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Miller And Rishell, Colgan and Fitzsimmonds Face Off Thursday

30 September 2007 | 29th VA Senate, 50th HOD District | 7 Comments

The Prince William Committee of 100 debates on Thursday, October 4th should be REALLY interesting.  First up will be a brawl between 50th District Delegate Jackson Miller and Jeanette “Moonfruit” Rishell, who have been exchanging mailers and robo-calls in a campaign that Rishell turned into a negative campaign fight complete with blatant and outrageous lies.  […]

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Moran, Kaine and Warner: Disturbing Ties To Radical Islam

30 September 2007 | Virginia Politics | 71 Comments

The Esam Omeish story, one of Governor Kaine appointing a radical Islamist to a Virginia commission, isn’t an isolated instance of a jihadist managing to slip through the shoddy vetting process of some Kaine Administration functionary. Rather, this is an example of the influence that Muslim activists have managed to obtain within the leadership […]

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HSM On National Public Radio

29 September 2007 | Illegal Aliens, Prince William County | 7 Comments

NPR’s “All Things Considered” show ran a story on Help Save Manassas yesterday. Their website, which is maddeningly Linux-unfriendly, makes it impossible for me to see if this is the right link for this show, but I believe for you Windows users out there you can hear the segment on HSM by clicking here.

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This Might Be Called A Consensus

29 September 2007 | National Politics, Illegal Aliens | 110 Comments

PBS, not known for being a bastion of conservative thought on many issues, has an interesting poll on it’s website asking visitors what they think we should do about the illegal alien problem. There’s a host of different policy options that users can select from, from giving amnesty to all illegal aliens, a guest […]

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MJM Blows Coverage On Rishell’s False Claims

29 September 2007 | Jeanette Rishell, 50th HOD District | 26 Comments

The Manassas Urinal-Massager tries in today’s edition to cover the controversy regarding Jeanette Rishell’s blatantly false claims in her campaign materials, and gives it as little ink as possible. Although the reporter investigates the claims and shows them to be entirely without merit, this short article only investigates one of the false claims being […]

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Kaine Appointee: Don’t Repeat Jefferson’s “Model”

28 September 2007 | Virginia Politics | 14 Comments

The huge pile of evidence that Governor Kaine appointed a jihadist radical to the Virginia Commission on Immigration continues to build, casting doubt on the Governor’s claims that he and his staff were unaware of Dr. Esam Omeish’s previously well-documented statements. There is so much here that it’s getting awfully difficult to believe that […]

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RSLC Hits Colgan

28 September 2007 | 29th VA Senate | 4 Comments

Beneath the surface, Chuck Colgan isn’t the illegal alien opponent that he claims to be.  Which pill are you going to take, the red one or the blue one?
Let’s see just how far this rabbit hole goes…
H/T: State News Shot

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The HRC Predictably Serves Up A Whopper

28 September 2007 | Prince William County | 17 Comments

The Prince William County Human Rights Commission has released it’s “report” on the Reaffirmation of Law Resolution passed unanimously by the Board of County Supervisors on July 10th, and it’s everything I expected it to be and more. There are few documents produced at taxpayer expense that are as biased in their statements, so […]

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Fun With A Colgan Campaign Volunteer

28 September 2007 | 29th VA Senate | 45 Comments

I just love it when a campaign volunteer knocks on my door.  It’s even better than having a Jeanette Rishell phonebanking call and answer “absolutely not” when they ask whether Jeanette can count on my support.
Just a moment ago, a volunteer for Senator Chuck Colgan knocked on my door looking for my wife while we […]

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Tim Kaine: I See No Evil

28 September 2007 | Virginia Politics | 46 Comments

Governor Kaine is trying to tell folks that he wasn’t aware of what Esam Omeish was saying and blaming this on his staff as if he was Jim Webb trying to worm his way out of answering questions about smuggling guns into the District of Columbia.  If this guy had a low profile, I might […]

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Maryland Welcomes Our Illegal Aliens

28 September 2007 | Illegal Aliens | 26 Comments

Apparently Montgomery County, Maryland wants all of our illegal aliens to move there.
Montgomery County Council: No need for immigration training
Montgomery County Council members stood united at a town meeting in Derwood against pursuing such training under federal program 287(g), in which U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement trains local law enforcement to conduct residency status checks […]

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Mexicans Without Borders To Protest In Manassas

28 September 2007 | Zapatistas, Illegal Aliens, Manassas City | 120 Comments

Mexicans Without Borders is planning to have a bit of a demonstration tomorrow morning in Old Town Manassas at the site of the current ugly example of urban decay that they’ve erected at the corner of Liberty and Prince William Streets. They’ve named this eyesore the “liberty wall” in the same fashion as their […]

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11th District Appeal Denied

28 September 2007 | PWCRC | 79 Comments

The Republican 11th District Committee met last night to consider Julie Lucas’ appeal of Tom Kopko’s decision, and the appeal was denied not on the basis of any arguments made for or against the appeal, but because Julie hadn’t obtained an additional twenty-five signatures to support it — a requirement not found anywhere in the […]

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Find This Missing Child

28 September 2007 | Crime | 65 Comments

There’s a twelve year old missing girl in our area since September 18th, and readers believe this young girl has been recently seen in Manassas Park in the vicinity of 175 Cabbel Street and 103 Yost Drive.  Her name is Kayla Suthard, and she is about 5′ 3″ and weighs 105 pounds.  She has […]

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More On Kaine’s (Now) Former Appointee

27 September 2007 | Virginia Politics | 19 Comments

Can you believe that Governor Kaine didn’t know about this when he appointed this guy to the Virginia Commission on Immigration? This stuff is littered all over the internet!
I think this guy is praising Hamas in this video. Unbelievable.

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George Barker: Throwing In The Towel On Illegal Aliens

27 September 2007 | 39th VA Senate, Illegal Aliens | 1 Comment

Courtesy of the RSLC.  George Barker really is this bad on the illegal alien problem, and I hope he gets hit on it hard and often.  I do love it when candidates pander to the RK crowd and give me ammunition like this.

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Kaine Dumps Omeish

27 September 2007 | Virginia Politics | 39 Comments

Dr. Esam Omeish, Governor Kaine’s appointee to the Virginia Commission on Immigration, has resigned from the commission today. Governor Kaine was questioned earlier today about his appointment of a known islamist radical to this commission, but claimed ignorance of Omeish’s background. At least this guy is off the commission, but so far Governor […]

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Kaine’s Appointee A Sharia Law Advocate

27 September 2007 | Virginia Politics | 32 Comments

Courtesy of the Gates Of Vienna blog, we learn that Governor Kaine’s appointee on the Virginia Commission on Immigration is not only an anti-semetic islamist, but that he has actually advocated for the imposition of Sharia law on the United States.  Just what are the limits when these folks talk about the supposed value of […]

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The Agitator Weighs In On Rack n’ Roll

26 September 2007 | Rack & Roll Scandal | Comments Off

The Agitator has a strong post up condemning the actions of the Manassas Park government which has lead to their destroying the business of a local poll hall owner.  Some might think a whole lot about what happens with a business like this, but it begs the question of if this can happen to him, […]

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Here’s Who Governor Kaine Appoints To Commissions

26 September 2007 | Virginia Politics | 16 Comments

This is Governor Kaine’s recent appointee to the Virginia Commission on Immigration last year ranting about the “Israeli agenda”, telling the audience that the United States should end all aid to Israel, and claiming that Israel is deliberately targeting civilians in Lebanon.
Of course it all gets couched in the required politically […]

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