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NLS: Nichols Leads Gill By 17 Points

By Greg L | 2 August 2007 | 51st HOD District | 36 Comments

Oh my.  This is not good news for Republicans in the 51st District.

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  1. Jonathan Mark said on 2 Aug 2007 at 10:59 pm:
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    I just got back from the Paul Nichols campaign kick-off in Woodbridge. There were 60-100 people there. A number of the people I met there were Republicans. Some of them are posters to this blog. I will let them identify themselves if they wish, since Kopko et al is enforcing (or trying to enforce) party discipline.

    Faisal Gill for some reason was standing with a group of teen-agers by the side of the road leading to Nichol’s house. He was shorter and fatter than I expected, and I didn’t expect much in the way of physical conditioning from this guy.

    Gill and his young followers had a bunch of signs complaining about HOT lanes. He should tell that to his endorser Tom Davis, who is one of the biggest proponents, along with Jim Moran, of HOT lanes in the US Congress.

    One point which the treasurer for the Nichols campaign made is that Faisal Gill is expected to raise $700-$800K in this race, more than Nichols will raise. HOD-51 will probably be the most expensive Delegate’s race in the history of the Commonwealth.

    The treasurer said that Gill has raised about 80% of his funds from out of state, and will probably continue to do so. The treasurer said to the crowd that Gill can raise unlimited amounts from all over the country, and perhaps from outside the country as well.

    After the speech I asked the treasurer if it was legal for candidates to raise money outside of the country. He replied that it is illegal for federal candidates to do so, but may be legal for state candidates to do so.

    Cuccinelli, Lingamfelter et al were all gung ho for abuser fees and voted for them. Lingamfelter even wrote an article defending these abuser fees less than two weeks ago.

    But Lingamfelter and Cuccinelli flipped once they realized how seriously they had misjudged public opinion regarding abuser fees. And at some point Lingamfelter and Cuccinelli will reach the same conclusion regarding Gill, namely that they have seriously misjudged public opinion on this matter.

  2. AWCheney said on 3 Aug 2007 at 12:09 am:
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    If Gill starts getting his money from overseas, that’s GOT to put him firmly on the Feds’ radar!

  3. Jonathan Mark said on 3 Aug 2007 at 12:56 am:
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    Gill may be on their radar now. Remember, Gill and Gallinger partner Asim Ghafoor is currently suing the National Security Agency for listening in on Ghafoor’s overseas phone calls to a fugitive Saudi financier whose Al-Harumain foundation branch in Oregon was shut down for terrorist ties.

  4. Clean it up in '07 said on 3 Aug 2007 at 1:14 am:
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    Would be SHOCKING if Gill broke 40 percent in this election.

  5. Anonymous said on 3 Aug 2007 at 7:39 am:
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    It is illegal for state candidates to take money from outside the United States as well. Gill will funnel the money to his campaign. At least he has associates with experience in that.

  6. Batson D. Belfrey said on 3 Aug 2007 at 8:15 am:
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    Not good news for Kopko, considering he is still sitting on the appeal of the convention. When Gill loses, Kopko should step down.

  7. Bryanna said on 3 Aug 2007 at 9:13 am:
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    On November 7th, all Prince William Republicans can thank Kopko, Gill, and Stewart for turning the county blue.

    People want Integrity over Party, and leadership who will LISTEN. In the end “the people” will come out the winners and the current GOP leadership will be nothing more than lame ducks.

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  8. Loudoun Insider said on 3 Aug 2007 at 9:16 am:
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    What’s the decision from Kopko on Julie Lucas’ appeal? No one should ever forget this episode even though the powers that be want it swept under the rug.

  9. John Light said on 3 Aug 2007 at 10:23 am:
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    LI: There’s the rub, there HAS BEEN NO decision on the Lucas appeal. Remember, Kopko had IMMEDIATELY (possibly even from the convention floor) posted on pwcgop that Faisal was the victor - this announcement was made faster than you can say “Dewey Defeats Truman!”

  10. Springwoods said on 3 Aug 2007 at 10:25 am:
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    Let this sorry episode be a lesson in the power of the PWCRC chairman. In the Spring of 2008, we can take the party back and maybe the nightmare will end.

    By then, Kopko’s support will be reduced to Pakistanis and Democrats.

  11. John Light said on 3 Aug 2007 at 10:35 am:
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    Greg, you wrote “This is not good news for Republicans in the 51st District.” I have to respectfully disagree. While Mr. Nichols may not agree with Republicans on ALL the issues, from an ethical standpoint I say that a Faisal defeat will serve the best interest for ALL of the 51st.

    Right now Faisal is being investigated by I believe Homeland Security. He has outstanding tickets in the state of Maryland for wreckless driving. Let’s pretend in an alternate universe he wins. Then everything comes out and it is NOT favorable to him. Soon, we are having to watch the “Republican from the 51st” have to explain his ties to those interestes outside of the United States who are NOT friendly to the U.S.

    Instead of door knocking last night like any RESPONSIBLE candidate would be doing, it is reported that Faisal instead chose to protest outside of Paul’s house against HOT lanes. Well, it’s nice to see that Faisal is more concerned with HOT lanes than illegal immigration or door knocking, more concerned with disrupting his opponents kickoff than with securing legitimate votes.

  12. Jonathan Mark said on 3 Aug 2007 at 11:55 am:
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    The kids I saw on the side of the road with Gill looked to be high school age at most. Why didn’t the parents who sent their kids out there go hang with Gill themselves?

    Who are these people who send their kids out to stand by the side of the road?

  13. Henry said on 3 Aug 2007 at 1:30 pm:
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    Been away for a while, but I am back. The Gill saga is an extraondinary example of how a special intrest group (in this terrorists) can influence weak minded people like, oh say a party chairman, to ignore the 800 pound gorilla in the room - as in the the invading army wishing to destroy America, in pursuit of their own polictical and/or pocket lining agenda.

    This has already happened on a grander scale on 2000-2001 when the federal government was about to weaken the ability of the justice department to investigate suspect terror ties in order to gain a few voting blocks. Mr. Gill was involved in that too, and fortunately it fell apart at the last minute. As a delegate, he would likely revive that plot…or worse.

    Read Sperry’s work called “Infiltration….” Particular attention to chapters 27 & 28 - that ain’t fiction.

  14. freedom said on 3 Aug 2007 at 1:31 pm:
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    Let’s face it, we will know ONLY about those Gill campaign contributions that are properly reported.

    Gill’s defeat in November should NOT come as a surprise — the entire Republican Committee AND his key supporters (Kopko, Stewart, McQuigg, Bolling, Lingamfelter and Cuccinelli) were all repeatedly warned that this guy was simply not electable — Sen Jay O’Brien even warned the entire convention of that fact on 2 June.

    Yet, his being non-electable made no difference to the politicians — the lure of money and the huge “block vote” that Faisal Gill could deliver to his supporters were just too enticing for them to say “no.”

    Greg….the fact that Gill trails Nichols is bad news for Gill and his elected supporters, it is NOT, repeat NOT bad news for the 51st District. The bad news is that holding that seat in the HOD just wasn’t sufficiently to the PWCRC leadership and the Republican elected officials. I anticipate a number of significant surprises in November.

  15. Jonathan Mark said on 3 Aug 2007 at 2:36 pm:
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    “”"Mr. Gill was involved in that too, and fortunately it fell apart at the last minute. “”"

    Gill as chief lobbyist for the American Muslim Council lobbied to forbid the use of secret evidence in deportation hearings. That meant that once a terrorist had entered the United States legally the federal government would have had to BURN A SOURCE just to deport the terrorist.

    The apostate from Christianity Grover Norquist was all in a tizzie about the prospect of his new friends getting deported in this manner. After all, Norquist, with the zeal of a convert, was convinced that his new friends were going to become the demographic base of the Republican Party.

    Here is what the Washington Post reported in a 7/8/06 article:

    “”"”Frank J. Gaffney Jr., the firebrand director of the Center for Security Policy, has developed an anti-Norquist presentation, complete with charts and graphs, that he has shopped around to other conservatives, saying it shows Norquist’s ties to terrorist sympathizers.

    “This is the perfect moment to get the truth, because guys like Abramoff . . . have a powerful incentive to cooperate and get out the truth. At the very least, the questions should be asked,” Gaffney said.

    At issue is the Islamic Free Market Institute, which Norquist created in 1998 to steer Muslim voters to the GOP. To run the institute, Norquist tapped Khaled Saffuri, whose dealings with the American Muslim Council linked him to Abdurahman M. Alamoudi, a founder of the council, who pleaded guilty in 2004 to accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars from top Libyan officials and admitted participating in a Libyan plot to assassinate then-Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

    Norquist dismisses Gaffney’s charges as anti-Muslim bigotry and part of a long-standing vendetta against him. “”"


    The fix was in. GWB was reportedly willing to meet Norquist/Gill/Alamoudi’s demands. But then 9-11 hit and people saw how fundamentally stupid it would have been to ban the use of secret evidence in deporting 9-11 attackers.

    Norquist realized that he had a losing hand and stopped demanding that the government give up the use of secret evidence in deportation hearings. Anyhow, Norquist had bigger fish to fry. For example, helping an American Muslim Council official to become a state legislator/agent of influence.

    Once enough Faisal Gills and Asim Ghafoors have infiltrated the government there will be plenty of time to repeal the use of secret evidence in deportation hearings and much else, the traitor Norquist must have reasoned.

    Everyone who continues to ally himself with Norquist now that Norquist’s perfidy is known will have a lot to answer for. That includes Cuccinelli who pretended to sign Norquist’s no-new-taxes pledge. We have now found out that “no new taxes” didn’t mean no new Northern Virginia Transportation [Taxing] Authority, which Norquist/Cuccinelli supported and Cuccinelli voted for.

    By the way, Norquist’s now totally discredited ATR has stated that it took no position on the Virginia transportation bill, and that legislators who voted for it did not violate their pledge to ATR not to raise taxes. Cuccinelli, for his part, has stated that signing the pledged “helped me with my branding,” a cynical statement if I have ever heard one.

    People, we are being betrayed. The Republicans at Paul Nichols’ event last night could reform the Republican party, but they fear being purged if they are too open.

    They could even run someone good against Nichols in two years and take back the seat for the Republicans.

  16. freedom said on 3 Aug 2007 at 2:55 pm:
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    Wish I had known you were there last night, Jonathan….would have enjoyed meeting you.

  17. Clean it up in '07 said on 3 Aug 2007 at 8:04 pm:
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    Kopko and Company’s support of Gill had nothing to do with money (he scares more donations away from the party than he can give), nothing to do with a supposed ‘block vote” (a ruse anyway), and absolutely nothing to with who was the conservative on issues (he’s not).

    Their support had EVERYTHING to do with who they could control….and who would be their best puppet.

    Now as I predicted even before the 51st convention….we lose the seat.

  18. Bryanna said on 3 Aug 2007 at 11:02 pm:
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    Besides Gill, the other idiots picketing on Paul Nichols Street were:

    Denny Daughtery Vice Chairman of the Prince William County Republican Committee and President of the Committee of 100

    Jason Suarez PWCRC Operation Chair and team leader on the Mike May campaign.

    How utterly tasteless.

    Paul Nichols supported Michele McQuigg, he is a successful business man, he will be a tough negotiator in Richmond, he genuinely loves Prince William County, and is a class act.

    Gill needs to be scared, because when Nichols cleans his clock, Stewart, McQuigg, Lingamfelter, Bolling, May….you’re going down with the ship!

  19. Clean it up in '07 said on 3 Aug 2007 at 11:09 pm:
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    Face it…this election is over…time to focus on something else.

  20. Bryanna said on 3 Aug 2007 at 11:27 pm:
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    Hey Freedom…wish I would have known it was you!

    It was really great seeing so many of my Republican friends supporting the best candidate for the 51st District…Paul Nichols.

    I know many of my fellow Republicans won’t be voting for Corey in November, but in reality, you need to vote against him. If not, the “block” votes will win and four years of his incompetitence will be devastating to the economic vitality of our county andmay pose a threat to national security.

    More importantly than party is honesty and integrity. I know who I can trust in November and that is Paul Nichols and Sharon Pandak.

  21. Greg L said on 4 Aug 2007 at 12:06 am:
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    If the illegal alien issue is important to you at all, you’ll want to support Corey. Corey has played an important role in the efforts to crack down on illegal aliens and continues to provide invaluable support. I wholeheartedly endorse his candidacy, and urge others to support him as well.

    Sharon Pandak is nothing short of our enemy on this issue. She has been coordinating with the illegal alien apologists and supporting their efforts behind the scenes. She is not supportive of our agenda, would make efforts to roll back our success in the county, and even now is working with our opponents on this issue to return Prince William County to being a sanctuary jurisdiction.

    The difference between these two candidates in my mind could not be more clear.

  22. AWCheney said on 4 Aug 2007 at 2:41 am:
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    Yeah Ari, I have to agree with Greg (much to my chagrin). He’s an opportunist and saw the handwriting on the wall and will, as long as the pressure continues, stay the course on this whereas Pandak will absolutely back Gerhardt (who really needs to go, far more than even Deane). He really lucked out, that this started coming to a head when it did.

  23. Jonathan Mark said on 4 Aug 2007 at 9:43 am:
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    Giving Stewart, McQuigg, Lingamfelter, Cuccinelli and Bolling a free pass on the Gill issue is incredibly dangerous. They will take that free pass and continue to work for infiltration of former chief lobbyists for convicted terrorists into the US government.

    Personally, I question whether Pandak could do as much harm on illegals as Stewart, Cuccinelli and the others have already done on behalf of Gill, Alamoudi, Safa, Asim Ghafoor, Al-Harumain, the American Muslim Council et al.

  24. Jonathan Mark said on 4 Aug 2007 at 9:53 am:
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    I might also mention that, as is even more the case with Gill, there is some question as to how Stewart actually earns his legal fees.

    Some of the people I have spoken with, including some Republicans, think that Stewart represents persons selling weapons to Third World countries and groups, including Middle Eastern and South Asian ones.

    If so Saudis and Arabian Gulf nations are the most likely Corey Stewart weapons clients.

    According to this theory, there is a certain amount of blowback in these transactions, and some of Stewart’s weapons end up with terrorists.

    The Second Amendment guarantees AMERICANS the right to bear weapons. It doesn’t say anything at all about weapons sales to ungodly third world nations. It is incredible to me that Stewart and even more so Gill can run for office without anyone knowing how they are actually getting paid, and by who.

    But that’s politics for you. Remember what Lenin, and he knew, said: “The capitalist will sell you the rope to hang him with.” Perhaps Stewart is selling foreigners the weapons to kill us with.

    We can’t know, because Stewart doesn’t say who is foreign weapons-buying clients are. According to one theory supporters of Gill are hiring Stewart to reward Stewart for supporting Gill.

    Hopefully these issues can reach a wider audience, and there can be public pressure on Stewart to say who his international arms-dealing clients are.

  25. Fed Up#2 said on 4 Aug 2007 at 11:07 am:
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    We need to get Gerhardt fired or retired now.
    The face sticking out with a sign by Fai sil in none other than Denny Dougherty from the western side and he is great at doing protest even if it’s a Republican. If you don’t agree with them you are on their list.
    Denny is a federal enployee and spends alot of day time hours promoting his agenda,but then I guess he’s like the teachers who all take leave to further their cause.

    Does anyone know if there is someone who will lead and start a Help Save Woodbridge?? We really do need one and I am sure there are people out there that care.

  26. Greg L said on 4 Aug 2007 at 3:23 pm:
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    Help Save Woodbridge (or whatever folks decide to call it) will probably get spun off from Help Save Manassas in the next several weeks. Keep watching the Help Save Manassas website, and here, for announcements.

    I would expect this effort to take off in the late August/early September timeframe.

  27. Jonathan Mark said on 4 Aug 2007 at 3:33 pm:
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    Greg, can a Help Save Woodbridge be involved in events not directly related to illegal immigration? Such as opposing the sorts of activities described in Paul Sperry’s excellent book Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives Have Penetrated Washington.

    Except that I would remove the use of the word Muslim and say “Islamist” because there are good and bad Muslims, as there are good and bad everyone else.

    Also care must be taken not to obey campaign finance laws. One could hardly suggest that Gill was violating such laws if one was violating them oneself.

  28. Jonathan Mark said on 4 Aug 2007 at 3:34 pm:
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    Oops! By “not to obey” I meant “not ot disobey!”

  29. freedom said on 5 Aug 2007 at 7:04 pm:
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    …but let’s not forget, Greg, AWC, etal….I’m sure Corey hasn’t forgotten … he’s a politician and a smart one….election day is only three months out.

    What a well-crafted pre-election initiative. They know the overwhelming sentiment of the PWC voters concerning illegal aliens and no action of the BOCS will be required concerning the “illegal alien resolution” until AFTER the election, except to win the favor of “anti-illegal alien” voters like you and me. What happens when the County Exec and the Police Chief return their “OMG, we can’t do anything” reports…and the BOCS comes up with, “Well folks, I’m sorry, but we tried.” How’s THAT for smooth politics? Re-elected based upon confidence and NOTHING!

    I would like to trust them…all of them, but I can’t. Why? Two words — Faisal Gill! Those elected officials who were so hungry for his money…and so needy of the voting block he could deliver…so hungry that they could overlook his repeated association with bad characters, his disregard for DoD and Navy Directives, and his REPEATED and gross disregard for speed limits…those elected officials are professional politicians not deserving of trust.

  30. AWCheney said on 5 Aug 2007 at 8:48 pm:
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    I don’t disagree with you Freedom, which is why I said what I said in the way that I said it. The problem is, it really boils down to a lesser of evils, and Pandak is FAR more likely to buy into Gerhadt’s agenda and, along with it, the illegal alien agenda. The thing about Corey is, however, he IS an opportunist and he knows that this issue is going to be the one that will make or break candidates for some time to come.

  31. freedom said on 5 Aug 2007 at 9:53 pm:
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    You bet, AWC….and I agree re Sharon Pandak, unless, after Labor Day, she really comes out with something new and strong — and I don’t think the Democrats would allow that. My debacle is this: Is it better to sacrifice principle and reward Corey for his unprincipled “…to get reelected, I’m Faisal’s man, regardless of what he is and what he has done,” or is it better to sacrifice principle and go with Sharon Pandak’s whole Democrat philosophy, or finally, is it better to just “no vote it”?

    I’m not worried about Faisal Gill; Paul Nichols can take care of him. I’m concerned about Gill’s baggage handlers. I really, really want the Gill supporting “opportunists” to pay…to learn a lesson…a lesson hopefully to be learned by all politicians who are willing to do ANYTHING to be reelected. (Oh, and although she’s not up for reelection, can’t forget Michelle McQuigg either). Sheeeeeesh!!

  32. Jonathan Mark said on 6 Aug 2007 at 10:45 am:
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    By the way, the Washington Post ran an AP story on 8/5/07 describing Gill and Gallinger partner (one of three) Mr. Asim Ghafoor.


    It seems that Gill and Gallinger partner Mr. Ghafoor has been engaging in some enlightening foreign conversations with one Soliman Al-Buthi, formerly of Ashland, Oregon. Ghafoor’s client Mr. Al-Buthi high-tailed it out of the country some time ago as the feds closed in on his “Islamic charity” Al-Harumain in Oregon.

    Seems that there was a little problem with Al-Harumain financing some very unpleasant characters, and I am not talking about Faisal Gill’s campaign.

    After Asim Ghafoor client–and perhaps Gallinger and Gill client as well–Mr. Al-Buthi made like a banana and split Gill and Gallinger partner Asim Ghafoor remained in contact with him.

    The feds got wind of it and eavesdropped on the conversation. Gill and Gallinger partner Ghafoor got wind of the eavesdropping and is suing the National Security Agency and thus the taxpayers for the sum of $1,000,000.

    But remember, Faisal Gill is against taxes! Why, he even says so!

    And he is against fugitive terorrist financiers like Mr. Al-Buthi. Why, he even says so!

    And although Gill and Gallinger advertises for illegal immigrant clients, Faisal Gill is against illegal immigration. Why, he even says so!

    Before he was banned for life from BVBL, the Faisal Gill supporter Charles Reichley posted some interesting assertions as to why conservatives should support Gill. Charles argued that it didn’t matter what Gill had done or said in the past.

    Rather, Charles pointed out, he had asked Faisal Gill if Faisal Gill was against terrorism, and Gill said that he was! That was suffiicent for many of the stooges who are selling out the United States and trying to send Asim Ghafoor’s law partner to Richmond.

    I don’t care if Faisal Gill served in the JAG Corps. Timothy McVeigh served in the US Army.

    Given Ghafoor’s current activities under no circumstances should a Gill and Gallinger partner be in the Virginia legislature. If Gill and Gallinger’s three partners want to practice that kind of law then fine, but DON’T RUN FOR OFFICE.

  33. David said on 6 Aug 2007 at 5:04 pm:
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    Just another reason why I supported Julie Lucas — Gill is unelectable and has the potential to tank the entire GOP ticket in PWC.

  34. freedom said on 6 Aug 2007 at 6:11 pm:
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    You can thank Tom Kopko, Corey Stewart, Michelle McQuigg, Scott Lingamfelter, Kenny Cuccinelli, and our beloved Bill Bolling for that, David. They KNEW it was coming!! :(

  35. Bryanna said on 7 Aug 2007 at 9:35 am:
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    It is important to think out of the box when voting this election cycle.

    The thought of electing a Democrat over a Republican raises concerns for higher taxes, bigger government etc. and Sharon have the guts to take action that is long over due in our county government such as the dismissal of Gerhardt, Deane, Briley, Noorbakhsh, Horton, and other over paid staff.

    Let’s face facts, just what has Corey accomplished?
    Gary Friedman: Hired his Democrat opponent to work in the Chairman’s office and appointed him to the Planning Commission. Why? So he wouldn’t run against him in 2007.

    Budget: He raised the property tax rate! Property tax bill’s reflected an increase in land value, while slightly decreased the dwelling. What reduction in taxes?

    Failed to hold Budget Committee meetings to “scrub” the budget.

    Planning Commission: Was unable to get the meetings televised or on the Internet.

    He supported NVTA by voting in favor of it.

    BOCS meetings: The debacle with John Stirrup’s note to Corey that he openly shared. At the Alien Resolution meeting Corey was unable to control the cheering, which was started first by GOP’s cheering and the Hispanics followed. He made poor decisions in managing citizen’s time.

    Divided the party by encouraging Republicans to run against other Republicans.

    And then there is Gill……..

    Corey Stewart can’t be trusted, he is an opportunist, makes bad decisions, has a horrible work ethic and is a drunk. He is an embarrassment to this community.

    We cannot continue with 4 more years of this. We got him the job, he failed. There is no question that Sharon has her weaknesses but her strength is in the relationships she can bring to Prince William such as Mark Warner.

    Stewart must go, along with Kopko, May, McQuigg, who all participated in the 51st convention. Lingamfelter, Cuccinelli and Bolling accepted Gill’s money and therefor they must go, too.

  36. Harry said on 31 Aug 2007 at 10:57 am:
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    You know he’s lying when his lips are moving

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