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Fairfax Democratic “Machine”: Disgusting

By Greg L | 27 May 2007 | Fairfax County | No Comments

Ben over at Not Larry Sabato tells us that “The Fairfax Democratic machine (that has brought us many elected officials that do not belong in the public trust) is a truly disgusting group.” (emphasis in original), and the DC Examiner expounds on why Fairfax voters might be right to feel that way:

If “do no harm” is now the standard low expectation of elected public officials, the Fairfax supervisors have failed miserably. The county’s already inadequate road system simply cannot handle more vehicles. But besides left-turn lanes on Route 7, there’s no new state-funded road projects in Fairfax County on the Commonwealth Transportation Board’s Six Year Plan. As the Northern Virginia Transportation Alliance pointed out, after transit gets its cut, just $120 million of the $436 million raised mostly from drivers in Northern Virginia under the recently passed transportation bill will be available for new regional road projects. Even that meager amount has to be divided among nine jurisdictions, so transit gets the money, drivers get the shaft.

The real shame here is that there seems to be little chance of the voters actually changing anything in Fairfax. It’s not actually the voters who are getting the shaft in Fairfax however, it’s the voters who are responsible for continuing to elect people to office who are intent on delivering the shaft to them. Unless voters in Fairfax wake up at some point to the disaster that many of their elected officials have been, and start actually doing something about it, they deserve the problems they’re suffering from.

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