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NLS: Faisal Gill The Anti-Hero

By Greg L | 29 May 2007 | 51st HOD District | No Comments

Not Larry Sabato gave his readers something to consider on Memorial Day:

Faisal’s problem is not just that he associates himself with people that are thrown out of places for security reasons.  It’s the disrespect he shows the professionals that are trying to keep us safe from another terrorist attack.

Remember that on Memorial Day.

The story behind this is that Faisal Gill went to a White House meeting on behalf of the AMC at which a number of Muslim activist groups wanted to lobby against provisions in the Patriot Act which allowed the use of classified documents in terrorism trials.  These groups termed this intelligence data, which would not be fully disclosed to defendants or their counsel, as “secret evidence”.  The government’s concern here is that a portion of the evidence that is collected that identifies terrorist-related suspects is collected by the NSA and the CIA, and disclosure could harm the ability of our intelligence agencies to collection information vital to national security.  Apparently that meeting didn’t quite go off as planned, when the Secret Service objected to the presence of Sami Al-Arian’s son.  As Alan Gura explains:

There is at least some record of Gill’s words with respect to his “lobbying strategies” at the White House. On June 28, 2001, on AMC’s behalf, Gill participated in a White House meeting of Muslim groups with the Office of Faith Based and Community Initiatives when the Secret Service asked a member of the group to leave.

Apparently, the security clearance of Abdullah Al-Arian, son of now-convicted terrorist frontman Sami Al-Arian, had failed. In a show of unity, Gill and his associates walked out on the White House. Said Gill, “at that point everybody said we were all going to leave if Abdullah had to leave, so we did.”

In “Faisal Gill At Work” we saw that Faisal Gill lobbied Mark Early, then the Virginia Attorney General, on behalf of another of Abdurahman Alamoudi’s organizations, the Islamic Free Market Institute on the same subject.  Faisal Gill’s mission then was to encourage Mark Early to send a letter to the White House in support of prohibiting the use of classified evidence in terrorism trials.  He did.

So while we were remembering those folks who have worked so hard to keep our nation safe, Not Larry Sabato asks readers to consider who has worked to potentially endanger it.  Although I somewhat doubt that delegates to the 51st District convention are reading Not Larry Sabato, you can be sure that Democrats are, and if Faisal Gill wins the Republican nomination for the 51st House of Delegates, stories like these are going to be a big part of the Paul Nichols campaign.

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