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Missing Girl In Manassas Park Recovered

By Greg L | 25 June 2007 | Illegal Aliens, Manassas Park, Crime | 2 Comments

I got word this evening that the missing girl in Manassas Park is now in protective custody, and we’re at least a bit closer in resolving this runaway/abduction issue in the park involving the illegal alien I reported on earlier.  Somehow the response of the Manassas Park Police Department has improved in this case lately, although there’s no indication that the publicity from this site has had anything to do with it.  I’d rather hope that the citizens and the Manassas Park Police Department finally managed to get this resolved on their own, which wouldn’t require that I have to track down every depressing story in the park in order to help it get resolved.

Mr. Reyes is still at large, and I am told he doesn’t have a vehicle any longer and is riding around town on a bicycle.  The fifteen year old girl is apparently more of a runaway than an abductee, and was arrested when she returned home in order to get a change of clothes.  The mother contacted the police when she returned, and they responded in a timely fashion and took her into custody for violating a court order.  She will now receive support from Social Services in order to get her life back on the right track, and will learn a little bit of a lesson from this that I hope she will take in.  There’s the potential here that she may eventually assist police in locating her illegal alien boyfriend so he can face justice once she gets her head on straight here.

It’s a heartbreaking situation, and I’m just glad that this family is a bit closer towards reestablishing some degree of normalcy, even though the road there may not be an easy one.  I extend my appreciation to the Manassas Park Police Department for helping this family, and hope that they will be able to arrest the illegal alien who is responsible for this tragedy.  Although this situation lasted far longer than anyone would like, it is at least under control now, and for that I am thankful.

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  1. Lafayette said on 26 Jun 2007 at 1:25 am:
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    Excellent work as always. KEEP IT UP!!
    This is great news about the young girl. I hope Mr. Reyes, is out here peddling his bike much longer.

  2. Lafayette said on 26 Jun 2007 at 9:17 am:
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    correction above Mr.Reyes, is not peddling is bike…Do they have location on this guy? Do the police or anyone have a picture of him?

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