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HSL PAC Endorsements

By Greg L | 21 October 2007 | 52nd HOD District, 13th HOD District, 50th HOD District | 7 Comments

The Help Save Loudoun PAC, which supports candidates that are strong on the illegal alien issue, has announced it’s endorsements.  They’ve picked some excellent candidates in Prince William County including Delegates Bob Marshall, Jackson Miller and Jeff Frederick.  I couldn’t agree more.  These are all top-tier Delegates.

Here’s what they have to say about Bob Marshall:

“This has reached a tipping point … There’s been an influx of non-English-speaking folks that are at least in appearance not acclimating themselves easily or seemingly not wanting to do so, who are not speaking English, or are not adopting cultural or resident ways of Americans.”

Bob Marshall’s stellar record of voting for immigration enforcement legislation is second to none and clearly establishes him as a representative we must ensure keeps his seat in the House of Delegates. With a broad knowledge of the intersection between respective spheres of authority among federal, state and local legislation bodies, he is working extensively to identify solutions to the illegal immigration crisis which can be accomplished by the Virginia state government.

His excellent voting record on illegal immigration-related legislation can be viewed here.

Quotes, etc.:

  • Scored “A” on Help Save Loudoun candidate survey.
  • “Many persons have illegally entered the United States lured by ‘Big Business’ which wants cheap labor and politicians who are eager to bolster their ranks with potential voters who can be ‘organized’ due to their lack of knowledge of the English language.”
  • “Illegal immigration has resulted in an underground economy where income taxes can be evaded and where businesses hiring illegal immigrants are able to under-cut legitimate businesses which do not disobey the laws against hiring illegal immigrants. Other consequences include women who are afraid to report spouse abuse to the police because of their illegal status, persons who are driving without insurance or the ability to understand English language road signs, an increase in ethnic gangs, public schools which lose accreditation because of the heavy presence of many ESL students, and residential zoning violations creating neighborhood blight, over-crowding and health issues.”
  • “The countries which are so eager to send their citizens to America in violation of our border laws continue their social injustices in their own countries with respect to just distribution and ownership of capital.”
  • Mr. Marshall was co-Patron of Senate Joint Resolution 387, which called on the U.S. Congress “to take such constitutional action as may be necessary to prevent the executive branch of the federal government from unilateral action in implementing the NAFTA Superhighway System and the creation of a North American Union.”
  • He was Chief Patron of HB 1673, which “Creates the Virginia Commission on Immigration as an advisory commission in the executive branch. The purpose of the Commission is to study, report, and make recommendations to address the costs and benefits of immigration on the Commonwealth, including the impact on education, health care, law enforcement, local demands for services and the economy, and the effect on the Commonwealth of federal immigration and funding policies.” When the Commission recently convened he was unceremoniously stripped of his position as chair - further evidence of the vital need to increase the immigration enforcement caucus in the General Assembly as a whole.
  • He assisted Help Save Loudoun with obtaining an informal opinion from Attorney General Bob McDonnell on the key elements of HSL’s “Honest Business Initiative,” and has spent significant time assisting with analysis of the opinion, existing legislation and new legislation which may be required to implement the initiative.

Here’s what they have to say about Jackson Miller:

“I have quite a few supporters in my community of Latino descent, or Latinos who are first generation Americans, that support me wholeheartedly because of the painstaking steps that they had to go through to come to this community and become a part of this community through the rule of law.”

Jackson Miller’s record of initiatives and accomplishments in this past session - his rookie term of only one year in the Virginia General Assembly - was nothing short of astonishing. His personal experiences on the streets of Prince William County, where he currently serves as a police officer, spurred him to run for the House of Delegates in order to pass legislation to help end the illegal immigration crisis in our state. He was chief patron of a plethora of immigration-enforcement bills, several of which passed the House with overwhelming majorities.

In addition, Mr. Miller has already become recognized as one of the most articulate spokesmen in the state on this issue. Earlier this year, he joined Hazleton, Pennsylvania Mayor Lou Barletta and former Beaufort County, South Carolina Councilwoman Starletta Hairston on the panel of a Judicial Watch-sponsored forum on “Local Governments and Illegal Immigration.”

Virginia’s legal residents are extremely fortunate to have such a dedicated and effective advocate as Jackson Miller in the state legislature. His re-election as delegate on November 6 should be the top priority of voters in the 50th District.

Quotes, etc.:

  • “As a police officer, I’ve seen the effects first hand on the street of what illegal immigration is doing to our communities. It ranges all the way from the dangerous violent criminal all the way down to the nuisance crimes that really put a strain and a burden on our quality of life in our neighborhoods in Northern Virginia.”
  • “The fight to win this issue is going to be a difficult one. The pro-illegal immigration lobby is very well organized and very well funded and the advocates for enforcing our laws are certainly the majority of our country and our communities, but their organizations are small, they are under-funded and they are very loosely organized”
  • “I have had the experience on both the local and now the state level of dealing with the issues of illegal immigration and the effects that illegal immigration causes and it is very difficult because, in so many cases, the federal government ends up not only failing to enforce [its] own laws, but working against us when we try to do something about it.”
  • “What I see in Washington is just a pure farce. It really is. It will not help the problem on the local level, at all. In fact, it will probably worsen the problem, the more they talk about it.”
  • “Chief patron of HB 2937: “Certain aliens; eligibility of for state and local public benefits …Provides that no state or local funds shall be awarded or otherwise disbursed to any organization when the award or disbursement is made with the intent of circumventing the provisions of this section by enabling such organization to provide the type of benefits or assistance to persons who are otherwise ineligible.” Passed in the House 70-29. (Killed in Senate committee.)
  • “Chief patron of HB 2930: “Business and state licenses, local; denied or suspended if business employs unlawful workers.” Incorporated into HB 3130, which passed in the House 71-28. (Killed in Senate committee.)
  • “Chief patron of HB 2935: “Tuition, in-state; illegal aliens not eligible therefor.” Incorporated into HB 2623, which passed in the House 74-23. (Killed in Senate committee.)
  • “Chief patron of HB 2936: “Illegal aliens; law-enforcement officers have authority to enforce U. S. immigration laws.” Incorporated into HB 1970, which passed in the House 70-28. (Killed in Senate committee.)
  • “Chief patron of HB 2931: “Cooperation with federal officials regarding immigration status.”
  • “Chief patron of HB 2932: “Public school; proof of immigration status.” (In our view, this would have begun the inevitable and necessary process to mounting a challenge to the narrowly-decided and dubiously reasoned, 5-4, 1982 Supreme Court decision Plyer v Doe, which required public schools to proved free education to illegal aliens.)
  • “Chief patron of HJ 696: “Residential dwelling units; Housing Commission to study overcrowding and its impact on neighborhoods.”

And Jeff Frederick merits some high praise as well:

“We are a nation of legal immigrants, and my mother is proud to be among that group. Like so many legal residents and naturalized citizens, she followed the rules, obeyed our laws, and did her best to assimilate into American culture.”

The first and only Latino elected to Virginia state government, Jeff Frederick made national news in 2005 when he called on then-Governor Mark Warner to declare a state of emergency in Virginia because of illegal immigration. More recently, he has proposed legislation to prohibit any form of state funding to Virginia “sanctuary” jurisdictions - counties, cities, or towns with policies in place that disregard a person’s illegal status for the purposes of providing services or engaging in law enforcement activities.

He is a founding member of State Legislators For Legal Immigration, and represented Virginia at their July, 2007 National Security Begins At Home Rally. He is one of the most effective legislators in Richmond for getting immigration-enforcement measures passed in the House.

Quotes, etc.:

  • “Illegal immigration is nothing new, and I think what has changed is that is used to be sort of a nuisance issue … But now, in our community, it is a significant issue. A mom in a minivan with her kids can’t go to the local 7-Eleven a mile from my house and buy a cup of coffee in the morning without being accosted by 30 men harassing her for work.”
  • “There are millions of people around the world who are waiting their turn in line. They are following the rules and obeying our laws, but every illegal alien who runs across our border makes that line longer for those that are doing it the right way. And then these people arrive and are present illegally, and end up costing taxpayers a fortune.”
  • “Illegal immigrants are soaking away resources from legal citizens and legal residents. The more people abuse the laws, the tougher the laws get.”
  • “The difference between illegal and illegal is significant, and that’s what we’re profiling … it has nothing to do with race.”
  • Chief patron of HB 1618: “Immigration laws; Governor to enter into agreement with federal Immigration, et al., regarding. States that it is the responsibility of the Governor to enter into an agreement with federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement that would allow the Department of State Police to enforce civil immigration laws.” Passed in the House 69-31. (Killed in Senate committee.)
  • Chief patron of HB 2448: “Illegal Immigration; verify citizenship status of persons in jail. Requires that a jailer shall reasonably attempt to verify the citizen status of certain persons who are confined in jail and that the Department of Corrections shall issue guidelines for such verifications. The bill also requires the Virginia State Bar to investigate the practice of providing legal advice to illegal immigrants and to establish related guidelines on unauthorized practice of law.” Passed in the House 90-6. (Killed in Senate committee.)
  • Co-patron of HB 1970: “Illegal aliens; it is unlawful to be in Virginia if in United States illegally.” Passed in the House 70-28. (Killed in Senate committee.)
  • Co-patron of HB 2622: “Harboring illegal alien; penalty. Provides that any person who as a part of a commercial enterprise harbors, transports, or conceals an alien is guilty of a Class 6 felony if he knew that the alien was in the United States illegally.” Passed in the House 89-9. (Killed in Senate committee.)
  • Co-patron of HB 2937: “Certain aliens; eligibility of for state and local public benefits.” Passed in the House 70-29. (Killed in Senate committee.)

My friends in Loudoun have done a good job here.  Next time, we’re going to need to expand this list for the whole state, as there are a lot of good Delegate and Senate candidates who are being left out.

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  1. freedom said on 21 Oct 2007 at 8:28 pm:
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    …and their evaluation of Faisal Gill, Greg??

  2. Greg L said on 21 Oct 2007 at 8:50 pm:
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    The covered races that were in Loudoun County, plus those candidates seeking re-election that have previously been among the few leaders in the General Assembly. The only candidates they covered outside of Loudoun County were Jeff Frederick and Jackson Miller, which should say a lot about their dedication to this issue.

    They didn’t discuss Jay O’Brien, Scott Lingamfelter, Bob Fitzsimmonds, or Richard Stuart either. That’s not because they don’t care for them, but simply because there are only so many races they’re going to cover and Frederick and Miller are unusual standouts on this issue.

  3. Ottie said on 21 Oct 2007 at 10:02 pm:
    Flag comment

    Patricia Phillips was not very convincing at the Herndon forum. Herring definitely came out on top. I can’t see Phillips making much difference in Richmond. I think Herring might be a balanced voice; didn’t seem too right or left.

  4. Greg L said on 21 Oct 2007 at 10:15 pm:
    Flag comment

    Herring is a “balanced voice”? To whom, the gay “marriage”, tax-hike, anti-private property lobby?

    BTW, you might want to pick one pseudonym and stick with it.

  5. Joe Budzinski said on 21 Oct 2007 at 10:47 pm:
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    Greg, bingo - there was not time nor manpower to cover the whole state so we focused on the few outsiders relatively close to our county who made a difference.

  6. JM said on 22 Oct 2007 at 8:39 am:
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    I must take exception to the above quote: “Many persons have illegally entered the United States lured by ‘Big Business’ which wants cheap labor…”

    It’s not just big business who hires cheap illegal labor. I have a cousin in North Carolina who rehabs and flips houses, and owns a handfull of rental properties. He has no full time, permanant employees, but hires one or two temporary employees when needed for a project. This past year he hired illegals, and they worked hard and they worked cheap. He is sold on day labor.

    My uncle in Omaha owns several rental properties. He is a sole proprietor, has no employees. The illegals have sought sanctuary in his neighborhood, and he is happy to rent to them. He does not care where his money comes from, as long as he gets his rent (although he does miss his wndow screens and wonders where they disappeared–seriously).

    These are not big businessmen. They are sole proprietors. They will not stop hiring and harboring illegals until local and Federal government make the cost of doing so too high.

    I hope ICE continues the immigration raids on big business. It makes sense to do so, because the biggest employers are the easiest to catch and you catch more illegals at a single large site. To to assume that most illegals work at big businesses is just worng. The majority of workers in the USA are employed at firms that have 50 or fewer employees. To be effective, ICE also needs to pay attention to the small business and those who hire day labor. I haven’t read about any action against smaller and temp emploters. A few well publisized actions against those employers will truly put a chill in the illegal labor market, because they employ the majority of illegal workers and can least afford to pay the fines and defend themselves.

    I have also seen little action against those who harbor, other than stash houses with about 50 recent arrivals. Again, most illegals are not in stash houses, and enforcement needs to pay attention to those who rent to illegals long term, and those who leave their screen doors open. The inability to find long term housing will deter illegal labor just as much as the inability to find employment.

    Thanks for reading my daily rant!

  7. redawn said on 22 Oct 2007 at 8:37 pm:
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    It is all a food chain of money, so what REALLY is the solution?

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