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Pandak Raises $100

By Greg L | 30 April 2007 | Prince William County | 5 Comments

Sharon Pandak has a bit of a reputation for being a lousy fundraiser, a proclivity she will definitely have to overcome if she is to have a chance at unseating Prince William County Board of Supervisors Corey Stewart. With the recent addition of county finance disclosures to the Virginia Public Access Project, we can see this hasn’t quite happened yet. During the first reporting period, Sharon Pandak has raised a total of $100 for her campaign, and was outraised 100 to one by Corey Stewart. Unless DPVA dumps in a bunch of cash into her campaign like they did last year, which isn’t very likely, this campaign is going nowhere.

Last year the largest portion of her contributions were from political entities such as DPVA, Political Action Committees and other elected officials. The second largest industry group was the construction industry. If DPVA focuses on other races this year, and they likely will, and the slowdown in the construction industry ends up drying up Pandak’s developer money, reports like this one are going to be pretty commonplace. It’s going to be awfully hard for Pandak to run a campaign with such meager resources.

At least she filed a campaign finance report, though. No other county democrats vying for seats on the Board of County Supervisors have finance disclosures listed on VPAP, which either means they haven’t collected or spent enough to trigger reporting requirements, that they haven’t been entered at VPAP, or the candidates are in violation of finance reporting laws and simply haven’t filed the required reports. I’ll be keeping an eye on this.

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  1. Riley, Not O'Reilly said on 30 Apr 2007 at 2:50 pm:
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    The big question is, will she even raise as much money as Ham Sandwich will for his race?

  2. Batson D. Belfrey said on 30 Apr 2007 at 4:51 pm:
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    It doesn’t look as if she’ll raise enough to buy a ham sandwhich.

  3. James Young said on 30 Apr 2007 at 11:04 pm:
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    That’s pathetic, even by recent Prince William Democrat standards.

  4. Your neighbor said on 1 May 2007 at 8:45 am:
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    Sharon can raise the money for Ham by selling ham sandwiches at her next fundraiser! Right next to the free beer station!

  5. CONVA said on 1 May 2007 at 10:53 pm:
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    One would think the democrats could field more competitive candidates.

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