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The Debate, Part 1

By Greg L | 31 August 2007 | Illegal Aliens, Prince William County | 31 Comments


Notice here that while I’m talking strictly about illegal aliens, which are the focus of the legislative action in Prince William County, Nancy Lyall is acting like this is about immigrants in general.  Didn’t she bother to read the resolution?

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  1. manassascityresident said on 31 Aug 2007 at 10:06 pm:
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    Greg -
    That’s the first thing I noticed - she never once mentioned “illegals” … only immigrants. You have much more control than I……….you handled yourself like a pro.

  2. redawn said on 31 Aug 2007 at 10:10 pm:
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    Ditto! EXCELLENT!

  3. citizenofmanassas said on 31 Aug 2007 at 10:17 pm:
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    People who support illegals have to lie. How else do you explain their double speak?

  4. Michael said on 31 Aug 2007 at 10:39 pm:
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    Well done Greg, you focused on “illegal” immigrant activity, she focused on trying to lump everyone into “immigrants who have been here forever”.
    and deserve special treatment even if they are “illegal”.

  5. Michael said on 31 Aug 2007 at 10:47 pm:
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    I’ll bet putting up green signs that support one ethnic group’s special interests only, is constitutionally equivalent to the KKK putting on white robes and demanding privileges only for their own ethnic group to go into a store to shop or boycott another race’s business. Lets humor thier twisted belief system by putting a green sign over the drinking fountains next and tell people if you don’t advocate for “illegal” aliens, you have to sit inthe back of the bus. How about the guy who sees a member of his own ethnic group and threatens him if he goes into the store?
    Union boycotts were not divided along ethnic lines, that was illegal in the US constitution.
    Nancy is an idiot who doesn’t get it, she should read the constitution and the purpose of the 14th admentment again.

    When will people learn…

  6. redawn said on 31 Aug 2007 at 10:51 pm:
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    You have me laughin’ KUDOS- EXCELLENT POINT.

  7. Claire Gastanaga said on 31 Aug 2007 at 11:13 pm:
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    Nancy talks about immigrants as a community because, regardless of whether you agree with her policy positions, she gets what you folks aren’t willing to even hear or consider — that no matter your intent or your aim, the effect of your acidic rhetoric (like comparing anyone who is in the country without authority regardless of their conduct since arriving to criminal child molesters) and your vitriole (which you acknowledge is meant to spread fear among illegal immigrants and intimidate them into leaving your communities) is a reasonable and growing fear among all people of color and language minorities residing within hearing distance of the “sound” of your “voice.”

    This fear is particularly rational when immigrants in Prince William know that they are disproportionately victims of street robberies and that a father of three was shot by teens who admitted in guilty pleas that they were “out to get a Mexican.” Yet, not one leader in Prince William nor in your movement has ever acknowledged the murder or expressed concern about the racial/ethnic motivation of the perpetrators who obviously didn’t ask for the victim’s papers before they shot him seven times. To immigrants in your community, your silence speaks volumes, particularly in light of your persistant publication on this blog of any information or rumor that you can get your hands on (no matter how poorly “sourced” or documented; including using the term rape when it clearly did not apply) about any crime/infraction in which a person alleged to be undocumented was involved. [Now don’t go off on your I’m an “apologist for criminal aliens” rant here because that simply isn’t true. I have said time and again that I personally believe that any person who is not in this country legally who commits a crime should be prosecuted, sentenced and serve time just like anyone else and be deported to their home country immediately at the end of their sentence.]

    Whatever your intent, it is your very unwillingness to assign any validity to the rational concern about the predictable effects of your one-sided rhetoric, shared by many immigrants who are your neighbors, that invites many who listen to you speak or read your writings to doubt the sincerity of your mantra that you are simply “about the rule of law” and that your aren’t “anti-immigrant” …”some of your best friends are immigrants.”

    Like it or not, you are just as responsible for the effect of your words as for your intent. No one cares whether someone who yells “fire” in a theater as a joke was “intending” to cause a panic or not, and for good reason. They hold you accountable for the predictable effect of doing so.

    So, if it isn’t your intent to spread fear and loathing into the immigrant community at large (and I accept at face value your assertion that it is not), what are you prepared to do to acknowledge that the fear exists and that it has a predicate basis in reality? Saying that people shouldn’t feel this way doesn’t cut it and shows a lack of sensitivity.

    What are you prepared to do to help community leaders respond to and alleviate the fear that is the predictable consequence of your ill-tempered and unnecessarily inflammatory rhetoric?

    If the answer is nothing, then, members of the immigrant community have every right to conclude that you don’t care about the hostile environment for all immigrants that is the predictable and growing reality in your community and that, in fact, it might be reasonable to conclude that secretly you and your allies welcome this result.

  8. citizenofmanassas said on 31 Aug 2007 at 11:59 pm:
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    Are you saying only “people of color” can be illegal? If not why did you single only them out for the only ones that will be affected?

    Should people who rob banks fear being caught? Should we because of that fear allow let them know they have nothing to fear and to continue to rob banks?

    Should rapists fear being caught? If so, should we allow them to continue to rape without the fee of being caught?

    Should people who have not been drinking fear being pulled over at a DUI checkpoint and being charged with DUI without first being able to explain they have not been drinking.

    People who do not break the law, should not have to have their hands held by the Government in order to alleviate a made up fear.

    It is proven, people can make due without always having the Government provide for them.

  9. citizenofmanassas said on 1 Sep 2007 at 12:02 am:
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    Nancy thinks only hispanics can be illegal, otherwise she would not be concerned with racial profiling. There are lots of illegals from many other Countries besides those that are made up of a hispanic majority.

  10. Greg L said on 1 Sep 2007 at 12:05 am:
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    This hostile environment is entirely caused by the irresponsible actions of Mexicanos Sin Fronteras which has consistently represented legislative action in Prince William County aimed at combating illegal aliens as an attack on the immigrant community. They go out and tell folks that the police will start conducting immigration raids, which they’re not, or that we’re going to start checking papers at Splashdown Water Park, and no one has ever suggested any such thing. Mexicanos Sin Fronteras is instilling fear and panic with their intemperate rhetoric, and somehow Help Save Manassas is to blame? That’s plain goofy.

    So how about Mexicanos Sin Fronteras admit it’s deliberately instilling fear for the purpose of gaining control over the immigrant community, and we’ll continue to talk about the facts of the resolution and point out that it deliberately spells out that the horror stories that Mexicanos Sin Fronteras is promoting are not true.

    Every interview I do, I talk about how legal residents and citizens should have nothing to fear. I’ll add to that — if any of them feel that they were unfairly treated, Help Save Manassas will come to their assistance, because nobody is under the illusion that Mexicanos Sin Fronteras will ever be able to effectively help them.

  11. Maureen Wood said on 1 Sep 2007 at 12:15 am:
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    Claire Gastanaga-

    Lets talk figures. 43% of robbery victims in Prince William County were Hispanic last year. What I bet you didn’t know is that 21% of robbery SUSPECTS were Hispanic. Murders since 2004 in Prince William County Non-Hispanic suspects-18, Hispanic suspects 10. Unfortunately these are not broken down into legal and illegal. So we now know they are committing crimes.

    The point that is being made here is, if these illegal’s weren’t here in the first place the crimes that they committed would never have happened. That isn’t hard to understand.

    Mexicanos Sin Frontreras and the Woodbridge Workers Committee are the ones that are not telling the immigrant community the truth. They and other illegal alien lobbyists are telling them that there grandmother is going to die because they can’t call 911, actually Father Bob from Unity in the Community said that. These groups are still saying that the police will pull people over because of their skin color. Untrue! They have to be breaking the law. And if the police are pulling people over based on their skin color they need to lose their job.

    When you separate illegal from legal MSF and WWC has no more argument. So they will always link the two together, never separating them.

  12. Maureen Wood said on 1 Sep 2007 at 12:24 am:
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    Greg- BTW you did good. I forgot who said they would put this on youtube but I want to thank them for doing it.

  13. redawn said on 1 Sep 2007 at 12:35 am:
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    That would be “G” G Man- Thank you ! Thank you! :)

    And Greg, I am PROUD to be a member of HELP SAVE MANASSAS :) Thank you!

  14. James Young said on 1 Sep 2007 at 12:39 am:
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    Nice job. Too bad you didn’t nail this chick on that “racism” doubletalk. “Nobody’s calling anyone a racist,” but “this is racially motivated.” Reminds me of something someone else once said….. Oh, never mind.

  15. Lafayette said on 1 Sep 2007 at 12:42 am:
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    You are so right. I too am a PROUD member of HSM, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I do a bumper sticker that reads…Greg L is my President.

  16. Lafayette said on 1 Sep 2007 at 12:46 am:
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    do NEED a bumper sticker.

  17. Dave B. said on 1 Sep 2007 at 12:57 am:
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    Wow, I am gone for a day and look at what happens! Well done Greg and nicely spoken as usual. You are a true leader as usual.

    Claire: Cry me a river please. If they hadn’t chosen to steal across the border then they wouldn’t be in this position now would they? Nothing you can say can EVER get past that point. You reap what you sow.

  18. citizenofmanassas said on 1 Sep 2007 at 1:01 am:
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    One thing I forget to add. I love the fact Nancy also blames Corporations from America for the loss of jobs and land in Mexico, and not the fact the Mexican Government is run by a bunch of idiots who could care less about their population.

    The fact many corporations are moving production to Mexico is a good thing for them, and a bad thing for us, but that gets lost on her, because God forbid if she blames anybody from Mexico for their problems.

  19. Dave B. said on 1 Sep 2007 at 1:18 am:
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    For real! The corrupt bourgeois in Mexico have been stealing the commoners blind for well over 100 years now and this woman has the “cojones” to insinuate that Americans and our trade policy are responsible for this? I am sure that we aren’t helping it, but it has been going on for much longer than we have been adding to the problem.

    The fact that these cowards have been unable or unwilling to force change in their own absurdly corrupt country in over 100 years is so sad as to be beyond words.

    Nancy Lyall is obviously an intelligent and well-spoken woman, but she is rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. She is defending the indefensible.

  20. josh said on 1 Sep 2007 at 1:52 am:
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    not exactly sure what you are drinking but I want some of it!

    get your facts straight, wondering where you pulled those statistics from. you only have to look at the news to see the crimes committed by illegal immigrants all over the united states (new jersey murders, prince william rapes and molestations, robbery, the list goes on)

    not saying that only illegals commit these crimes but does it not make sense that if we remove that segment of population there would be less crime? Common sense comes into play here and your posts have none of that.

    Life will be so much better without illegals…This movement is snowballing against them and it’s only going to get more uncomfortable them to be here…it’s only a matter of time before there are so many laws that it will be pointless for them to come here and work. Those who are here will leave because businesses wont hire them without fear of losing their license (Look at Arizona, my home state got something right)

    get your argument correct, illegal is illegal no matter how you slice it.

  21. Legal2 said on 1 Sep 2007 at 7:08 am:
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    Actually, life is getting uncomfortable for the legal latinos, also, due to the fact that MSF/WWC/Unity are lumping them in with the illegals who are the actual subjects of the resolution. Too bad they are spreading fear into the communities needlessly. But they are not winning any friends with their activism.

  22. Mimi Schaeffer said on 1 Sep 2007 at 11:33 am:
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    The hostile environment is due to the over-the-top rhetoric, which thankfully was missing in this very civil exchange.

  23. Claire Gastanaga said on 1 Sep 2007 at 12:09 pm:
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    Josh … got my stats on crime in Prince William from reports by law enforcement authorities in Prince William not from “news” stories which we all know highlight some cases and ignore others depending on their point of view (liberal and conservative sources alike). Try going to original sources rather than making smirky comments about my sobriety.

    Greg and others:

    I just keep wondering why it is so difficult for Greg and his supportive commenters on this blog to even acknowledge that two native born teens in Prince William killed a person because they said were out to “get a Mexican,” to express sympathy for the victim and his family and to say that the ethnically motivated crime was a bad thing that we should all work hard to keep it from happening again. Young people take their lead from the actions/words of adults. Your silence on this issue sends the implicit message of approval.

    You all are right, though, to remind us all that 40% of the people estimated to be here in this country without authorization are not Hispanic/Latino, and that means that there are millions of non-Hispanic/Latino people among the estimated 12 million people here without authority.

    But, the fact is that most of the attention and complaints in Prince William and the other NOVA suburbs are specifically focused on Latino/Hispanic people, including the anger focused on the presence of Spanish as a first or second language in our country, the decrying of the so-called “assaults” on our “American” culture, etc.

    We have passed this way before … Japanese internment, Chinese exclusion act, state laws banning the teaching of German in the 30’s. It is sad that we haven’t learned well from past struggles with our fear of new Americans and the “differences” they bring to our culture and our communities.

    I do appreciate the creativity you use to turn the responsibility for the increasingly hostile environment for all people of color and language minorities in your community back on the advocates for the Latino community. If those advocates have used intemperate language in communicating with community members that has had the effect of increasing fear among members of immigrant communities I would hope that community leaders could come together to address that issue. However, their speech to members of the immigrant community is not responsible for the increasing hostility toward people of color and language minorities shown by non-minority members of the community. That is fueled increasingly by your rhetoric which, whether you mean it to be or not, is seen as “unwelcoming” by most members of the immigrant community, including those who are seen as “immigrants” simply because of their color or ethnicity or their “foreign” accents but are native born second and third generation Americans citizens or citizens by birth like Puerto Ricans.

    The immigration system is broken. It does threaten our national security to have people in this country who are unknown and unidentified. We do need to have a system in place that will protect us, help us continue to grow our economy and provide a path out of the darkness for the millions now living in the shadows. The only way that we will get that is if all of the energy and emotion now being focused on local efforts of potential de minimus effect on the immigration problem and of potential devastating effect on the spirit of the community are refocused on the federal government and Congress who do have the power, authority and responsibility to regulate and enforce the immigration laws of this country.

    Have you called your Congressman/Senator today?

  24. JM said on 1 Sep 2007 at 5:02 pm:
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    That is the strangest debate I have ever seen! You were asked different questions, and callers were allowed to step up on soapboxes and push their own agendas. Rules? I doubt there were any!

    A few random thoughts.

    Nancy Lyall is aptly named, for ALL she does is LIE. Racist and racism are her group’s favorite buzzwords.

    She seems to equate the resolution with Hispanics. For one thing, the PWC resolution mentions no race, nationality, or ethnicity, only residency status. As long as everyone who uses county services or who is arrested or pulled over for traffic violotions by county police is asked for proof of legal residency, there is no racial profiling.

    This week the commonwealth released the number of illegal felons in state prisons, broken down by nationality. 5% of illegels in prison were German. My ancesters were German. I look German. Even if police or county employees consider my teutonic looks suspect, I don’t mind. I can PROVE I am here legally.

    My point is, illegals come here from almost every part of the world. Most are Hispanic, but that is only because proximity makes it easier for them to get here. However, significant numbers come from the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, and Europe, especially former Soviet Bloc countries. An illegal can look like anyone. If the counties goal is to only target illegal residents, then they will have to ask everyone the same questions and require the same documentation. It is the only fair way, and no one has proposed that the county do anything else.

    And kudos to the caller who pointed out the crowded households take far more services than they pay for. This increases the burden for the rest of us.

    I am disappointed that no one pointed out that housing costs are necessarily the only reason for overcrowding. Remittances take money earned here illegally and transfer it out of our community and our economy. Many of these families could afford their own residences, but choose to send their money elsewhere.

  25. JM said on 1 Sep 2007 at 5:22 pm:
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    It isn’t that we don’t acknowledge that two teens killed a hispanic, but it’s that the killing is irrelevant to the discussion. Of course it happened and it’s wrong, and the legal system is dealing with it as it should. Of course we have home grown criminals and that is a problem.

    The reason the focus is on illegals is that illegals commit crimes that should not have happened here because the criminals should not have been here in the first place. it also does not matter whether illegals commit more or fewer crimes than home grown criminals. Even one crime committed by someone who has no right to be here is one crime too many. We have to deal with our own low life, but we do not need the additional burden of other nation’s criminals.

  26. James Young said on 1 Sep 2007 at 8:15 pm:
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    citizenofmanassas makes a good point, one that I had meant to raise. Clearly, Greg’s opponents is straight out of the anti-NAFTA, anti-Free Trade, moonbat wing of the far Left. That kind of rhetoric was a real tip-off to her credentials in that regard.

  27. citizenofmanassas said on 1 Sep 2007 at 9:23 pm:
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    You are just another liberal who believes they have all the answers, and everyone else that does not believe the same is simply wrong. What is it about you liberals, that y’all think you have to write novels to make a single point? You are wrong, there is no defense for illegals, so you attempt to muddy the argument with lengthy bs that makes zero sense.

    The only people to blame for those “living in the shadows( do you get your talking points from Bush?) are the illegals. If they did not want to live in the shadows, they could have come here legally, like so many millions of immigrants before them. But, they chose to break the law, and they deserve everything negative that comes their way.

    BTW, why did you not answer my questions regarding DUIs, and bank robbers? I will tell you why, because you can’t. If you did, you would have to admit illegals are scum of the earth and are in fact criminals.

    What the Hell is a “person of color” I thought everyone had color.

    The reason they can afford to send money back home is they are living in overcrowded homes, and do not pay their fair share of taxes. If they did, they would not be able to send money home.

    Hell, if I did the same, I could live in a far larger home and spend a far larger amount of money. However, I tend to want to follow the law…. unlike illegals.

  28. Hootie said on 1 Sep 2007 at 11:12 pm:
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    citizenofmanassas, the illegals come here for jobs. Economic forces largely beyond their control. You would do the same in ther position. It doesnt excuse the unlawful things they do, but it ehlps illuminate the problem. Why are you ignoring that?

  29. AWCheney said on 2 Sep 2007 at 1:14 am:
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    “I just keep wondering why it is so difficult for Greg and his supportive commenters on this blog to even acknowledge that two native born teens in Prince William killed a person because they said were out to “get a Mexican,”….”

    And Claire, I find it strange that this one incident is the ONLY example that you have been able to offer of such a crime in threads going back for weeks, when others have offered NUMEROUS equally egregious crimes committed by Hispanics in our area over the same period. You need a new playbook Claire…you hand was trumped long ago. And when you ask me, “where is your outrage,” I must say that I expressed it the first few times you brought it up.

  30. citizenofmanassas said on 3 Sep 2007 at 3:50 pm:
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    So, it is OK to break the law in order to get a job? It is OK to break the law to make money? Why should you and I follow the law, and expect others not to? I was laid off from my job earlier this year, did I break the law in order to gain new employment? Nope. What I did do was look for a new job using the internet, paper, and placement agencies.

    Stop making excuses for illegals.

  31. Michael said on 4 Sep 2007 at 2:36 pm:
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    You just don’t get it. This issue is about lawlessness and the declining ethics, financial welfare plummit and ethnic racial issues caused by a group of people who don’t understand or care about our laws and American value system.

    When you are “illegal” regardless of race, color, religion, gender, ethnicity, marital status, or physical handicap, you are still breaking the law of the land and showing the people who live in this land called the US of America you don’t care.

    You will steal money from them (the people who live here legally and must pay tax and follow the law) and claim it is your right to do so, by taking the jobs away that they used to have and were paid for at a wage level necessary for them to live comfortably, and now cannot take because the wages “illegals” are willing to take are desperate wages. These wages won’t suffice unless you break the law by not paying taxes, live in a single family home and rent out to at least 4 other people who can pay your rent or mortgage for you, get free medical care without paying taxes for it like other legal people have to, get free education without paying tax for it like other legal people have to, and cause communities to decline into the same ethics trashpit of the nations you left behind, because your police are corrupted, your communities are over-run with gansters and your business owners have grown up with an ethic of “get rich and pay everyone who works for you below subsistant wages.” You are willing to create black markets, conduct illegal business, avoid import duties, ship drugs illegally over the border (both legal drugs and illegal drugs), hire only people of your same ethnic background, shun and boycott businesses of other races, live only in communities who will speak only your language, follow only your religion, give jobs only to you, sell things to you or barter with you at prices that are twice as low as what you will “bargain” to other races not like yours. This happens because the countries you came from “illegally” have people who don’t believe in “individual freedom”, who discrimminate and give special privileges to only certain ethnic groups, certain genders and certain religions, and who have leaders who do not make laws that protect individual freedoms, pass laws that equally apply and are enforced equally on everyone and protect people from racial bias (I.E you advocate that only certain races in your countries, certain religions in your country, certain genders in your country, certain ethnic groups in your country are privilged and deserve special rights that the other ethnic groups in your country are deprived from. I know this first hand in countries outside of mine where I have seen this happening. (IRAN, IRAQ, Vietnam, KOREA, Columbia, PERU, Mexico, South Africa, Ethiopia, China, Panama, Russia and many others too numerous to remember). THIS country is one of the few countries with laws designed and enforced to NOT DO THIS, and this is why we are WEALTHY, and other countries are POOR. We protect our people from RACIAL, RELIGIOUS and GENDER BIASED laws and pay everyone “LIVING WAGES”, by passing miinimum wages laws and making sure business owners pay LEGAL fair wages and TAXES to support the POOR. People of the Nation and “illegals”, HERE ME LOUD and CLEAR. I was a soldier who saw almost every country in the world, especially the countries at WAR (Ethnic war and Religious WAR). THIS issue is about breaking the law, and then advocating that your Ethnic Group, Religion or racial GROUP deserves special treatment by the government, and that no one else matters. THIS issue is about ethnic and religious GROUPS dividing into political parties, then taking over local governments and making the lives of only their race, religion or ethnic group better. This issue is about coming into a country ILLEGALLY and thumbing your nose at the rule of law and dividing into ETHNIC POLITICAL GROUPS with external revolutionary militia backing and advocating that YOUR ETHNIC GROUP AND YOUR ETHNIC GROUP ALONE deserves special financial advantages, special language treatment, special religious rights, special services and special laws, just because you want everyone to consider you a POOR LEGAL IMMIGRANT, when you are NOT. You are an ILLEGAL immigrant who does not respect the laws of the people of this nation. You believe this based on the laws you ignored or did not have in your former country and the ethics lifestyle you led in your former country and the laws you understood in your former country and the behavior in politics you had in your former country. THIS is what we as US Citizens are trying to prevent from happening in OUR Country, by making sure when you immigrate into our country, you do so LEGALLY, are taught our LAWS, our CONSTITUTIONAL concepts about EQUALITY and support our SOCAL WAR against RACIAL, RELIGIOUS, GENDER or ETHNIC GROUP privilege. This is what “illegals” do not understand and this is why we are going to force them to go back home and put their own countries policical Injustices right, rather than destroying ours. Tihs country is now DECLINING and DIVIDING POLITICALLY because our ethnic groups are advocating for SPECIAL RACIAL CLASS PRIVILEGES, SPECIAL RELIGIOUS PRIVILEGES, and SPECIAL GENDER privileges. When “Illegal” immigrating people of ALL NATIONS understand and abide by this principal, then we will extend them a welcome hand back, only if they follow our laws, and follow the process of coming into our country as a legal immigrant. A legal immigrant must pax tax, will not get free benefits, but will pay taxes for those benefits. They will compete with all citizens for jobs at an income level that is fair and balanced for ALL based on the requrement to pay tax, have a social security card, a legal drivers license, be a “legal” registered voter, not be allowed to hire only people of their own race in a “LEGAL” business, speak a language that ALL races, religions, and genders in this land UNDERSTAND, be required to respect the rights of ALL races, religions and genders by not letting any ONE of them have special privileges that the others don’t get (Like have an ethnic school for every racial group represented in this country and a language posted in business for every racial group represented in this country). I have seen with my own eyes what DIVIDING a NATION into Racial, Ethnic, gender, and Religious groups will do to countries. I FOUGHT to protect people of the world FROM this social decay and militant leaders who would advocate for it, just like my ancestors fought NAZI Leadership oppression in GERMANY and am now FIGHTING in my own native land to prevent it from happening here like it has in EVERY other country I’ve been to without these laws enforced. THIS is what FREEDOM is. The right to CHOOSE your LIFESTYLE legally, protect your individual freedom (not your ethnic, gender, religious, racial GROUP rights exclusively of the rights of others), and achieve personal FREEDOM without hurting others not like yourself and to respect laws equitably and fairly, i.e FREEDOM and JUSTICE FOR ALL.

    It’s not about your “Mexicans without Borders” special racial issues. Its about holding all of you who would break the law accountable, INCLUDING the two young punks who attacked those poor innocent people ” out to GET a Mexican”. This is terribly WRONG to do. YES we abhorr it! YES we want to make sure racially motivated crime is stamped out. YES we want to make sure all you ILLEGALS out there respect our laws, are punished for breaking them, and are not allowed to operate your own Black markets, special interest ETHNIC POLITICS and kill some other poor group of innocent kids for you own financial or racially motivated gain. (remember the other crimes too!, MOST of WHICH ARE a RESULT of ILLEGAL Criminal behavior, formed in GANGs, MAFIAS and criminal element along RACIAL lines!

    My BOLDs are for emphasis, not shouting. They are an attempt to get it through your thick heads (those of you who feel sorry for people who break the law), you have not traveled the world like I have and seen it first hand in other countries, and am now seeing it here too. DIVERSITY will divide and destroy a nation, especially when the DIVERSITY is ILLEGAL.

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