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The Agitator Weighs In On Rack n’ Roll

By Greg L | 26 September 2007 | Rack & Roll Scandal | No Comments

The Agitator has a strong post up condemning the actions of the Manassas Park government which has lead to their destroying the business of a local poll hall owner.  Some might think a whole lot about what happens with a business like this, but it begs the question of if this can happen to him, is there really any safe business owner in Manassas Park?  If the powers that control Manassas Park don’t like you, it seems there’s not a whole lot they won’t do.

Here’s an excerpt:

In the city’s absolute bulls**t response to Ruttenberg’s brief in the appeal of his federal 1983 civil rights suit (I’ll have more on this later), the city claims Ruttenberg has been under investigation since 2001 as a suspected drug dealer. They’re either lying, or they’re grossly incompetent (I vote for both). Because after six years of “investigating,” they’ve yet to find a shred of evidence that Ruttenberg has even ingested an illicit drug, much less bought, sold, or otherwise distributed one.

Ruttenberg, on the other hand, has ample evidence that city officials, the police, and the former vice mayor have framed him; attempted to entrap him; spread lies about him, spent a ridiculous amount of taxpayer money on a futile, should-have-been illegal paramilitary raid on him and his customers; and ruthlessly and maliciously attempted to drive him out of business.

Here you have a die-hard libertarian and myself both completely agreeing on what’s happened during this sordid saga.  Everyone who has taken the time to dig through the voluminous evidence here has come to the same conclusions here, although the Manassas Urinal-Massager took a brief stab at this and came up, well, confused.  This abuse of power should never be allowed to go unpunished, and hopefully there’s someone out there who can make sure that this outrage is fully investigated, and those responsible brought to justice.

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