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Blogger Happy Hour Reminder

31 August 2007 | Blogs, Prince William County | 21 Comments

Sturday evening, Ben Tribbet of Not Larry Sabato and myself will be hosting a blogger happy hour in Prince William County in support of our business community, which also gives us the chance to poke Mexicanos Sin Fronteras in the eye a little bit with their irresponsible and ill-advised “boycott”, which by all accounts is […]

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The Debate, Part 2

31 August 2007 | Illegal Aliens, Prince William County | 5 Comments


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Warner Retires, Colgan Runs

31 August 2007 | 29th VA Senate, Virginia Politics | 9 Comments

Senator John Warner announced his retirement from the Senate today.  The 80 year old incumbent who was first elected in 1978 said age was a factor in his decision.  “You got to face that I”m now 80 . . . I want to be fair to this wonderful state,” said Warner.  I’ll dispense with the habitual […]

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The Debate, Part 1

31 August 2007 | Illegal Aliens, Prince William County | 31 Comments

Notice here that while I’m talking strictly about illegal aliens, which are the focus of the legislative action in Prince William County, Nancy Lyall is acting like this is about immigrants in general.  Didn’t she bother to read the resolution?

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The Left Is Salivating, News Channel 8 May Rejoice

31 August 2007 | Illegal Aliens, Prince William County | 230 Comments

New Channel 8 is probably going to have a remarkably high number of viewers, as the left salivates over their opportunity to see Nancy Lyall take me down in today’s debate, and the right eagerly anticipates being bemused by her comments.  It’s not often that local papers promote this kind of appearance, prompting a lot […]

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Whine And Cheese With Mexicans Without Borders

31 August 2007 | Zapatistas, Prince William County | 7 Comments

Mexicanos Sin Fronteras apparently isn’t too happy that the Washington Post said that they are “divisive” and “radical” and are issuing whiny press releases to complain.  At least they have the sense not to raise the profile of their Zapatista connections that the Washington Post discussed about these guys being a bunch of radical revolutionaries, […]

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The Real Story On Transportation?

31 August 2007 | Virginia Politics | 4 Comments

Heh.  This is pretty funny.

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Warner Expected To Announce Retirement

31 August 2007 | Virginia Politics | 62 Comments

John Warner is going to announce his retirement tomorrow. I for one will have good reason to celebrate.
From his troublesome vacillating on the illegal alien issue, to his joining with Diane Feinstein and Chuck Schumer to rob citizens of their Second Amendment rights, to his recent commitment to American defeat in Iraq, John Warner […]

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Herndon Law Overturned On A Technicality

30 August 2007 | Fairfax County, Illegal Aliens | 19 Comments

A court overturns Herndon’s anti-solicitation ordinance that requires that all hiring of day laborers be done at the official day laborer site in Herndon on a technicality, and John Steinbach of Mexicanos Sin Fronteras claims that this is a “huge victory“.  I guess that’s why the practice of law is restricted to those who actually […]

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The Democrats Speak On Illegal Aliens

30 August 2007 | Illegal Aliens, Virginia Politics | 25 Comments

Senator Roscoe Reynolds is about as good as any other Democratic Senator in Virginia to explain why the Democratic Party of Virginia seems so steadfastly opposed to taking any action at the state level to combat illegal immigration. While Republicans have a strong legislative agenda on this issue that clearly […]

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The MJM Covers Rack N’ Roll’s Boycott Reaction

30 August 2007 | Manassas Park | 29 Comments

Dave Ruttenberg has gotten himself out in front on the immigration debate in the MJM by deciding to draw customers who are members of Help Save Manassas while the immigrant community is conducting a boycott of his business as a result of a resolution passed in a completely different jurisdiction.  So far, few other business […]

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VA Republicans Announce Strong Agenda On Illegals

29 August 2007 | Illegal Aliens, Virginia Politics | 65 Comments

House Speaker William Howell, Senate Majority Leader Walter Stosch, Senator Jay O’Brien and Delegate David Albo announced a tremendous legislative package for the General Assembly to combat the presence of illegal aliens in the Commonwealth. If this agenda passes, which it almost certainly will, and the Governor signs these bills, Virginia will be among […]

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YouTube of Fox News Coverage

29 August 2007 | Illegal Aliens, Prince William County | 15 Comments

This is what ran earlier this week on the Brit Hume show on Fox News. Enjoy. And thanks to whoever got this posted on YouTube!

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ICE Priority One: Inspecting Grapefruit

29 August 2007 | National Politics, Illegal Aliens | 26 Comments

Now that the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement has decided to reassign 1,000 agents who were working on identifying and deporting illegal aliens to perform customs investigations instead, informal arrangements between local and state law enforcement and ICE are likely to suffer. This severely undercuts Governor Kaine’s contention that such arrangements are adequate […]

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Mexicans Without Borders Sends Out The Thugs

29 August 2007 | Illegal Aliens, Crime, Prince William County | 98 Comments

What would a boycott be without enforcers stalking the parking lots of local businesses and threatening customers?
Operatives of Mexicanos Sin Fronteras have been posting operatives in the parking lots of McDonalds, Wal-Mart and Shoppers Food Warehouse, intimidating anyone who appears to be an immigrant to not enter the premises of these businesses.  They are threatening […]

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Fallout in Southside

28 August 2007 | Virginia Politics, Blogs | 10 Comments

The battle between the ODBA and Joe Stanley, the Chairman of the Franklin County Democratic Committee and political consultant to Roscoe Reynolds and several other Democrats is continuing to boil, and about now we can start identifying the political casualties that are likely to result.  I’ve noted before that in my few previous interactions with […]

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Blogger Happy Hour In Prince William

28 August 2007 | Blogs, Prince William County | 36 Comments

A number of Virginia bloggers are interested in gathering in Prince William County to support or business community and stick their finger in the eye of the boycott being coordinated by Mexicanos Sin Fronteras.  Please join me and other Northern Virginian bloggers at Logan’s Road House on Route 234 Saturday evening from 8-9PM for an […]

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Two Illegals Molest A Woman In Woodbridge

28 August 2007 | Illegal Aliens, Virginia Politics | 29 Comments

Here’s a prime example of why Governor Kaine’s refusal to have the Commonwealth enter into the Section 287(g) program is so troubling: Overnight on Sunday evening, Prince William County Police arrested two illegal aliens suspected in a rape sexual assault that happened on Carter Lane in Woodbridge. One of these illegals had previously been […]

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Let’s Debate!

28 August 2007 | Illegal Aliens, Prince William County | 20 Comments

Nancy Lyall, the legal coordinator for Mexicanos Sin Fronteras has agreed to debate me on News Channel 8 during the
NewsTalk with Bruce DePuyt show on Friday afternoon.  If her recent appearance on WMAL 630 is any indication, this ought to be a very interesting program.   The show airs live at 4PM, and is re-broadcast […]

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Kaine Says No To Safety For Virginia Families

28 August 2007 | Illegal Aliens, Virginia Politics | 18 Comments

The petition asking Governor Kaine does seem to be getting the attention of state-level officials, although Kaine’s response so far is that he will refuse to enroll the Commonwealth in the Section 287(g) Program. Meanwhile, Missouri just announced that it will enter into the program:
“We cannot be complacent about illegal immigration, and we cannot […]

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