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Even More Media Coverage

By Greg L | 31 July 2007 | Blogs | 1 Comment

Today was a busy day with the media, which started with three live interviews on MSNBC and a taped segment for the local Fox affiliate which ran on the 11 o’clock news.  Recently there’s been a lot of interest in BVBL, as a result of the Associated Press picking up the Nick Miroff article that ran in the Washington Post about a week ago.  As usual, there are a few clarifications and corrections which are probably helpful.

MSNBC introduced the segments where I appeared with some statements that I was responsible for language in the resolution which was adopted by the Prince William Board of County Supervisors a couple of weeks ago.  I think they’re giving me too much credit here.  That resolution was a collaborative effort between Gainesville Supervisor John Stirrup, the Immigration Reform Law Institute, and the Legislative Committee of Help Save Manassas.  As that resolution was modified to address procedural concerns and help gain broad support from the Board of County Supervisors, I was one of the people who participated in the discussions about how the resolution would be modified, and I did weigh in on the drafting of the original resolution.  Rather than being a brainchild of mine, this was definitely a team effort.

Similarly Help Save Manassas isn’t something that I dreamed up and executed on my own.  Without the assistance and support of a lot of other concerned residents, the enormous efforts and dedication by others on the leadership team and many members, this organization might be a small curiosity rather than the up-and-coming political force in local politics.  I do a lot to help move our agenda forward, but it’s the 582 members that are collectively responsible for the success Help Save Manassas has achieved since it’s founding in April.

I talked with the Fox 5 crew about what we’ve discovered about our opposition and the tactics they’re using to frighten the immigrant community, but that footage never made it to the broadcast.  Someday, a news organization will discover what’s going on and decide to include it in their coverage, but apparently it’s still too uncomfortable to talk about the disturbing associations our opposition has with radical revolutionary groups in Mexico and what they’re doing to scare the Hispanic community about the resolution passed in Prince William and Loudoun counties.

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  1. Bryanna said on 31 Jul 2007 at 6:32 am:
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    The Fox News story was terrific. It was a great “feel good” human interest story about a man, Greg L who isn’t waiting around for someone to fix a problem, instead found a way to make a difference. Gotta love Fox…and Greg! Way to go Greg.

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