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An HB 3202 Disaster

23 June 2007 | Illegal Aliens, Virginia Politics | 34 Comments

The compromise transportation plan’s provisions to fine Virginia drivers exorbitant sums if they’re convicted of reckless driving might be something worthy of consideration.  That consideration becomes very difficult when you consider that out-of-state drivers won’t be subjected to these fines, which raises equal protection concerns under the Fourteenth Amendment.
But consider this:

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The MJM Covers Ruttenberg’s Appeal

23 June 2007 | Rack & Roll Scandal | 3 Comments

Today’s edition of the Manassas Journal-Messenger includes a rather lawyerly article describing David Ruttenberg’s appeal and a recent ACLU brief that was filed in support of his position.  If you have a legal education, the article will probably be very informative about the specific claims and case law being argued.  If you don’t happen to […]

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Secret Sanctuary Policy Update

23 June 2007 | Illegal Aliens, Prince William County | 141 Comments

Back in May I talked about the policy of the Prince William County Police Department which prohibited police officers from asking suspected illegal aliens about their immigration status when they are not suspected of committing a felony.  I, on behalf of Help Save Manassas, filed a FOIA request to obtain the policy, and the police […]

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Send Us Not Your Tired, Poor And Hungry Predators

22 June 2007 | Illegal Aliens, Crime | 8 Comments

While the illegal alien apologists keep trying to claim that illegal aliens commit offenses at a lower rate than the general US population comes the rather disturbing statistic that 85% of those arrested in Operation Predator, which combats sexual predators who prey on children, are foreign nationals.  NovaTownHall reports that of the 10,061 arrested so […]

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Correcting The Record

22 June 2007 | 51st HOD District | 30 Comments

While I was out of town there was this interesting post by James Young which blasted at what he considered some of the myths of the 51st convention process. Since James only showed up at the very end of the convention, I’m going to forgive him for some of the errors in his post, […]

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Transportation Money Diverted To Build Bike Trails

21 June 2007 | Virginia Politics | 19 Comments

The Commonwealth Transportation Board has announced the projects it intends to complete with the funds made available under the transportation funding compromise from this year’s legislative session. There’s rail, there’s improvements to highways, and there’s a lot of mass transit spending. There are also paved bike trails. That’s right. We’re bonding out […]

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Manassas Park Crime Update

21 June 2007 | Manassas Park, Crime | 13 Comments

I am still trying to sort out the details of an incident I reported a couple of days ago that has gotten quite a bit of attention, and although there’s not a whole lot more clarity about what actually happened, additional information is starting to come out. It’s very possible that there are multiple […]

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More PWCRC Fireworks

21 June 2007 | PWCRC | 27 Comments

The Second Annual PWCRC Spring Gala scheduled for June 29th has been “postponed”, due to lower than expected ticket sales and a conflict with a campaign event for Delegate Scott Lingamfelter with House Speaker William Howell.  In the aftermath of this “postponement”, there’s been a purge of the committee’s membership chairman and calls for […]

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Wolf Warns Colleagues On Power Lines

21 June 2007 | National Politics, Prince William County | 3 Comments

Congressman Frank Wolf (VA-10) tried, but ultimately failed to amend an energy and water spending bill in the House of Representatives to prevent the designation of a large swath of Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, West Virginia and Delaware as a National Interest Electric Transmission Corridor and allow power companies to exercise eminent […]

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VA Tech Makes Bold Changes

20 June 2007 | Virginia Politics, Humor & Satire | 3 Comments

In a series of bold moves intended to bolster the security posture of the Virginia Tech campus, university officials have changed the official to whom the campus police chief reports.  They also added to the duties of the current director of physical plant operations, naming him as the interim director of emergency management.  Such dramatic […]

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Another Dubious Honor

20 June 2007 | Local Economy | 39 Comments

Prince William has made the CNNMoney Top 500 list, but once again this isn’t a list that we should be particularly proud of making.  Two zip codes in Woodbridge and one in Manassas made the nationwide list of zip codes with the greatest number of residential foreclosure filings.
In Woodbridge, zip codes 22193 and 22191 had […]

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Call Your Senators, Again

20 June 2007 | National Politics, Illegal Aliens | 10 Comments

It looks like the Senate Amnesty plan for illegal aliens will come up for a vote on cloture (to limit debate) on Friday.  Senator Webb has been pretty good on this in the past, but Senator Warner looks like he’s in favor of moving this horrid proposal to the floor for an expedited vote.  Many […]

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“Gods & Generals” Director To Speak In Manassas

20 June 2007 | Illegal Aliens, 50th HOD District | 4 Comments

When he’s not busy making some of the best films about the Civil War, Ron Maxwell, the director of “Gettysburg” and “Gods And Generals” has been speaking out on the issue of illegal aliens. Maxwell will be coming to Manassas on Thursday, June 28th to speak at a campaign event for Delegate Jackson Miller, […]

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Bad Stats? Just Lower Standards!

20 June 2007 | Manassas Park | 9 Comments

This must be the week for inanity in Manassas Park.
The Manassas Park School Board, upset that they’re listed with the highest dropout rate in the area, has decided that the way to address the problem isn’t to teach students how to pass exams, but to loosen standards in order to not “discourage” students who may […]

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19 June 2007 | 31st HOD District, Humor & Satire | 1 Comment

Here’s a site that should drive folks like William Day up the wall.  It’s a neat idea, to offer carbon debits and helpfully provide notification to Al Gore about each and every debit purchase.  I’m sure the “My Carbon Footprint Is Bigger Than Yours” T-Shirt is awfully popular.
H/T: RHJunior

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MPPD Ignores Missing 15 Year Old Girl

19 June 2007 | Illegal Aliens, Manassas Park, Crime | 18 Comments

The fifteen year old granddaughter of a former Manassas Park Councilman has been abducted by a man named George (pronounced “Hor-Hay”) Roberto Reyes, and despite repeated pleas by her mother to the Manassas Park Police Department and Child Protective Services, she remains missing since about last November. Mr. Reyes is suspected to be an […]

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More Outrages From Manassas Park

19 June 2007 | Illegal Aliens, Manassas Park, Crime | 11 Comments

Today’s story involving the Manassas Park Police Department’s steadfast official silence regarding a local rape and murder that happened in the middle of a street in the city is starting to prompt a few others to come forward with their stories. Not only are criminals who rape women and murder those who come to […]

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Chris Royse On Immigration Issues

19 June 2007 | Illegal Aliens, Prince William County | 5 Comments

Chris Royse, who is running for Woodbridge Supervisor, is the first local candidate to make substantive comments on his website regarding the illegal alien issue in the county.  Given what we’ve seen happening recently in Prince William County, it’s too bad he isn’t on the Board of Supervisors already.  We could use more of this:

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Violent Crime Cover-Up?

19 June 2007 | Manassas Park, Crime | 47 Comments

Was there a rape and murder in the middle of the street on Cabbel Drive in Manassas Park last Wednesday? I just got a very disturbing call from someone who had heard from a friend that there was. The story goes that five hispanic males were raping a girl in the middle of […]

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Two Shenanigans For Tuesday

19 June 2007 | Fairfax County, Virginia Politics | 2 Comments

If it ever crossed your mind to wonder what the point was in being active in state and local politics, here are two items that should firmly answer any lingering questions. First up we have Jim Patrick’s excellent piece on how the State of Virginia managed to spend millions of dollars to make the […]

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