is great to know that some people belive in Justice “kudos to Lydia Gonzalez”

  13. Anonymous said on 4 May 2007 at 2:01 pm:
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    I am so happy to leave in Arlington

  14. Greg L said on 4 May 2007 at 2:07 pm:
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    I’m sure there are lots of citizens who were happy to leave Arlington as well. It’s a mess.

  15. citizenofmanassas said on 6 May 2007 at 6:33 pm:
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    How do you feel about the attempted burning of the illegal day care center in Montgomery County, MD? I would assume you don’t have a problem with it, since someone was seeking justice.

  16. dolphin_Moon said on 20 Jul 2007 at 6:25 pm:
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    Ms. Lyall did teach history. Be afraid.

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