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Have Bomb, Will Visit Hillary…

30 November 2007 | National Politics, Crime, Humor & Satire | 24 Comments

The Hillary! campaign was already imploding, so why would anyone want to bring a bomb to their campaign office in New Hampshire? I guess the memo didn’t get to this guy…
It’s quite a strange way to seek an audience with Her Thighness. “I’m wearing a bomb, and won’t disarm it until I can […]

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30 November 2007 | Illegal Aliens, Prince William County | 51 Comments

The Potomac News is reporting that the lawsuit filed by the Woodbridge Workers Committee against Prince William County was dismissed for lack of standing by the plaintiffs during a hearing this morning at U.S. District Court in Alexandria.
At a brief hearing Friday in U.S. District Court in Alexandria, Judge James Cacheris said the plaintiffs lacked […]


Janet Oleszek Files For Recount

30 November 2007 | Fairfax County, Virginia Senate | 15 Comments

Ken Cucinelli won a narrow victory in the 37th Senate District on election day by a small enough margin that triggered an automatic canvas.  This past Monday, based on the results of that canvas and finding no irregularities, the State Board of Elections certified Ken’s win over Janet Oleszek.  Yesterday, Janet Oleszek filed for a […]

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Lingamfelter Proposes Registration By Party

30 November 2007 | 31st HOD District, Virginia Politics | 11 Comments

Well, at least someone out there is paying attention to the “loyalty oath” flap. Delegate Scott Lingamfelter has introduced HB20 during the legislative pre-filing period, which will adopt voter registration by party in the Commonwealth. If this is enacted, all of this silliness about pledges and oaths goes away, and still political parties […]

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Roy Beck: Huckabee A Disaster

30 November 2007 | National Politics, Illegal Aliens | 53 Comments

With NumbersUSA president Roy Beck slamming Mike Huckabee for his pathetic record on the illegal alien issue, maybe it’s time to start adding Huckabee to the list of candidates suffering from an illegal immigration inspired campaign implosion. He’s got plenty of company on that list, joining John McCain and Hillary Clinton.

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Romney Qualifies for VA Ballot

30 November 2007 | National Politics | 19 Comments

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney became the first person to qualify for the Virginia Republican presidential primary yesterday. He submitted almost 15,500 signatures to the state, 50% more than was needed.
Virginia has one of the hardest ballot qualification processes in the country. To get on a state-wide primary ballot, candidates need to collect 10,000 signatures […]

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Governor Kaine Offers A Dirge

30 November 2007 | Virginia Politics | 32 Comments

According to the Washington Times, Governor Kaine is suggesting that “Will The Circle Be Unbroken” should be come the official state song of Virginia.  It’s a nice, upbeat song about waiting for a hearse to carry away the body of someone’s dead mother.  It’s eerily appropriate for the way Governor Kaine is leading the Commonwealth.
Here […]

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Frederick And Marshall Announce Bills

29 November 2007 | 52nd HOD District, 13th HOD District | 23 Comments

The DC Examiner reports that Delegates Bob Marshall and Jeff Frederick are proposing legislation in this session of the General Assembly to combat some of the effects of illegal aliens unlawfully residing in Virginia, with proposals to raise the fine for residential overcrowding and to withhold state funds from localities who fail to deny taxpayer-funded […]

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RK Explains It All

29 November 2007 | Blogs, Humor & Satire | 6 Comments

Oh, this is just too funny:
Sources inside the RPV have said that Shaun [Kenny]’s decision to leave after a just a year may have been affected by clashes with with far-right-wing bloggers who have repeatedly tried to have him fired.  Shaun may have simply gotten tired of fighting with the right flank of his own […]

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The Post Whines About Corey Stewart, Again

29 November 2007 | Prince William County | 84 Comments

Today’s edition of the Washington Post has an unusual article which is nominally a piece about Corey Stewart, but in effect is just an opportunity for the Washington Post to give Corey’s critics some ink.  You’d find it hard to believe that Corey beat Sharon Pandak by more than ten percentage points in the November […]

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More On The Loyalty Pledge

29 November 2007 | Virginia Politics | 6 Comments

I absolutely agree with Bwana:
If the GOP wants party registration, introduce the legislation.  If not, chuck the whole oath concept.  Besides, loyalty oaths carry the faint echo of McCarthyism.  Such oaths have been tried before by both parties, and never successfully.  Gosh, if you have to do it, use a different term, like “Participation Pledge”.
Oh, and […]

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New Policy On School Identification Is Bogus?

29 November 2007 | Prince William County | 75 Comments

Just as soon as the Prince William County School system announces that it will implement a new security system that will verify identification documents and check for potentially dangerous criminals, we see that there’s a huge loophole for illegal aliens and persons presenting identification documents from foreign nations that cannot be checked for authenticity. […]

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David Core Announces For Manassas City Council

29 November 2007 | Manassas City | 12 Comments

At tonight’s General Membership meeting of Help Save Manassas, David Core announced that he would be running for the Republican nomination for City Council.  David is a solid conservative who is very concerned about the effects of illegal aliens on the City of Manassas, and would make a fine addition to the council.  His active […]

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Osbourn Is Locked Down

28 November 2007 | Crime, Manassas City | 3 Comments

I just got word that Osbourn High School in Manassas is locked down. Stay tuned for more information…
UPDATE: The lockdown lasted for about 45 minutes and ended at 2:15PM.  There was police activity in a neighboring apartment complex, and police were unsure whether they had detained all of the suspects in the incident.  As […]

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Libel On Blogs

28 November 2007 | Blogs | 6 Comments

Claims of “Libel” pop up periodically on this and other sites. The original BVBL was driven underground as a result of a Libel lawsuit. Yet there is very little actual law defining what is and is not libelous language on a blog. Glen Reynolds, author of Instapundit.com, has written a brief article […]

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Kaine Flails For Another Justification

28 November 2007 | Illegal Aliens, Virginia Politics | 32 Comments

According to the DC Examiner, Governor Kaine thinks that foreign companies won’t invest in Virginia unless we are accommodating to illegal aliens.  I’ve heard the illegal alien lobby stretch mighty hard to find reasonable-sounding justifications to support the notion that this one class of lawbreaker should not be held accountable for their behavior, but this […]

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Think Hard, Now…

28 November 2007 | Crime | 64 Comments

Personally, I think a .45 would be a better choice than a Glock 17, but maybe that’s just me.
H/T: Jerry

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Frederick: Let’s See If They Meant It

28 November 2007 | Virginia Senate | 27 Comments

Delegate Jeff Frederick is going to give an opportunity for Senate Democrats to put their money where their campaign rhetoric has been, and plans on re-introducing legislation that will penalize “sanctuary jurisdictions”, according to the Potomac News:
Frederick said he didn’t know if his bill — should it pass in the House of Delegates — might […]

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Child Safety Or Convenience For Illegal Aliens?

27 November 2007 | Illegal Aliens, Prince William County | 44 Comments

A new security plan for Prince William County Public Schools will require anyone entering schools to present a government-issued photo identification in order to screen for sex offenders and other potential hazards, according to WTOP.  This seems like a good idea, given that current security measures don’t detect fake identification documents, and schools are clearly […]

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Dulles Rail Project Already Harming Virginia

27 November 2007 | Fairfax County | 9 Comments

The five billion dollar mass transit boondoggle of metro’s “Silver Line” to Dulles airport isn’t even approved by the Federal Transit Administration, but already the MWAA is performing utility relocation for the project according to the DC Examiner. Meanwhile, instead of encouraging development, businesses in the area are fleeing in anticipation of major […]

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