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More Goofiness From Bruce Roemmelt

By Greg L | 27 July 2007 | 13th HOD District | 2 Comments

Bruce Rommelt, the local point man opposing the Marriage Amendment in the 2006 elections, is now saying that he opposed HB 3202 within months of telling readers of the Potomac News that he would have supported it. I guess some political advisor told him that folks seem to be in a frenzy about the abusive driver fees which were included in legislation that Delegate Bob Marshall opposed, and he needed to find some way to make his campaign relevant in some fashion, even if he has to contort himself like some surreal pretzel in order to do so.

He isn’t raising any money to speak of, although he’s gone begging for endorsements and contributions from most of the local homosexual “rights” organizations. His campaign is a joke, and about the only credentials he has is his dedication in opposing a ballot initiative that passed in the 13th District by margins larger than any other house district in the county. So while he thrashes around for something other to speak about than his legendary support for “gay rights”, and makes thin statements about illegal immigration while failing to display any leadership on the issue among Prince William Democrats (should Governor Kaine direct the Commonwealth to participate in the Section 287(g) Program, Mr. Roemmelt?), he’s now trying to latch on to abusive driver fees — something that will get fixed regardless of who is elected in the 13th District next session — as if that’s going to be the thing that transforms his campaign from the failure it is into a success.

Not likely. We’re not going to forget Bruce Rommelt’s demonstrated convictions in regards to what he intends for Virginia.

“I don’t know what drives him to do the kinds of things [Delegate Bob Marshall] does … to really hurt gays and lesbians in the Virginia legislature … that’s really bad stuff,” Roemmelt said. “I’ve read the Virginia Constitution and depriving anyone of their property rights is unconstitutional.”

Roemmelt was referring to Marshall’s strong push for last session’s Marriage Affirmation Act, which not only bans gay unions, but outlaws legal agreements between people of the same sex that resemble marriage rights. The measure passed the legislature by a veto-proof majority and became law July 1.

The controversial measure prompted 50 demonstrators to protest outside Marshall’s Manassas home in July.

Ref: Washington Blade, Dec 17th, 2004

Mr. Roemmelt, you can’t run away from what has been the focus of your campaign for so long just because you now find those positions politically inconvenient. You’re still a kook, even if you are talking about abusive driver fees.

UPDATE: Riley points out that Chuck Colgan (D-29th Senate) voted in favor of what Roemmelt is castigating, but is Rommelt going to criticize Colgan, who voted for HB 3202 instead of Marshall, who voted against it?  Yeah, I’m sure he’ll get around to it…

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  1. Con Valliam said on 29 Jul 2007 at 10:58 pm:
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    Guess Bruce is Limgafeller. Can’t make up his mind which side of the issue to be on. Both hold their finger to the political winds and then decide what to say.

    Sorry you didnt want to hold your own to the same “high” standard as Bruce.

    But why should you? This blog was and is never about accuracy.

  2. John Light said on 30 Jul 2007 at 1:19 pm:
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    I see that Bruce drinks from the Democratic cup of “I was for it before I was against it” :-))

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