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Observations On The 51st District Convention

By Greg L | 2 June 2007 | 51st HOD District | 33 Comments

The 51st District convention was a pretty strange event on many levels. Although the intent of having conventions is to increase the number of people who are actively participating in the political process as Republicans, to at least some degree we’ve done a good job of poisoning the well of potential activists out there. For many of these people, this was the first time they’ve been to a convention. They heard speeches. They waited. They waited some more. They heard some more speeches. They voted. They waited. They waited some more. And some more. Those that stuck through the whole thing stayed until 4PM — at least seven hours, only to watch confusion and and see the wheels fall off of what should have been much simpler in the end. If this doesn’t conclusively put an end to the idea that conventions are the way to nominate candidates, it has at least obliterated the idea that they reliably can produce credible results.

Those that worked this convention without a doubt did their best. The credentials committee was severely challenged with a number of apparent problems that would have been impossible to predict, and ran a surprisingly smooth-running check-in process. The elections committee tried to run the voting correctly, but for some reason the system broke down. I am certain they tried their best, but the physical space they were working in and the number of delegates voting at one time overwhelmed them. Chairman Pat O’Leary did a fine job with the job he expected to perform, and then wasn’t effectively supported by the parlimentarian who advised him somewhat inaccurately when the job he wasn’t expecting got dropped in his lap. My impression is that the volunteers working this convention did they best they could, but they ended up getting sideswiped by circumstances they didn’t anticipate.

It started out fairly normally, although the crowd was a little different than what you might expect at one of these. For someone like me who likes to walk through the crowds and just listen, it’s a little hard to do that when about a third of the delegates are speaking Urdu. There’s nothing wrong with that, but the middle eastern/south asian flair of this event is notable by being so unusual. The speeches by candidates for other officers was pretty much what you’d expect, although Chris Royse was a real standout, and Senator Jay O’Brien wowed the crowd with his usual politics/comedy routine. After a pretty long wait for credentials to complete, the reports of credentials and rules were accepted without objection, with about two-thirds of the delegates registered actually attending. That’s pretty unremarkable.

When it was time for the delegate speeches, Faisal Gill was up first. He was introduced by Delegate Scott Lingamfelter and County Chairman Corey Stewart, who gave solid speeches. Faisal followed up with a very strong speech which he had obviously spent a lot of time preparing for. It’s the best I’ve ever heard him, and he did very well, touching on all the major topics of his campaign and throwing a good amount of red meat to the crowd. It was well received, and the Julie Lucas supporters were polite.

Julie was introduced by Grant Lattin, who gave a strong endorsement based on her positive experience with Julie, and the Jackson Miller came on. He took off the gloves, related a conversation he had had with Faisal on the subject of residential overcrowding controls, and ripped Faisal Gill for supporting the position of the ACLU. He closed saying that Julie is the only electable candidate. The Faisal Gill delegates howled, waved signs, booed and generally went nuts. Jay O’Brien followed up and begged the audience to let him run alongside Julie Lucas in the next election. The Gill delegates continued going crazy. Julie Lucas then gave an average speech after that, but the Gill delegates were in no mood to hear from her and continued their demonstrations. I guess that’s to be expected. “Them’s politics”, they say.

The interminable wait ensued after the voting. The problem was that there were more votes in three precincts cast than there were delegates credentialed in those precincts, and there was endless discussion on how to resolve this. RPV recommended that the precincts with over-votes be discarded (Lake Ridge, Civic Center and Penn), which would leave Gill the winner with a razor-thin .82 weighted vote margin. In the end, the elections committee decided to deduct from Faisal Gill’s votes the number of over-votes, sort of a worst-case scenario for Gill, leaving him with a 209.98 to 202.02 victory. It’s not a common solution to this problem by any means, but it isn’t indefensible.
When the convention finally reconvened, O.P. Ditch appealed to discard only Lake Ridge, which was a heavy-Gill precinct that was doomed had it gone to the floor. Not only did the Gill campaign work hard to contact their delegates to get them back to the convention, leaving them with a majority on the floor, but selectively discarding over-voting precincts didn’t make much sense. When the convention leadership finally figured out that the decision on the appeal by the convention chair isn’t subject to motions to overrule from the floor, that challenge was ended. That, according to the rules, was the correct decision. The appeal of the chairman’s decision should go to the 11th Congressional District, which I understand it will.

There were enough irregularities in this convention that the 11th District should seriously consider throwing this nomination out, and directing the 51st Legislative District to quickly set an alternative nomination process in time for the June 14th deadline set by the State Board of Elections to report nominees. I believe this nomination is tainted, and it makes sense to at least consider giving a nominee a more credible basis for running in a general election. I guess the RPV Gala in Richmond this evening will be a little different than simply hearing Fred Thompson speak, and that a big topic of conversation will be this debacle in the 51st District. I hope so, as we can use more input on this.

Regardless of what happens, there are quite a few folks who will never attend another convention in that area. The real losers here are the voters, who were shown the worst that Republican conventions have to offer, despite the valiant attempts by a lot of good people to make this convention a clean process. This was a disaster. After seeing this, I don’t ever want to see another convention.

CORRECTION: The elections committee report did not in fact deduct the over-votes from Faisal Gill’s numbers, but argued that if they had done so, Faisal still would have won the weighted vote.

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  1. Rebecca B said on 2 Jun 2007 at 10:34 pm:
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    I am not in the 51st district but was there from 7am to around 4:30 pm as a volunteer (directions, coffee). The sad part of all of this was how many people - people who don’t follow politics, or come out to the meetings, just average people who came to support their candidate,- left saying they will vote democrat this fall because they were so mad at the situation. Its embarrassing to look so unprofessional and unorganized.

    What do you say to those folks? They were mad. I mean HOPPING mad. and I cant say I blame them. I wasn’t thrilled about spending the whole day there. I really started to believe that it wouldn’t matter WHO won, the whole thing felt wrong. Nobody was going to be happy with how it came out, because it didn’t pass the sniff test. I mean would you want to “win” under such bizarre circumstances?

    Please Please explain to me again why we like conventions? i saw several democrats voting, so don’t tell me it is to keep them out. I’m just at a loss.

  2. a Friend of Julie said on 2 Jun 2007 at 10:59 pm:
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    There are few things conventional about a convention, except that people on the losing side often come away feeling cheated, especially when there is a close result. This is the downside of almost all conventions.

    There is only one person who can put an end to this animosity and anger created: Julie Lucas. It is difficult to lose graciously when you have put so much into a contest, but Julie has that opportunity to unify the party and to preserve her career. The only other option is to contest the result, but this will almost certainly fail.

    Julie needs to try to put her emotions aside and make a cold hard decision about what is best for her career. She needs to concede graciously and look at other options (including a potential run for Neabsco Supervisor or 36th Senate). But she needs to act quickly.

  3. Loudoun Insider said on 2 Jun 2007 at 11:42 pm:
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    Seven hours for a single race? I can only imagine how long the LCRC convention next week will be.

  4. Michael A said on 3 Jun 2007 at 12:51 am:
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    “A Friend of Julie” said on 2 Jun 2007:

    “Julie needs to try to put her emotions aside and make a cold hard decision about what is best for her career. She needs to concede graciously and look at other options (including a potential run for Neabsco Supervisor or 36th Senate). But she needs to act quickly.”

    Is it just me, or does this sound like a threat? It would be nice to know who this “friend” is.

  5. Spank That Donkey said on 3 Jun 2007 at 1:13 am:
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    Wow, I wish I could have been there just to be a ‘fly on the wall’.

    As part of our door-to-door effort in the 24th Senatorial district today, I was attending a bunch of one on one conventions with my fellow district members…

    I am sorry I missed ya’lls convention though it sounded really exciting! Your coverage is excellent Greg, and your characterization of the speeches/events etc. is a credit to your blogging skills!

    A primary sure seems to be the solution to the ‘who shot john’ conclusions of spectators and participants….

    Going door to door, I heard complaints today of past Board of Supervisors mass meetings, that left the same hard feelings of those involved. I am glad we will have a primary here in the 24th…

  6. a Friend of Julie said on 3 Jun 2007 at 1:18 am:
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    It’s not a threat–it’s the reality. The party needs to nominate its candidate quickly — possibly as soon as June 12. Julie already has a strong team in place, and the 36th is ripe. Going back to the School Board race would be dull, and her heart would not be in it.

  7. SG918 said on 3 Jun 2007 at 1:26 am:
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    HA! He won! Sorry folks, better luck next time. Hats off to everyone who attempted to Sabatoge Gill’s campaign, but unfortunetely your efforts could not pay off. All the time you spent compiling bogus info and what not could’ve been spent doing the community some good. Let’s hope some of you spend less time on this junk of a blog, and more time out there making a difference.

    We’re all on the same side folks, let’s make the 51st district a better place to live and accept reality, Gill WON!!!!!!!

    …. ha ha ha ha ha =)

  8. a Friend of Julie said on 3 Jun 2007 at 1:41 am:
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    Actually, on another note, I have a question for you. What would it take for NOVA to break off from the RPV and start a regional GOP? A party dedicated to all the traditional Republican principles plus (i) NOVA getting its fair share of transportation dollars, (ii) environmental protection and controlled residential development, and (iii) intolerance of bigotry against all minorities, including Muslims (i.e., not tolernace of Virgil Goode, etc.) Any idea?

  9. IAD said on 3 Jun 2007 at 8:03 am:
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    FOJ: Events in Loudoun and PW are almost guaranteeing what you’ve projected. We need a replacement Republican Party that can win in November, that casts off some of the nastiness that afflicts it today and that can recruit outstanding candidates who know how to run govenrments to the greatest advantage of the citizens. When you have a party that serves up people like Gill, FitzSimmonds, Stewart, Cuccinelli, Bolling et al, especially in an area like Northern Virginia, that is just teeming with qualified people of good will, something is very wrong. The nominating process is becoming a filter that hurts the party in November. A replacement Republican Party along the lines you describe would run strong in November.

  10. GOP Stalwart said on 3 Jun 2007 at 8:57 am:
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    In defense of the Party… It is unfortunate that only the badly organized and procedurally flawed conventions, mass meetings and canvasses make the “news”. Most of these events are actually fairly well run, though sometimes long and drawn out due to the fact that ballot counting machines are expensive to rent (as an aside, i believe that either the state party or local unit committees should pool resources and buy these machines for use in these party nominating processes — makes for a far speedier process and eliminates any potential for ballot box stuffing). So the nominating process itself should not be damned. I, for one, won’t support a primary until we have registration by party affiliation (an argument for another day i imagine :-) because i don’t want Dems choosing our nominees. If in fact democrats were in attendance at the 51st convention, then the credentials committee is at fault for not checking the voting records of the registrants. Yes, everyone would like to think that people wouldn’t swear or affirm things that were untrue but they do.

    With that said, there is a too much autonomy allowed to the Unit/Legislative/Distric Chairs in organizing these nominating processes (a problem which RPV must address and resolve)… and far too often even those who mean well, make a mess of things due to a lack of knowledge and experience… and of course those that do NOT mean well use it to monkey around. Often times, when guidance is offered it is rejected because it construed as an insult, when in fact it is only to help make the process fair and most importantly TRANSPARENT… so when the process is over there is no grumbling.

    I am amazed at the over-votes in 3 precincts. I’ve never heard of that happening before — though i understand it has happened twice now in PWC — so one has to wonder what is really going on.

    I don’t believe that the Gill campaign (or the Lucas campaign for that matter) would ever condone cheating. Neither of them would want to win under those circumstances. However, as everyone in politics knows, there are always well-meaning supporters who would do anything for their candidate to win, including using very bad judgment. THAT’S where the process comes into play. Procedures should always be in place to prevent these well-intentioned participants from doing anything that could end up throwing the entire process into question… which, from the sounds of it, may be what has happened in this case.

    Ultimately it is the integrity of the process that is paramount… and that usually comes down to the integrity of the person or people responsible for the process.

    Calling someone a “sore loser” at this point is premature, based on the numerous allegations of, shall we say, “irregularities”. No one likes to lose of course, but if the process is unfair or improper, then we all lose.

  11. CONVA said on 3 Jun 2007 at 10:08 am:
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    This process was flawed from the beginning orchestrated by a severely flawed Chairman of the PWCRC and his cabal. Stewart, Fitzsimmonds, Cooch, Lingamfelter and Boling have all lost many supporters. The Dems have all the red meat they need to win in November. Of course the Dems are not the sharpest knives in the drawer and will probably blow the opportunity.

  12. freedom said on 3 Jun 2007 at 10:38 am:
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    The real problem in the convention process is NOT the counting of votes; that is very straightforward. The REAL problem is in the credentialing process, i.e., in determining whom is allowed to vote. It seems fairly clear to me that only those who are registered voters prior to the deadline should be “credentialed” and allowed to vote. In this convention, exceptions were made.

    While there might be a few Democrats who would vote in a Republican primary, I just can’t imagine that happening in large numbers — most Democrats just wouldn’t go to the trouble to vote in a Republican primary. So, while I do not believe that to be a major issue, there are three significant “problems” in a Republican party primary: 1) More people would vote if it were a 10 minute process versus a day-long marathon; 2) There would be no opportunity for more votes cast than authorized voters; and 3) a primary would offer less opportunity for result-engineering.

    So, I guess that with these problems in mind, the PWC GOP must stick with the good ol’ convention way of doing business.

  13. Julie Supporter said on 3 Jun 2007 at 10:48 am:
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    Could someone please remind me how George Allen did in the 51st and how Gill could have a chance, knowing that the Dems smell blood and will probably send Sen. Webb and Mark Warner down here in behalf of Mr. Nichols???

  14. True Commonwealth Conservative said on 3 Jun 2007 at 10:51 am:
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    I participated in the convention to determine the Republican nominee for 51st HOD. I also have attended 3 other PWCR Conventions over the past few years. This latest convention was by far the most corrupt and ill run event. Inconsistencies during the actual voting process, over-voting in several precincts, and lack of officials properly checking credentials at the convention all give credence to those who feel that the event was a farce. I personally witnessed several individuals that only had a passport with no address get accepted to vote. Others whose names did not match their respective identification card were originally rejected at the voting table only to be overruled and accepted by one individual of the election committee. In addition, at least two people had hand written credential cards that according to the election committee should have been rejected yet they were accepted. Furthermore, one individual did not have a credential card and stated that he came to the event late and was properly rejected at the voting table, yet came back from the election committee table with a credential card. While we allowed these individuals to vote at the event without proper credentials, I wonder how many of these individuals will be allowed to vote in the general election. I strong believe the answer is none. Why do we allow individuals without proper credentials and identification cards determine our nominee for the 51st HOD? Regardless of which candidate you supported in the process, this type of mis-management should not take place.

    Unfortunately, the true loser from this event is the Prince William County Republican Party. When several Republicans leave a party sponsored event and state they will vote for a Democrat for the first time in their life is of great concern to me. Both sides of the party should be ashamed of the convention’s outcome. I don’t think we can take for granted that having an ( R) by the name of our candidate in the general election will guarantee victory anymore.

  15. Bryanna said on 3 Jun 2007 at 11:48 am:
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    These irregularities would not have occurred in a primary.

    The party committee in Prince William has less than 100 actively participating members county wide. The biggest challenge is the low number of active volunteers that participate beyond the required minimum meeting requirement to maintain active membership status.

    With a limited number of participants, we lose control of accountability and must rely heavily on integrity. In the 51st District Convention we have had too many issues that question the integrity of local party leadership and by a candidate (GILL) that leadership independently elected to support prior to the delegates endorsement. As a result, we now have a committee that is ineffective at assuring all candidates will receive a fair convention.

    Furthermore, PWCRC Party leadership is actively seeking RETRIBUTION against Republican’s who supported former chairman Sean Connaughton, with the support and encouragement of County Chairman Corey Stewart who won in last years special election.

    Republican’s in Prince William are fed up, many gave up on the Committee long ago. A few loyal members continue to try and breath life back into it but it isn’t enough. It is time to seek a new foundation to support our candidates before we lose any more Republican candidates who feel they have no alternative but to run as Independents.

    We’re setting a bad precedence here folks when Republican’s jump ship to run as Independents and local Republicans refuse to join the Party because they prefer not to sign a pledge requiring them to vote for all Republican’s including the likes of Gill and Stewart. We’re no longer putting our best foot forward as Republicans.

    This committee is propagating discrimination against our own moderate Republican base. This discriminatory process is a breeding ground for corruption. I believe we now have proof of that following the 51st convention, and should consider investigating last years Occoquan Convention that was chaired by Faisal Gill who openly supported Mike May prior to the convention. Mike May and Michele McQuigg served as credentials for the 51st Delegate. Ms. McQuigg was the favored candidate in the Clerk of Court race that recently treated Ms. Beauchamp unfairly and leaving her no alternative other than running as an Independent.

    RPV needs to work closely with all of their Charters in Northern VA and find a solution that best serves all Republican’s and not the interests of a few. Prince William still has a strong Republican base of on lookers but prompt intervention from RPV is needed to help put a stop the rapid erosion within the Party and to release the mafia style stranglehold tactics of a few.

  16. CONVA said on 3 Jun 2007 at 1:07 pm:
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    Ari is right on target. I have spoken to folks that initially supported and voted for Kopko over Brian Murphy. They now are asking some of us that have left the committee to return and assist in getting rid of Kopko. I don’t think it is worth the membership fee to go to a committee meeting, have assigned seating and be exposed to Kopko’s rant. I would guess the next step is for Kopko is to issue little rugs and tennies (similar to Kindergarten) so we could nap through the non-productive portions, which is 90% of the meeting.

  17. AWCheney said on 3 Jun 2007 at 1:11 pm:
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    “Procedures should always be in place to prevent these well-intentioned participants from doing anything that could end up throwing the entire process into question… which, from the sounds of it, may be what has happened in this case.”

    That presupposes that the Party has a competent Chairman (who was also the 51st District Chairman) who is not attempting to subvert the process to his own ends. This was obvious from the very beginning and I trust that the PWCRC has finally had enough.

  18. Had to Say said on 3 Jun 2007 at 1:31 pm:
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    I have NEVER trusted KOPKO or his cronies.

    GOP Stalwart - The ilks of Kopko and Gill and all of their friends will stop at nothing to WIN.

    I have never heard of controversy like this taking place in the Manassas GOP. Maybe it’s because they have trustworthy people running the committee. I also don’t remember controversy being an issue in Prince William GOP until Kopko got to be chairman.

  19. James Young said on 3 Jun 2007 at 2:44 pm:
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    I frequently love the fantasies set up here. “Ari’s” is particularly entertaining. “PWCRC Party leadership is actively seeking RETRIBUTION against Republican’s who supported former chairman Sean Connaughton, with the support and encouragement of County Chairman Corey Stewart who won in last years special election.”

    Really? How? By getting Faisal Gill nominated, and “forcing” people to make and violate their pledge to support all of the Party’s nominees in the ensuing election?

    That’s sure a neat trick. I’ve never been able to “force” people to do much of anything, particularly to make a pledge, and then violate it. Gotta get Kopko’s/Stewart’s playbook on that one. Could be useful.

  20. Loudoun Insider said on 3 Jun 2007 at 6:01 pm:
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    I just love how this convention unified the party and got everyone so fired up for November! Conventions blow.

  21. GOP Stalwart said on 3 Jun 2007 at 7:07 pm:
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    Loudoun Insider… yeah, sometimes they do “blow”, and as much as i love the party i guess i have to agree that this one did.

    But again, it’s not all of them. And, again, it’s usually only those that “blow” that get publicity. Sad but true. But that doesn’t mean we should give up on the process OR the Party. We just need to be more vigilant on it’s leaders, wouldn’t you agree?

  22. Iknowwhoyouare said on 3 Jun 2007 at 8:55 pm:
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    Dear Ari Stotle,

    Let’s see, you think that Kopko, Stewart, McQuigg, Gill and several others are in some grand conspiracy. You sound a lot like Mr. John Gray.

  23. Loudoun Insider said on 3 Jun 2007 at 11:11 pm:
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    I agree, GOP Stalwart, but Greg and others have been doing a great job staying vigilant with the local party leadership, and this mess of a convention still happened. I see the same thing happening in Loudoun County. With all the attention placed on Gill and Tom “Website Designer for Gill for $2,000″ Kopko, we still had a disaster of a convention with too many irregularities for comfort. Said convention which has now pissed off many long-time GOP activists. I thought we were the party of morals and ethics?

  24. GOP Stalwart said on 4 Jun 2007 at 7:10 am:
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    Yes, BUT, isn’t the underlying problem with the PWC GOP for allowing someone who, by so many accounts and for so many months according to tons of blog posts I’ve read, is either incompetent or corrupt to retain the position?

    I don’t understand how the party members and even some elected officials apparently have stood by (grumbling to be sure) and watched the train knowing it would wreck yet again. Once the money thing came out i can’t believe he wasn’t removed. They still have him for nearly another year AND he will run his own convention for re-election too…

    I have seen plenty of blog posts asking RPV to intervene, but they cannot. So it’s really up to the PWCRC to deal with this. If they leave him in, then it’s hard for them to complain when further train wrecks and embarrassments occur. I see where some folks simply quit the party. That’s no answer either. In order to CHANGE (improve) the party and it’s processes, one must be involved. Even if it’s unsuccessful, the “offender” can’t help but take notice and at least people TRIED to correct the situation.

    While i don’t know all the ins and outs of LCRC i’ve heard stuff. I don’t think (at least from i know) it’s the Chairman out there. But if there’s a few committee members rocking the boat, that’s even easier to fix. Just recruit more members into the committee and you can vote to do things differently, thus avoiding the so called “follies”.

  25. Anonymous said on 4 Jun 2007 at 7:46 am:
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    I agree with GOP Stalwart. Now is not the time to quit the party; it’s time to get your friends and re-engage in the party activities.

    Now is the time to channel all this energy into replacing the PWCRC Chairman.

  26. Bryanna said on 4 Jun 2007 at 8:01 am:
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    Good advice Stallworth, but people are fed up. Kopko is a committee of one. With elections approaching many who serve on the executive committee are willing to turn a blind eye because they’re close to someone in or seeking office and may fear bringing harm on to them.

    This local party turmoil at a time when PWC holds strong GOP influence is unfortunate, however justice must prevail and if it means burning down the house to flush out corruption then it must be done.

  27. Anonymous said on 4 Jun 2007 at 10:08 am:
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    It seemed that the number of overvotes changed during the afternoon. I would have loved to see the negotiations trying to decide which votes to throw out.

    Cory Stewart did seem a bit flustered at times and several people got right in his face and yelled at him.

    It may be pyrrhic victory for many in the Republican Party.

  28. Hey Ho Kopko's Gotta Go said on 4 Jun 2007 at 12:39 pm:
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    “Now is the time to channel all this energy into replacing the PWCRC Chairman.”


    Those who have left the party due to the games that Kopko has played since taking office, need to come back. Kopko needs to be challenged. Every decision he makes questioned and he needs to defend these decisions. When his term expires, he needs to be challenged, and every gaff, misstep and failure illuminated.

  29. AWCheney said on 6 Jun 2007 at 12:03 am:
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    Actually HHKGG, how long would it take for RPV to remove him if everyone LEAVES the Committee? The candidates are going to need volunteers because Kopko can’t organize his way out of a paper bag. Besides, do you really want him around that long?

  30. Jonathan Mark said on 6 Jun 2007 at 3:09 am:
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    “”"”Really? How? By getting Faisal Gill nominated, and “forcing” people to make and violate their pledge to support all of the Party’s nominees in the ensuing election?”"”

    There was no such pledge. There was a pledge that the delegate INTENDED to vote for the winner. Anyone who intended for Julie to win and intended to then vote for her could have signed that pledge in good faith.

    The PWCRC chose to qualify its loyalty pledge with the verb “INTEND.” It is not for James Young to paraphrase the pledge after the fact to make it stronger.

    No one agreed to James Young’s paraphrased pledge.

  31. GOP Stalwart said on 8 Jun 2007 at 12:12 am:
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    AWCheney said “Actually HHKGG, how long would it take for RPV to remove him if everyone LEAVES the Committee?”

    Answer: not very long really… i think it’s maybe a 30 day process… and it probably wouldn’t be RPV, but either the 10th or 11th District Committees can disband and reorganize (including a new chairman) any unit committee that isn’t functioning for the good of the party. As i understand it this was recently done to another committee, by the 10CD i believe. i’m not sure which unit, so i don’t want to say, but it was local.

  32. AWCheney said on 8 Jun 2007 at 11:22 pm:
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    Manassas Park, Stalwart.

  33. GOP Stalwart said on 9 Jun 2007 at 12:10 pm:
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    AWC-thanks. i thought that was the one, but didn’t want to say and be wrong and start a firestorm.

    It’s a shame that the 3rd largest unit in the state has become such a mess. (FFX is 1, Loudoun is 2 i believe) You would think the powers that be would encourage a quiet resignation instead of it letting it get to a public extrication. I mean, really, how does one even show their face in public, much less lead the party, after all of this?

    It’s really a shame when, in a year with so many incumbents at stake, all the focus is on one person. With PWC practically the only NoVa area still winning GOP seats, this could prove disasterous to our candidates, incumbents AND challengers, if left to fester, unchecked. How do you get past the perception that the PWCRC is equivalent to the “chicago mob” as some other blogger mentioned? Who will ever believe they will get a fair process again?

    Alas, this latest controversy, could result in the demise of the GOP in PWC. How heartbreaking for the party stalwarts who have worked so hard for so many years to achieve the GOP domination they have in PWC. And how heartbreaking for the excellent GOP elected officials to be tainted as “guilty by association”.

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