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MJM Earns It’s Moniker, Again

By Greg L | 3 October 2007 | Rack & Roll Scandal | No Comments

The Manassas Urinal-Massager is really living down to it’s name in today’s edition. Earlier this year, Judge Leroy Millette ruled against the City of Manassas Park saying that David Ruttenberg has a property interest in the Conditional Use Permit and that the City Council could not arbitrarily revoke it without cause. Now that the Planning Commission has recommended revoking the permit because the police did such a fine job of fabricating evidence of drug activity and underage drinking, the MJM wants to write a story on this. How do they get the facts? They go to Dean Crowhurst, and Dean Crowhurst alone for comment. This is the same guy who has admitted that he is withholding evidence regarding the production of child pornography from competent law enforcement authorities. And here’s the journalistic malfeasance that results:

Owner Dave Ruttenberg appealed the decision to the Prince William County Circuit Court and on May 26, 2006, to the city’s Board of Zoning Appeals which granted Ruttenberg a permit.

The city appealed its zoning board’s decision to circuit court and, in May, Judge Leroy F. Millette found for the city but remanded the matter to the council to review the original permit.

Not hardly. The city actually wasn’t pleased with this decision, and earlier this month Crowhurst told the Planning Commission that they city was appealing this decision where “Judge Leroy F. Millette found for the city”. Of course that statement by Crowhurst was inaccurate also, but it’s not like Kipp Hanley would have figured that one out either.

I am so sick of drive-by media that can’t even bother to talk to two different people about a story. Are they becoming a print media version of a blog?

Meanwhile, readers are wondering when the MJM is supposedly going to cover the story of former Vice-Mayor and current Planning Commissioner Kevin Brendel having taken nudie pictures of underage girls, how the City of Manassas Park obtained the evidence, and then withheld this evidence of a crime. There’s multiple felony counts in play here, there’s video of Dean Crowhurst admitting to all of this during a Planning Commission meeting, and so far not a single peep from the local papers.

What’s the going rate for this level of press silence and biased coverage these days? Are the taxpayers of Manassas Park getting a good deal here? Some day we’re all going to find out. Someday soon.

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