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New Yorkers To Rescue Colgan Campaign

By Greg L | 1 November 2007 | PWCDC, 29th VA Senate | 31 Comments

Last year, Jeanette Rishell had to bring in a field director from New Hampshire during the last few months of her campaign in order to help out her campaign.  This year, Riley is reporting that Senator Chuck Colgan finds the local pickings so meager that he has had to hire folks from Maryland and New York to help in his last-minute push to rescue his campaign from the wreck it has become.  I’m sure 29th District voters are really going to appreciate having folks from New York tell them who their elected officials should be in Virginia.  That should be only marginally more popular than having voters in Jeannemarie Devolites Davis’ district get a lecture from Michael Bloomberg on what gun laws Virginia should have.

It’s really not too surprising that there’s little in the way of local talent to support Democrats in Prince William County.  The Democratic Party of Virginia is a heavy-handed master over their local units and campaigns, dictating to them what companies they may do business with, and not too infrequently demanding which candidates should be allowed to run in local elections.  This contributes to dysfunction at the local level, as the energetic and capable are driven out, leaving behind an internally fractured local unit comprised of those who can benefit from a top-down approach, and those too stubborn to give up their endless fight against this decidedly non-democratic structure.  This makes the PWCDC not much of a fun place to be.

So non-fun, that apparently at a recent meeting of a PWCDC magisterial unit a sixty year old woman required medical care after her interaction with a candidate.

Hence the need to import campaign workers.  You’d think that long-serving elected officials such as Chuck Colgan would, over the course of his political career, build a group of campaign volunteers that would work for him regardless of the confusion that reigns within the PWCDC.  Apparently that hasn’t happened, and guided largely by campaign staff that doesn’t understand the political climate in Prince William County, Colgan has had mailers go out to residents that position him as an anti-Second Amendment, pro-abortion candidate that have done little more than raise his negatives in the District, and advised him to say that birth control is the answer to school overcrowding and that there are no illegal aliens in Prince William County at a Committee of 100 candidate’s forum.

I can’t wait to see what these New Yorkers are going to do to his campaign.  Is Hillarycare going to be the subject of his next mailer?  One can only hope.

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  1. Clean it up in '07 said on 1 Nov 2007 at 12:21 pm:
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    This is the same sad path that the PWGOP is on too. The leadership has driven away the local campaign talent. The solution is for the people who actually do the campaign nuts and bolts work to be part of the Party leadership as well. instead the PWCGOP is overrun with overblown egos and self appointed commentators who think they are the arbitors of what is really “true conservative” or not. That’s not even the worse part though. These same “leaders” can’t run campaigns, are never out on a hot summer’s day passing out literature (ummm..James Young, et al) and then drive away anybody with talent because it threatens their turf.

    Just like the local Dems have gone…..so sad.

  2. Big Dog said on 1 Nov 2007 at 12:32 pm:
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    An “A’ for Jackson Miller. In today’s WaPo
    Voter Guide section, responding to a question about
    the abusive driver fees, he said lawmakers,
    INCLUDING HIMSELF, “screwed up” and will
    work to see it overhauled. Wow, in the campaign fog
    of duck and weave and triple waffle obfusication
    (i.e. - Hillary this week) - it is nice to hear a straight
    up candidate say the plain truth.

    An “F” for Bob Fitsimmons with his “secret plan”
    to raise revenues for transportation
    without any new taxes or fees by savings in state

    The FitzSimmons campaign continues to insult the
    intelligence of the fine citizens of the 29th District

  3. Dolph said on 1 Nov 2007 at 12:40 pm:
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    Funny, I didn’t get any mailers from Senator Colgan that remotely resembled what has been described above and my mailbox is packed with political flyers daily. I would like to see which mailers I am missing. Is there a link?

    What did the woman do to the candidate? I only know of one legislator who would invite someone out to the parking lot to settle the score over a remark made by the person’s wife. But this lawmaker would not be caught dead at a PWC Democratic Magisterial meeting so I guess he wasn’t involved in this incident. Perhaps he has matured with age.

  4. Patty said on 1 Nov 2007 at 1:08 pm:
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    I see the local Good Ol’ Boy Chuck Colgan network is back on the blog. Hey Big Dog where is your friend Billy Boy.

    I know why Colgan wants to bring people here from New York. He wants to convince us that we should give illegal aliens driver’s licenses. Oh, wait a minute, Chuck Colgan said all those gentlemen standing in front of the 7-11 are here legally. He said we are mistaken. Colgan said those men are from El Salvador and are here legally. He converses with them on a regular basis and asks us to converse with them too.

    Mr. Colgan, if those “gentlemen” are here legally how come they can’t drive to work? When are you going to ask our governor to follow in the footsteps of the governor of New York?
    Well, everyone is legal in your eyes I suppose.

  5. General Turgidson said on 1 Nov 2007 at 1:10 pm:
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    “That should be only marginally more popular than having voters in Jeannemarie Devolites Davis’ district get a lecture from Michael Bloomberg on what gun laws Virginia should have.”

    Again, thanks for bringing this up. Ill make prediction. Tomorrow,
    the Washington Post will have an article about JMDD’s meeting with
    “Bloomers” and it will be flavored “warm and fuzzy” and throw in
    comments about how we really NEED some Yankee Do-Gooder from
    New York City trying to influence Virginians gun laws. We are fortunate
    that we have a strong, well defined, 13th Amendment to our States
    Constitution. We also have the right to hunt, trap, and fish. Take
    that one back to New York JMDD! Ill see her on Election Day.

  6. Advocator said on 1 Nov 2007 at 1:45 pm:
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    So Colgan’s hired some carpetbaggers! That was to be expected.

  7. Bill Manning said on 1 Nov 2007 at 2:15 pm:
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    Why are you ducking me on these blogs. Im trying to figure out why you are’nt commeniting on Bob Fitz and the Republican parties boy George W, Amnesty program???? Is all you have you 7-11 joke? Lets talk about the issues….. Oh yeah and your beloved Republican party Iraq war…

  8. James Young said on 1 Nov 2007 at 2:22 pm:
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    I wonder how many of them saw yesterday’s Pot. News ad disavowing the DPVA mailer and reaffirming Chuck’s “pro-Life” credentials, such as they are.

  9. Michael said on 1 Nov 2007 at 2:28 pm:
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    Hillary and now Chuck Colgan have really screwed up. By advocating for giving driver’s licenses to undocumented terrorists and illegal alien invaders, they are supporting terrorist’s efforts and the future destruction of DEMOCRACY, by removing the importantce of individuals and individuals rights in favor of ethic, racial, gender and religious supremacy group rights. These supremacy group concepts lead to a facist state government, where only the leaders of these gender, racial, ethnic and religious groups have any political power to influence the votes of individuals voting along gender, racial, religious and ethnic group lines. This destroys DEMOCRACY, accelerates terrorism’s destructive militant forces, and puts ethnic group thugs and criminals who break the law (like the illegal immigrant law) into political power. Once in power these facist supremacy groups oppress all other individual ’s rights, and only give priviliges and power to their own ethnic, gender, religious or racial group.

    Hillary and Chuck, you are in the WRONG on this! You are slowly destroying DEMOCRACY by protecting lawbreakers and oppressing the rights and activities of people from all “Legal” races, religions, genders and ethnic groups, like those belonging to HSM, HSPWC, HSW, HSLC, HSVA, etc from protecting themselves from terrorists and invaders. This anti-American pro-terrorist thinking is in-excusable for a US Senate and State politician.

  10. General Turgidson said on 1 Nov 2007 at 2:35 pm:
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    Hear! Hear! Well said. I would also like to add that the “W” is on
    the wrong side of this issue too. I voted for him twice and have
    become really disappointed with his approach. (I still wouldnt vote
    for Al Gore or John Kerry though)

  11. Bill Manning said on 1 Nov 2007 at 2:36 pm:
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    When did Chuck Colgan say he wanted to give illegals a drivers license? Sorry sir you may be drinking Kool-aid lies of the Republican party.

  12. Michael said on 1 Nov 2007 at 2:54 pm:
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    Chuck did not. Hillary did. Chuck is supporting illegal immigrants and encouraging law breaking in doing so.

  13. Michael said on 1 Nov 2007 at 2:55 pm:
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    Supporting illegal immigrants also supports illegal immigrant terrorists.

  14. Matt said on 1 Nov 2007 at 3:21 pm:
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    Looks, it is pretty normal to bring in outside help and the fact is both parties do it.

    The PWCDC is about 80% over 50 y/o and a vast majority of those folks won’t even hang at polling places on election day and they certainly don’t know the first thing about running a campaign.

    I know that Frederick imports home schoolers from across the state to put his signs up and man street corners waving at passing cars.

    Most volunteers are good for putting up signs, getting petitions signed, maybe canvassing, but management and field direction is a big no-no for regular volunteers.

    As a candidate you take whatever help you can get and I can’t begrudge any campaign for doing so.

    However, campaigns need to be run by local and well trained talent. The PWCDC does not do this and it sounds like the GOP doesn’t do it either.

    DPVA does dictate pretty much everything for local races and it is a “play to get funded” system. Use DPVAs managers, field directors, mail firms, polling firms, etc and they will fund you to pay for their “approved” consultants. It is a pretty nice deal for the consultants and it serves as a way to launder DPVA’s money.

    At least on the GOP side, from what I can tell, the state party, members, and member PACs fund GOP candidates pretty well without the burdens applied by DPVA. I know that in the 50th last year, Miller was funded by GOP PACs and members right out of the shoot and Rishell played catch up all cycle.

    Which brings up another point. Toddy Puller who is running unopposed for Senate has spent upwards of $80k on mailers sent to PWC residents instead of helping to fund candidates who need a little more cash to get thru the next week. How absurd is that? Do GOP candidates do similar things? I’ve decided to vote for a write-in candidate as a result.

  15. Matt said on 1 Nov 2007 at 3:25 pm:
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    As a clarification; Rishell hired the guy from New Hampshire in late June as a field director; basically right after her nomination was confirmed. He stayed in that role after I was asked to scram. The campaign was run from Richmond over the last month and a half.

  16. Riley said on 1 Nov 2007 at 3:36 pm:
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    Matt, I’ve gotten 4-page color glossy mailers for Puller that have been paid for by the DPVA in this unopposed contest.

  17. Clean it up in '07 said on 1 Nov 2007 at 3:44 pm:
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    Matt ==

    Toddy Puller is just trying to hike up turnout for Nichols…at least hike it above what Gill himself already does to turn out Dems to the polls in droves.

  18. Patty said on 1 Nov 2007 at 5:09 pm:
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    I keep repeating what Colgan said because people need to know exactly what he said. Colgan SAID that those gentlemen at 7-11 are legal. He thinks all of them are legal. He also voted against the question on the DMV form that asks if you are a US citizen. It is a simple yes/no question and Colgan said that was too confusing. It is probably too confusing for him. Also, if a yes or no question is too confusing for someone, do you think they should be getting a driver’s license? Maybe Mr. Colgan needs to turn in his driver’s license.

    Come on Good Ol’ Boy Chuck Colgan network, you can do better than that. Where are you Billy Boy? That Good Ol’ Boy network is getting pretty stale. You’re reaching if you have to bring George W. into it.

    Bob Fitzsimmonds CRUSHED Chuck Colgan in the debates. I’m still hoping Greg will post it.

    Bob Fitzsimmonds will do something about illegal aliens, while Chuck Colgan is still trying to find Stonewall Middle. I guess that’s the excuse you’ll give for Mr. Colgan since he didn’t show up for the candidates forum. Maybe Mr. Colgan was too busy conversing with his “legal” buddies over at the 7-11. Maybe he was too busy telling them how he wants to raise the gas tax while congratulating them on car pooling to their jobs.

    Colgan must think our neighborhood is not good enough for him because he hasn’t shown his face here. Although, he has his staff putting up his signs at vacant houses that are up for sale (se habla espanol).

    I’m voting for Bob.

    Yes, Bob Fitzsimmonds CRUSHED Chuck Colgan at the debate.

  19. Michael said on 1 Nov 2007 at 5:24 pm:
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    I would not vote for George W. either at this point. He sold out the Republican middle for extreme right religious group advocacy positions. That is why he has made so many political and strategic mistakes that cannot be currently solved with religious group advocacy issues. He started out OK but got progressively worse the more we learned about his true political nature, the arrogance and deceit of his staff and the national positions he advocated without staying in sync with the American public.

    What really riles me at the moment is the position he is taking with “illegal” immigrants and not standing up to the insults of the current International leadership about our country’s sovereignty.

  20. Michael said on 1 Nov 2007 at 5:30 pm:
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    I think what is really telling in this issue that you should ALL understand it that I am a Democrat who is going to vote Republican. My number one reason for doing this is my concern that group political advocacy by gender, religious, racial, and ethnic groups is leading us to a facist state of political turmoil focused on group priviliges and supremacy, taking rights away from individuals and undermining Democracy. I want a leader who is going to throw out the radical right and throw out the radical left. The radical left seems more dangerous to me right now because they advocate breaking the law. A nation which refuses to obey its own laws is a nation of deceit, supremist group privilege, chaos, devisivenes, and conflict.

  21. Michael said on 1 Nov 2007 at 5:43 pm:
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    Democracy by the way for you Democrats who don’t understand what you are doing is MAJORITY rule, not special interest ethnic, gender, racial group rule.

  22. Michael said on 1 Nov 2007 at 6:40 pm:
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    A while back you asked me to check my Greek history when I advocated that the Greek Democracy did not last much more than 100+ years and it like us failed because of corporate greed, arrogance, and too much political diversity aligned along ethnic group lines. You claimed it lasted much longer than that.

    So at our Nation’s 222nd year of surviving as a Majority, but by group’s aligned along gender, religious, racial, and ethnic group lines causing the Democratic state ruled by a majority to rapidly decline into a facist group state ruled by supremist racial, gender, religious, ethnic group special interest advocates.

    Here is the history lesson.

    Greek civilization yes, greater than 100+ years. Greek Democracy no. The number is at most 150 some years. I will find you the exact number and post it.

    Michael said on 1 Nov 2007 at 6:28 pm:

    Technically Greek Democracy began in 508 BC with the Athenian Consitition. Democracy which included the poor started in 460 BC. It ended in 322 BC when Macedon terminated it.

    That is 138 years of true Democracy (except Greek slaves), and 216 years of Constitutional Democracy. Go read your history book. We keep this facist focus on group advocacy priviliges that create supremist groups aligned along gender, religious, racial and ethnic lines and our Democracy won’t last much longer than that.


    We should all heed it, Macedon was a totalitarian state, rife with special ethnic group priviliges, diversity, multiculturalism, and hatred toward all others not like themselves.

  23. freedom said on 1 Nov 2007 at 7:01 pm:
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    Michael, I agree completely. Are you in the 51st HOD District, by the way?

  24. Michael said on 1 Nov 2007 at 7:04 pm:
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    The Greeks did not promote facist group advocacy along ethnic group lines. They promoted individual rights to vote. (I think at one point even Greek slaves were given certain voting rights, though I don’t believe women at that time ever voted for reasons given by the politicians of that time). They did not advocate diversity or multiculturalsim, they advocated political unity, harmony among individuals and ignorance of what race or ethnic group you belonged to. They advocated for a single unified and harmoneous GREEK culture composed of many individuals from a variety of nation and city states. The MAJORITY ruled, not the special interest facist ethnic groups or totalitarian criminal element groups.

    Not understanding the difference between Democracy and Facism is what is screwing up the Democrat’s special interest group, diversity and multi-culturalism philosophy, and is why they don’t understand how they are destroying their own Nation by advocating lawlessness and law breaking. To the Greeks, upholding the justice and rule of law, was the founding principal of the Senate, and that law was voted on by every individual AS AN INDIVIDUAL, and passed by open debate and majority rule, not by political correctness or special interest supremacy alignment along racial and ethnic lines.

    The Greeks would have deported “illegal” immigrants and terrorists too. I think they just killed them (somebody help me by checking greek criminal history) after judged guilty of breaking the existing Greek law.

  25. Anon said on 1 Nov 2007 at 9:47 pm:
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    Except slaves…except women. Wow. Lots of exceptions. But I won’t get too upset since you are talking about “facism,” instead of fascism, so I assume it must have something to do with faces and not the political system.

  26. Dolph said on 1 Nov 2007 at 10:11 pm:
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    Michael, I dont believe that your original statement stipulated ancient Greece being a democracy…just a country….but who remembers. Actually, none of those ancient countries were real democracies as we know them today.

  27. Line Breaker said on 2 Nov 2007 at 4:47 am:
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    I’m just one vote, and have NEVER voted Republican in the last 35 years, always voting Democratic lines. …… But times have changed, and so have the issues important to ME!…… ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION AFFECTS ME! ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION AFFECTS US ALL! Legal Voters need to take the PRECIOUS TIME in their busy schedule to go and VOTE! Don’t sit at home and become COMPLACENT. PLEASE, voice your opinion at the POLLS. This is the one way you CAN make a difference.

    If you are tired of the same old rhetoric, tired of the do-nothings, then put your sentiment into action.


    ps: Illegal Aliens who try to vote will be committing a FEDERAL OFFENSE, which is another form of stealing the AMERICAN DREAM which they don’t deserve. We seriously protect our precious right to vote for AMERICAN CITIZENS!

    Signed: A Prince William County Resident and Native Northern Virginina.

    This time I am voting for the Candidates that are STRONG in their Convictions and

  28. Line Breaker said on 2 Nov 2007 at 4:49 am:
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    I’m just one vote, and have NEVER voted Republican in the last 35 years, always voting Democratic lines. …… But times have changed, and so have the issues important to ME!…… ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION AFFECTS ME! ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION AFFECTS US ALL! Legal Voters need to take the PRECIOUS TIME in their busy schedule to go and VOTE! Don’t sit at home and become COMPLACENT. PLEASE, voice your opinion at the POLLS. This is the one way you CAN make a difference.

    If you are tired of the same old rhetoric, tired of the do-nothings, then put your sentiment into action.


    ps: Illegal Aliens who try to vote will be committing a FEDERAL OFFENSE, which is another form of stealing the AMERICAN DREAM which they don’t deserve. We seriously protect our precious right to vote for AMERICAN CITIZENS!

    Signed: A Prince William County Resident and Native Northern Virginina.

  29. Bill Manning said on 2 Nov 2007 at 9:49 am:
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    Line Breaker,

    You say you’ve never voted Republican, but you are this time. Just remember the Republican party is pushing Amnesty for these people. THis is George W, Rudy, John McCain. The republicans know everyone is mad at them right now, for not doing anything about immigration, and starting the War in Iraq. So they have to use smoke and mirrors, and con everyone into thinking Bob Fitzsimmonds is going to show up as a freshman senator and do something about immigration. How come the two times he ran before he didnt say anything about immigration? And how come he was telling people in Braemar last year he is for Amnesty? But you won’t find any mention of this on the blog.

  30. Dolph said on 3 Nov 2007 at 11:02 am:
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    The illegal immigration issue in the Prince William area became a problem under the Republican administration. We had a Republican controlled Congress until 2006. Republicans control the House of Delegates. 6 our of 8 of our BOCS are Republican.

    WHY would I continue to trust Republicans to fix these problems? What are they going to do differently that they have not been doing all along?

    It seems to me that illegal immigration is just the new hook. Sorry, not biting today or on Tuesday!

  31. Anonymous said on 11 Nov 2007 at 4:56 pm:
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    Senator Colgan did not hire anyone from New York. His daughter, who lives in New York, came to help her dad on election day. As far as I know, she always came in the past years to help. If I were running for office, I am certain that my son and daughter who live out of state would want to be here to help me and celebrate my re-election.

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